Europe readies itself for another immigrant onslaught, this time it’s 20 million heading their way

If you thought a million dodgy wogs?from war-torn?Islamic nations descending on Europe was bad, then wait until you see what is heading their way now.

As many as twenty million African migrants could come to Europe in the near future, according to the new president of the European parliament.

Antonio Tajani said Europe needs to do more to help asylum seekers in order to quell migration.

He proposed the EU should open asylum centres in Libya in a bid to protect vulnerable refugees.

At the moment, detention centers in the country violate human rights, according to the EU.

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In Europe, voters and governments don’t see eye to eye about Muslim immigration

Voters will force this on their governments, one by one. ?No matter how many times the liberal media call those who want to halt Muslim immigration racists, nationalists, extremists, far-right and neo-Nazi, the truth is that the majority of voters agree. Read more »

A Frog who probably won’t march backwards

The anger from voters shown in the?US is just the tip of the iceberg. In Europe, there is likely to be a bigger backlash against the sopping wet liberals who are putting nations at risk.

Marine le Pen is likely to received a big boost, despite media saying otherwise.

What might be the knock-on effect in Europe of Donald Trump?s victory? The next big democracy to vote after America is France, which holds its presidential election next spring. Could Marine Le Pen, leader of the populist National Front (FN), be elected president?

Before the American result, the question seemed absurd. Polls have suggested for months that she would do well enough to secure one of the two second-round places at voting next April. This in itself would be a victory of sorts, repeating the achievement of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in 2002. But no polls have indicated that she could beat the centre-right candidate likely to face her.

Now, the unthinkable has become conceivable. There was no disguising the delight in Paris at the FN headquarters. A jubilant Ms Le Pen, who had argued that a Trump victory would be good for France, congratulated the American president-elect and praised the ?free? American people. ?It’s not the end of the world,? she declared, ?but the end of a world.? Her lieutenant and party strategist, Florian Philippot, summed up the mood at the FN: ?Their world is collapsing; ours is being built.? Even Mr Le Pen, who has fallen out with his daughter, tweeted: ?Today the United States, tomorrow France!? ? Read more »

Brexit fines worse than cock tax


The Euros are trying to stitch up Britain with a bill to Brexit that far exceed even the most voracious cock tax.

Britain could face a ‘divorce’ bill of up to 20 billion euros – around ?18 billion – as the cost of leaving the EU.

The massive payment is expected to be demanded by Brussels to settle shared liabilities.

Eurocrats are preparing calculations for the sums that need to be divided up as the UK entangles itself from the bloc.

They are believed to include ?217 billion of unpaid budget appropriations, ?57.5billion of pension liabilities, and other commitments totalling around ?29 billion.

The Financial Times said its analysis represented the first attempt to calculate the UK’s liabilities on leaving the EU.

Some officials in Brussels have warned that the final figure could be even higher.

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This Frog ain’t marching backwards

Marine Le Pen pours this Pommy journalist back into his bottle of weasel juice. ? Read more »

The truth about the spread and enforcement of Sharia law in Europe

Many Westerners are living under Sharia law but are totally oblivious because?99% of Westerners have no understanding of what the Shariah is.

The creator of the burkini, Australian-Lebanese designer Aheda Zanetti,?said?the burkini was designed to give women more freedom. However, these freedoms are taken away from women through oppressive garments such as the burkini. We saw the same thing with hijabs. Hijabs were once an option and now the only Muslim women represented in the media are hijabis. In other words, what Muslim women are being told ? and shamed with ? is that if you?re not covered, you?re not Muslim or modest. It?s a soft form of slut-shaming that surprisingly few feminists have caught onto. One day it?s?hijabistas?and the next day it?s burkinis, but the message is the same: cover up.

The burkini is a new adaptation of that. Though unintended by the designer, the consequences are the same: if you?re not covered, you?re inappropriate. And that?s what the underbelly of Islamic culture does: it aims to control a woman?s space, whether it is in the?mosque, in the?bedroom, in the home, her body, or her?voice. It?s an abusive cultural conditioning.

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Underdog Socialism is why Left-wing governments are failing around the world

Socialism loves the Underdog

Socialism loves the Underdog

Underdog socialism is the reason why Left-wing governments are ?struggling to hold on to power all over the world. Underdog socialism is all about making decisions using emotion rather than reason. ?They make decisions ?to help others without considering the economic or societal damage that the decisions will cause. The clearest example of this kind of underdog socialism is the mass migration ?and open borders in Europe. Sweden, France, Germany and Britain are struggling and failing to keep their women and children safe ?while their nations’ cultural morals, standards and rules are being challenged and broken down by the culture of the millions of migrants.

It?s an international phenomenon, observable among legions of leftwing thinkers and movements, from trade unions to political parties, from columnists to professors. The world view of the underdog socialist is encapsulated in the notion that the establishment has mastered the game of reason, judgment and statistics, leaving the left with emotion. Its heart is in the right place.

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Oh the irony – the people scared of Brexit border control are looking to leave

So, they wanted to stay in the EU but, now they won’t be, they are looking at bailing out altogether.

New Zealand could see an influx of immigration from the United Kingdom, if a huge rise in Britons Googling for information about moving to New Zealand is anything to go by.

A Google Trends report shows a large spike in people from the UK searching “moving to New Zealand” after the country voted to leave the European Union on Friday.

They were also looking for information on Canada and Australia.

The Immigration NZ website has also seen traffic rise following the Brexit vote, more than doubling since Friday. ? Read more »

Scotland talks about independence but are really just a bunch of bludgers

Ian Wishart writes:

Scotland?s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is a skilled politician.

I know this, because of all the hand-wringing and angst that?s emerged in the wake of the Brexit vote, hers takes the cake.

Given the quality of the competition, that takes some doing.

Oh I don’t know. Rachel Smalley’s effort was spectacular.

You?ve got the young people bleating their futures were robbed ? an empty claim when we find out only 38% of them even bothered to vote.

Then you?ve got three million people ? including 77,000 from the ?Vatican? with a population of a thousand ? demanding the right to another referendum. Even if they got 18 million signatures, constitutionally it is tough luck: a vote is a vote. On the day, the winner takes all.

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Guest Post: Twenty-four hours of mourning is enough!

by Frances Denz

Twenty-four hours of mourning is enough! Britain has now to face the fact that they have been given an amazing chance to change their own world. They can take the chaos and turn it into opportunity. They have done a SWOT analysis involuntarily, and identified collectively what really matters to them. They now know what they want and what they don?t want, and they can move towards their ideal purposefully. Such an exciting opportunity is rarely offered to any country. Probably the last time was after the Second World War, when the British Labour Government was elected with a clear plan of action.

Now is the time for the old beards to stop saying, ?It worked before joining the EU, therefore it can work again.? No it didn?t ? it was dreadful. I was in Britain during two of the serious recessions, one of which was the ?winter of discontent?, and I can see no point in reliving that! Equally, the young are whinging, saying something that mattered to them was taken away. Well, find a way to keep it!

Everything is on the table. Europe will sulk for a while, and try to control the exit process out of spite.? But Britain has time to negotiate to keep what is important and get rid of what isn?t. ?? Read more »