Why one woman voted for Trump instead of Hillary

Hillary and her supporters assumed that the women’s vote belonged to her because she had a vagina which is a very sexist assumption. They assumed that American women would want the glass ceiling broken so badly that they would vote for a woman no matter what the content of her character was.They assumed that all women were pro-abortion and that they didn’t care about things like national security or national debt .They thought that American women would believe that the only way to protect the LGBT community and to take care of the black community and minorities was to vote democrat.

…I?m sick and tired of it. I?m sick and tired of these uninformed jackholes telling me that I?m racist, sexist, Islamophobic and homophobic.?They have no basis for those claims. They?re consumed by their emotions. ?Do they?honestly believe Hillary Clinton lost solely because she?s a woman? It?couldn?t?possibly have anything with her being a pathological liar who?s spent her entire life pursuing political power? It had nothing?to do with the fact that America?s?not satisfied with her vision for America? an America with open borders, higher taxes and?more bureaucratic scumbags in D.C. telling us?how to run our lives?

We?re not racist. We?re not sexist. We want people to come into this country legally. That?s not racist.?Progressive leadership in the big, urban cities hasn?t pulled the black community out of poverty. It?s worsened it. Liberalism has failed them. We acknowledge that. We want them to prosper. That?s not racist.?And as for being sexist? All issues are women?s issues. I have no idea why liberals continue to separate them. Do they really believe we only care about vaginas, boobs and killing our offspring? Liberals assumed we (women) would vote for Hillary based on those reasons alone. THAT?S sexist, if you ask me. Women care about the economy. We care about national security. We care about the?almost $20 trillion national debt. We care about the erosion of our freedoms. We care about the future of the Supreme Court. The list goes on and on and on.

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Photo Of The Day

Gramps 1

They Called him Gramp

A Story of Dying

On February 11 , 1974 , Frank Tugend , aged eighty-one and of dubiously sound mind ? but certainly of sound body removed his false teeth and announced that he was no longer going to eat or drink.

Three weeks later to the day, he died.

The remarkable thing was how Gramp died.

Franks death brought to a close a three-year ordeal–and three-year documentation-of gradual, but finally total, deterioration. Through camera and tapes his family recorded Frank Tugend?s involvement with the curse that is described as senility, or hardening of the arteries, or generalized arteriosclerosis. In real life it translates into standing naked in front of the picture window, or ?talking? to a giant red rabbit that lives in the refrigerator, or being unable to control one?s bowels. It is by no means unique millions of families are dealing with the problem right now.

As they?were recording their?experiences over the last three years of his life, they?also had to decide in the last weeks whether or not to have him hospitalized to be sustained by intravenous tubes. But after he had made it clear that he?wanted?to die, they?chose to let him die at home, with some dignity intact.

Frank Tugend an upstanding family man began a tragic three-year decline brought about by generalized arteriosclerosis. His memory began to fail. At first, he lost the ability to drive.

Then, the ability to remember who, and where he was. The once polite man began to hallucinate and became aggressive to visitors. He and his family were ostracized by the community. His behaviour was often erratic. Having lost the ability to bathe, dress, and control his bowels, he required constant care.

The simplicity of Gramp?s lifestyle tended to minimize difficulties he might have had with ?forgetfulness? and confusion. Essentially a loner, he spent his days chopping wood and keeping his property tidy, or taking walks in the surrounding woods. When he was with others, it was usually his family, who saw him every day and didn?t really, or comprehend; the changes that were taking place in Gramp.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Phillip Toledano

Photo: Phillip Toledano

Days with My Father ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

“My father is very funny. …

I put these little cookies on his chest and he said- look at my tittties!

How can you not laugh??

In a series of intimate portraits taken over three years, Phillip Toledano recorded the final chapter in his father’s long life ? his sense of humour, his struggle with memory loss and above all his unfailing spirit. This body of work about his father is caring and compelling. His writing adds insight and a quiet contemplation.

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Photo Of The Day

Photographer: Kenneth O?Halloran

Photographer: Kenneth O?Halloran

Living with Alzheimer?s

?Angel, Dioni and Cristina exhausted, doze in the living room.

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Muslim sense of humor

Some of you will recall a post I did about a website called Happy Muslim families. Since I visited it and downloaded some Pdfs containing tips to help husbands and wives have a happy marriage I have been receiving regular newsletters in my in box.

My latest newsletter is too good not to share. It provides we infidels with an insight into this chaps sense of humor and the reality of how easy it is for a Muslim man to divorce his wife or control and cower her by threatening divorce.I wonder if the female New Zealand converts to Islam featured in the Herald on Sunday are aware of their new diminished rights and status under Islam?

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 10.04.56 AM

Irfan Ullah Khan Co-Founder Happy Muslim Family


This is one of the funniest and rare stories about the people
who threaten with divorce.

In one of their conversations, a man told Khaleefah Ar-Rasheed: “I was informed that an Arab had divorced five women in one day.”


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Guest Post – State housing bliss or simply valium induced happy memories?


An article in the paper yesterday sings the praises of State Houses in the past.

They were joyous places it says, and children were even named ?Joy? as a response to the pleasure of the parents who had gained their first house, thanks to the state.

Perhaps they were.? Or perhaps the memory of those housing estates has retrospective pink icing.

Yes the houses were good and solid, although surprisingly small by today?s standards.? And they had big sections.

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The Evolution of Marriage


When Gay marriage was being debated marriage itself came under the spotlight. All of a sudden we were asking ourselves..

What is marriage?

Is marriage about children?

Is marriage a religious institution or a secular one?

I wondered about the origins of marriage, the purpose of marriage and how it has evolved from the past to what we recognise as marriage now.

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Gang Bang, Gang Rape, Gang Dad?

Skip Taitapanui, Gang Dad.

Skip Taitapanui, Gang Dad.


A Whakatane gang member is upset he has been told by his son’s school he can no longer be a parent helper at his son’s school camp.

Skip Taitapanui said he was told by James Street School he could no longer go to the camp because he was an active gang member.

James Street School principal Norah Schreiber said Mr Taitapanui could complain through the school’s processes if he was unhappy, but she would not comment any further about the school’s decision.

Mr Taitapanui said he did his best to be a good father and made no bones about parts of his own childhood spent in Child, Youth and Family care after his father died when he was 12.

It is good that he is there for his son after having experienced the loss of his own father at a young age.

He is also open when speaking about his gravitation towards a gang at a young age.

“I looked at the gang as a family,” Mr Taitapanui said.

“I still do close to three decades later.”

Now here is where it gets tricky. If he sees the Gang as a family then he is part of a family that uses violence, that sells drugs, that breaks the law to gain entry to ‘ the family ‘ and that has an extremely negative association in the public’s minds.

When I ask you to say the very next word that pops into your mind after I say the word Gang. I bet it is the word rape or bang. It is very unlikely indeed to be Dad.

But it is his gang involvement that has seen his exclusion from his son’s Term 4 camp this year.

In March this year Mr Taitapanui helped at his son’s James Street School overnight marae stay.

Following the camp, he was “rapt” to be asked by his son’s teacher to be parent help at Camp Hamilton later this year.

After he agreed, a letter was sent home to parents on May 28 announcing Mr Taitapanui and others as camp parents.

Not long after when picking up his son from school, he was called into the principal’s office and told he couldn’t go to camp because he was an active gang member.

The schools real problem is that they have already allowed him previously as parent help. If it wasn’t for the fact that his son’s teacher asked him to be parent help again I would assume that the real reason for telling him no, the second time was because of how he may have behaved the first time. However that does not appear to be the case so perhaps some other parents complained later?

“Removing my beanie, I asked her if it was because of the tattoo on my forehead or because of the colours I wear.

“I told her the tattoo is always covered and I would not be taking any coloured clothing with me, but she still said no. She repeated it was because I am an active gang member.

“I even asked if my son’s mother could go instead of me and was told no again.”

Now that part is very strange. If the Mother is not in the gang then why would the school say no to her? I don’t think the journalist has asked the right questions. The school would not say no lightly. Has he or his partner dealt drugs in the past? Why are the school wary of having them as parent help?

Gutted, Mr Taitapanui then had to explain to his son why he wasn’t going to camp.

“As a dad I want the best for my son and I want to be able to support him in everything he does.

“I also want to take a stand for other dads who are part of gangs and might come up against something like this.”


Mr? Taitapanui, no matter how loving a Dad you are this ‘ family ‘ you are exposing your son to is bad. Very bad. You and your Partner are his family. You need to make a choice. Your fake ‘family’ or your real family.

Actions have consequences. You have turned yourself into a scary character by being an active member of a scary organisation. Why would other parents want someone like you around their children?

Photo Of The Day

Navesh Chitrakar--Reuters

Navesh Chitrakar–Reuters

Banished once a month

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Photo Of The Day

Yusuf Ahmad 2012

Yusuf Ahmad 2012

A family member cleans up a mummy with a brush before giving her a change of clothes, this ritual happens once every three years. ? Read more »