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“Jimmy’s World”

In 1980, Janet Cooke made up a?story about an 8-year-old heroin addict, won the Pulitzer Prize for it, then, two days later, gave it back

What happens when the news leads its readers astray? Journalists, those who are entrusted with delivering the truth, can be the very ones to fabricate and manipulate that truth until it’s unrecognisable altogether. In 1980, this was the case with Janet Cooke and her story that took the nation by storm.

The story appeared on The Washington Post?s?front page ?Jimmy?s World,? under Cooke?s byline. It was a detailed, shocking account of an unnamed 8-year-old boy in Southeast Washington who was a heroin addict. Cooke described the boy, his home and his surroundings in vivid detail.

The article told a heart-wrenching tale. It detailed the life of ‘Jimmy,’ a young boy who had become a victim of the thriving heroin trade that was devastating the low-income neighbourhoods of Washington D.C. Caught in a cycle of addiction, violence, and despair, Jimmy had become a heroin addict after being introduced to the drug by his mother’s live-in boyfriend. As Janet Cooke, the author of the article, described him, “Jimmy is 8 years old and a third-generation heroin addict, a precocious little boy with sandy hair, velvety brown eyes and needle marks freckling the baby-smooth skin of his thin brown arms.” She noted that Jimmy aspired to be a heroin dealer when he grew up.

The story immediately generated controversy. Many demanded that Cooke reveal where the boy lived so that he could be helped. However, Cooke refused to provide his location, claiming she needed to protect her sources and that her life would be in danger from drug dealers if she failed to do so. Meanwhile, the city government launched an intensive search to find him.

As the popular outrage about Jimmy grew, rumours began to swirl around the city suggesting that he didn’t exist, that Janet Cooke had simply made him up.

There was some scepticism about the story from the beginning, but Cooke?s writing was so compelling that The Post nominated the article for a Pulitzer Prize. On April 13, 1981, the Pulitzer board announced that ?Jimmy?s World? had won journalism?s most prestigious honour.

City officials sought to find Jimmy, to no avail, and murmurs of doubt began to swell into a clamour. Top Post editors questioned Cooke about her sources, learning that no supervisor had ever asked for or learned the boy?s true identity.

The?Post?stood by her and denied these rumours, but the issue came to a boil on April 13, 1981, when Cooke was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize on account of her story.

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TVNZ spanked by BSA for fake news story calling Gaza blockade illegal

Fake News: TVNZ caught misleading about Gaza blockade status

TVNZ has copped a spanking from the Broadcasting Standards Authority for describing the blockade of Gaza as illegal…when it is not.

Shalom.Kiwi explains:

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has upheld a complaint concerning TVNZ?s coverage of the Israeli maritime blockade of Gaza, on the basis that it breached the required standard of accuracy by stating the blockade of Gaza is ?illegal?. In doing so it set out some important expectations:

Broadcasters should refrain from making unequivocal statements of fact on issues that are the subject of international dispute, to ensure viewers are not misled. This is particularly so in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where a broadcaster?s use of labels and descriptions can have a significant impact on the audience?s understanding, and views on, the conflict.NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority Ruling 2016-087

In September 2016, Green Party MP Marama Davidson participated in the ?Women?s Peace Boat? to Gaza, whose purported aim was to break the blockade and highlight Gaza?s humanitarian issues. Ms Davidson and her Kia Ora Gaza-facilitated mission was covered on at least three occasions by Te Karere, a Maori language news and current affairs programme broadcast by New Zealand?s state-owned television broadcaster TVNZ. Her subsequent detention by Israel, in anticipation of which Ms Davidson had pre-recorded an emotionally-charged statement about the ?Israeli oppression forces? taking the group ?hostage? and ?kidnapping? it, garnered political reactions and extensive media attention.? Read more »


What’s the big deal, Muslim males don’t have to shake her hand either


President Donald Trump refused to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel?s hand during an Oval Office photo op today, resulting in a wave of reaction online.

reporters asked if there would be a handshake. President Trump did not respond, prompting Merkel to lean in and ask, ?do you want to have a handshake??

Trump did not even look at her.

Liberals promptly had a collective heart attack.


President Trump?treated German Chancellor Angela Merkel the exact same way any Muslim male migrant that she welcomed into Germany would have treated her. Why is it acceptable to Leftists for Muslim males to show her disrespect but not okay when a white non-Muslim male does it?

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Dirty Media causing problems for Labour

The Labour party has enjoyed the support of the Media party?for so long they can’t recognise when they are being played.

Right now the conventional wisdom amongst dirty media is that Labour needs to change their deputy because?Jacinda Ardern got a measly 10,000 votes in a by-election labour was always going to win.

They are going all in, perhaps because they realise that they can’t touch National with their machinations so they may as well give Andrew Little and Annette King a tickle up in a bid to make Labour more competitive than they really are.

Tracy Watkins sticks her oar in.

The best advice is free they say. And there is never any shortage of it when you are leader of the Opposition.

Labour leader Andrew Little must feel like he’s been hit by a wall of advice – well meaning or not – since the Mt Albert by-election reminded everyone that Jacinda Ardern is one of Labour’s biggest assets.

So here’s some more and Annette King won’t like it very much. ? Read more »

Basically all I?ve done is keep my promise – Trump

Basically all I?ve done is keep my promise,? President Donald Trump said to a roaring crowd on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. And that?s what?s driving so many crazy on the Left and giving so many on the Right a reason to applaud.

And I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news. It’s fake, phony, fake.

A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people. And they are. They are the enemy of the people.

Because they have no sources, they just make ’em up when there are none. I saw one story recently where they said, “Nine people have confirmed.” There’s no nine people. I don’t believe there was one or two people. Nine people.

And I said, “Give me a break.” Because I know the people, I know who they talk to. There were no nine people. Read more »

Sixteen examples of FAKE news from the American Media

Just as the group Antifa call themselves anti-fascists then act like violent fascists the American MSM has lashed out at New Media for publishing ” fake news” while repeatedly publishing it themselves. Below is a summary of sixteen fake news stories that reporters have run since Donald Trump became president.

We are in the midst of an epidemic of fake news. There is no better word to describe it than ?epidemic,? insofar as it fits the epidemiological model from?the Centers for Disease Control:?this phenomenon occurs when ?an agent and susceptible hosts are present in adequate numbers, and the agent can be effectively conveyed from a source to the susceptible hosts.?
The ?agent? in this case is hysteria over Trump?s presidency, and the ?susceptible hosts? are a slipshod, reckless, and breathtakingly gullible media class that spread the hysteria around like?well, like a virus…

Sixteen examples of Fake news from the American Mainstream Media:

  1. That there was a spike in Transgender Suicide Rates after Trump was elected

    …At?Reason, writer Elizabeth Nolan Brown?searched multiple online databases?to try to determine the identities or even the existence of the allegedly suicidal youth. She found nothing…

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Andrew Little: “Stop the Muslim Ban”

Andrew Little is on a mission

Dear Geoff,

You have probably seen the news that US President Trump is banning citizens of some Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States ? even if they?ve already met entry criteria.

He?s even detaining citizens from these countries at the border. It?s a policy that is racist, prejudiced and wrong.

New Zealanders believe in inclusivity and embracing our diversity, and our leaders should be denouncing President Trump?s Muslim Ban.

Yet our Prime Minister, Bill English, has failed to condemn the policy: repeatedly refusing to tell New Zealanders that he?ll raise the issue in any conversations he has with the new President.

That?s not good enough. We?re proud of New Zealand?s values, and we have a long history of standing up for them ? even against our more powerful allies.

Will you stand up for our values and sign a petition asking Bill English to tell President Trump to end the ban?

CLICK HERE TO SIGN [disabled – Ed]

Together, let?s stand up for our values and make sure people around the world know New Zealanders don?t agree with President Trump?s ban.


Andrew Little
Leader of the Opposition

Geoff decided to school Angry Andy by writing back: ? Read more »

“Extreme Vetting ” means Christian refugees are prioritised for entry to America

God Bless Donald Trump and God bless America. Finally, a leader of a country founded on Christian principles has done what should have been done long ago. Trump has put Christian refugees at the front of the queue for help. His predecessor Obama totally ignored the persecuted Christians who were kicked out of refugee camps by the Muslim majority. Obama focussed instead on helping Muslims who don’t share the same values as your average Christian or secular American and who history shows us do not assimilate or integrate well into a democratic and free society. The MSM are calling this long overdue turnaround “extreme vetting” which shows us just how anti-Christian and pro-Muslim they are.

DONALD Trump has signed an executive order that will strictly limit immigration and refugees to the US from some Muslim-majority countries.

Fulfilling his election pledge to use ?extreme vetting? to prevent ISIS militants from entering the country, Trump said the US only sought to admit those who would ?love deeply? the American people.

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More advice on spotting fake news

I’m only sharing this because it’s left me in stitches. ?People really think that spotting fact free news is easy

We are only a few weeks into 2017, but already it seems the phrase of the year might very well be the “F” one. Fake news.

The phrase is identified as a possible engineer of the American election outcomes, but the definition is getting muddied. The confusion is led by politicians who bleat out “fake news” for any media item they don?t like or is uncomplimentary of them.

Fake news is fabricated articles produced with the specific aim of fooling as many people as possible. This is different from non-news, which in reality can be a single source puffery piece, or erroneous news, which is just plain wrong, often because of errors or lack of checking by news agencies.

A characteristic of fake news is that it is distributed rapidly and widely through social media, usually by unsuspecting internet users. It is the global popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Google that has allowed phony news to flow into people?s homes so easily, to be re-posted so rapidly, and to maintain anonymity for the originator.

You have probably seen how it works. You “like” some news-looking article a friend posted on your Facebook site, and immediately a lot of similar posts show up. Advertisers paid to get those to you.

The reason people produce fake news websites is easy -it?s mainly for the money.

Internet-savvy teens in Macedonia tried different topics and discovered that Facebook users are more likely to share a fake news story about a supposed health cure or is pro Trump. So the teens set up the false news-looking websites, crank out the stories, and get paid per share – up to $3000 a day.

But anyone can produce fake news. One example is the American who set up a website with the trusty name of ChristianTimesNewspaper, wrote a phoney anti-Hillary Clinton story and was surprised to earn $1000 from the huge number of hits he got in a week. So he continued putting out false anti-Clinton stories to pay off his student loan.

Others do it for the thrill of seeing how many people they can con, and getting extra thrills for conning the real media.

Kiwis were the subject of this type of fake news when some reports said the entire country was evacuated after the Kaikoura earthquakes.

There was also a flood of YouTube videos purporting to be live coverage of the quake damage, except they were shot in clear daylight, when Kiwis know the quake was at midnight.

Also, some of the fake news videos showed fleeing Kaikoura victims screaming in Chinese instead of English. Dead giveaway! YouTube removed them within two days.

I?ve seen fake posts spread by people who are educated but unfamiliar with news processes. They see a headline they like – they want to believe-and quickly hit the share button. No attempt is made to verify the veracity of the story.

Columbia University research that found 59% of people who “liked” a Facebook news story never clicked onto it to read the actual article. Simply from a headline, they spread fake news. Read more »


Japanese reveal what Fake News sites cut from the Trump Inauguration photo


The Trump inauguration crowd?photo that we have all been talking about was actually a cut-down, edited version of the original if this Japanese photo is to be believed.

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