“You do not hug non-Muslims! That is disgusting”

You would think that ex-Muslims would be welcomed by liberals and the Left-wing as they embrace atheism, gay rights, freedom of thought and expression, human rights and equality of the sexes. Unfortunately, the reality is not always so pleasant as Yasmine explains. I think she will find that she is hanging out with the wrong political crowd and that many of the true supporters of classic liberal values these days are conservative libertarians such as myself. So-called Liberals simply aren’t that liberal anymore as they blindly support people who follow an ideology that rejects classic liberal values.

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare wrote those words for a Jew to say, but today, those words will come from the mouth of an ex-Muslim.

I normally try to stay positive and veer far away from the victimhood narrative, as I was raised to think of myself as a victim when I was a Muslim. I was taught that the big, bad non-believers all hated us and wanted us dead and don?t care about us and that we should hate them back, we should never trust them, and indeed, that we should kill them.

But growing up in Canada, I saw no evidence of that. My teachers weren?t Muslim, but they were kind and loving.

?Did you hug your teacher?? My mother spat out one day, when she was picking me up from school.

?Ya, I love Mrs. Roth!?

?You do not hug non-Muslims! That is disgusting.?

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This ex-Muslim’s biggest critics are Liberals


Facebook enforces Sharia Law on Ex-Muslim writer

Twitter is banning conservative voices like it is going out of fashion and now Facebook is enforcing Sharia law on non-Muslims. Outspoken Free Speech advocate Pamela Geller got sick of Facebook enforcing Sharia law and so her organisation?filed a??free speech lawsuit against the Department of Justice. She is challenging Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which provides immunity from lawsuits to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which allows…

” these social media giants to engage in government-sanctioned censorship and discriminatory business practices free from legal challenge. The sharia restrictions Facebook continues to impose has chilling effect and ramifications especially in countries where such freedoms can make the difference between freedom and submission, life and death.”

Ex-Muslim writer?Majid? Oukacha? posted on facebook

What I care about more than anything else is freedom of thought. It is criminalized by the Koran.?

He was banned last week from Facebook.

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A Challenging view from ex-Muslim and cartoonist Bosch Fawstin

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.25.53 PM

Bosch Fawstin won the draw Muhammad competition in Texas and was saved from terrorist slaughter at that event when the two terrorists were shot and killed. The terrorists were prepared to kill and die over a cartoon.

Bosch risks his life to educate the world about Islam. He was brought up a Muslim and is now what Islam calls an apostate. The article of his that I am sharing with you was posted on a blog way back in 2007 well before he won the competition and well before all these latest terrorist attacks in Europe. It is called, “Muslim Roulette” and is a viewpoint that challenges Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is more relevant now than it was nine years ago. Have a read and have a think. It is a challenging viewpoint but at Whaleoil we do not shy away from difficult subjects.

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Unveiled: Three women share their experiences of the hijab

The extracts below are taken from an article written by a feminist and former Christian fundamentalist, and I think she is uniquely placed to interview these three ex-Muslim women. Unlike many feminists, she has experienced personally what it is like to be part of a religion that is rigid and controlling.

…Recently, several articles have highlighted the perspectives of Muslim women who experience their use of the hijab or abaya as voluntary and feminist. By contrast, this article gives voice to three women who have left Islam.

Marwa Berro (a pen name) is a Lebanese-American writer and philosopher. She grew up between Saudi Arabia and her native Lebanon and lives now in the United States.

…Reem Abdel-Razek, is a twenty-one year old Egyptian blogger and translator who lives in New York.

…Heina Dadabhoy was raised Muslim in the United States. Now a self-described atheist, she writes for Skepchick blog and is a sought-after speaker on topics including Islam, feminism, skepticism, gender, culture and the intersections of the above.

How did you come to wear the hijab, and what did it mean to you at the time?

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What not to say when supporting an ex-Muslim friend


When someone has lost a loved one it is often hard to know what to say and how to best support them. Spare a thought then for someone who, by leaving Islam, has lost their entire family. I follow the blog of an ex-muslim woman who lives in the West and her latest post shares the unhelpful things well-meaning friends have said to her.

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” Moderate Muslims are Muslims who ignore the Qu’ran”

I have watched many videos about Islam and this one is simple and to the point. If you can’t be bothered with detailed?analysis?like Bill Warner Phd?provides and patriotic Pamela Geller with her Freedom of Speech crusade is not for you, then perhaps simple heart felt truths from ex Muslim and graphic illustrator Bosch Fawstin is all?that you need. It will take up only a few minutes of your time and spells out very simply and in easy to understand terms why the ideology of Islam cannot co-exist in our society.

I don’t buy comic books but to support Bosch who was the winner of the Draw Muhammad contest I made an exception. Bosch now is forced to live his life with constant death threats yet he continues to tweet, draw, blog and do interviews because he is passionate about saving America from the threat of jihad.


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Choosing to leave Islam is no picnic

I prefer to get my facts from the horses mouth so to speak which I why I follow an Ex-Muslim group twitter page and blogs and facebook pages of people who have left Islam.

Below is a snapshot of what it was like for one woman who made the very difficult decision to become an ex-Muslim.

-exmuslimgirl ? ?August 31 2015

So some people will ask, much like my family, how/why I choose to be without them. Truth is, I?didn’t. I wanted them to accept me for who I am ? the exact same person I have always been. I also?sometimes think, why dont I get in touch? Why have I made the decision to stop responding to them? That is why I am writing this. As a reminder of what our relationship turned into, and how it made me feel. The following are things they have said or texted me. I?haven’t?detailed who said what, but it is all from my immediate family.

If you are ever planning on coming out, this is pretty standard stuff a lot of ex-moose do get told unfortunately. Nothing can prepare you for it. I imagine part of it is out of anger, and some of it is to make you feel bad enough to go back.

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