“Punch an Islamist” doesn’t catch on due to non-violence from right-wing

” Punch a Nazi” has become very popular both as a catch cry and as an actual act of violence and it is promoted and glorified by the media. ‘ Punch an Islamist” or ” Punch a Leftie ” however simply hasn’t caught on due to the lack of violence amongst the very groups that the ” Punch a Nazi” crowd have accused of White Nationalism, racism and Islamophobia.



What all the so called anti-fascists anti-racists anti-nationalists seem to forget is that punching people for saying things you disagree with is, well…fascist.

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Liam Hehir on facsists

Liam Hehir?writes about the fashion of calling everything and everyone fascist:

Is it OK to punch someone if you think they’re a fascist? Some people seem to think so.

Not long ago, disreputable Right-winger Richard Spencer was attacked on live television. Spencer is often accused of being a Nazi though he disputes that label.

He is undoubtedly a purveyor of white identity politics, however, and is notable for coining the term “alt-right”. At the time he was attacked he was being interviewed on the street during the Trump presidential inauguration. A man came up, smashed him in the side of the face and ran off.

A punch directly to the head is serious business. A blow to the cranium ? even a relatively restrained one ? can cause lasting damage. Spencer could have been seriously hurt or even killed.

Nevertheless, for many liberals in the United States and elsewhere, the sight of such a villainous personage being clocked caused much glee. The offender was compared to Indiana Jones, Captain America, the Blues Brothers and other pop-culture icons who were famous for their (fictional) assaults on Nazis.

Videos of the incident set to music went viral, with a former Obama administration speechwriter tweeting that, “I don’t care how many different songs you set Richard Spencer being punched to, I’ll laugh at every one.”

Since then, it has become clear that the idea of using violence against alleged fascists has gained some respectability.

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Rachel Stewart goes full retard

Rachel Stewart who was the winner of the ‘Opinion Writer of the Year’ award at the 2016 Canon Media Awards has gone full retard calling Trump a fascist and even describing Dirty Politics as fascist. She fits journalist Melanie Phillips description?of the left perfectly as Stewart’s?hysterical reaction against President Trump reveals her own paranoia and aggression as she tries to paint both Trump and Dirty Politics as fascist.

I?m not sure she even understands what fascism is all about despite invoking memories of World War Two. Even her basic definition of fascism is dead wrong. If you look at the definition below you will see that Trump does not fit the fascist definition in any way shape or form. President Trump is not opposed to democracy and has done nothing to suggest that he is. He is not opposed to liberalism. The reality is that the liberal voters who lost are opposed to him!


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The left’s reaction to Trump is totalitarian in its instincts

Journalist Melanie Phillips talks about the totalitarian opposition to Donald Trump, whom the left both here in New Zealand and abroad?routinely describe as “fascist” and like Hitler. Phillips points out that fascism, in fact, is daily exhibited by the left, not by Trump or his supporters.

Phillips says that the hysterical reaction against President Trump is totalitarian in its instincts and incites hatred, paranoia and aggression. Ultimately it?s not about president Trump at all but about the protesters themselves.

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The world’s most famous socialist


Students of history flinch when left-wingers refer to Hitler as being right-wing because anyone who knows their history knows that Hitler and his ?party were socialists. His party was called the?National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The parallels between his policies and the policies of modern-day left-wing parties are obvious. When lefties call conservatives fascists they conveniently overlook the fact that Hitler was a fascist and his brand of socialism was the nanny state on steroids. Hitler is a perfect example of what happens when a socialist leader becomes a dictator.

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Hosking laughs all the way to the bank (and ratings) as yet another petition is started

The left-wing don’t understand that calling bans on people they disagree with actually gives the victim of their attacks more followers.

Look at what has happened with Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now a counter petition has been set up in support of Mike Hosking.

A counter petition in support of controversial TVNZ broadcaster Mike Hosking is quietly gaining momentum online.

Petitioner Dan Gray started the counter-movement in a bid to “keep Mike Hosking at TVNZ for the same?reasons people want the petition signed to get rid of him.”

The petition, set up?on Wednesday afternoon,?has since garnered several hundred signatories.

“Mike is a free thinker against politically correct?crap”?wrote one Hosking supporter. “I want a broadcaster who speaks his mind even if I don’t agree with it all the time.”

The?petition was organised to counteract?the anti-Hosking petition set up by?lawyer?Dan?Wayman last week,?asking that the Seven Sharp host?”be removed from public broadcasting?at?TVNZ”.

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Fascism is only a ban away

Cultural fascists?are all the rage right now, and almost exclusively on the left. They want dissenting voices shut down, from scientists with hurt feelings to activists demanding presenters on television shows be banned because their views are not the same as the cultural fascists.

Once you start banning the views and speech of those you disagree with then you are only a small step away from real fascism.

A petition to be sent to the Government demanding Mike Hosking be removed from television screens has now clocked up more than?14,000 signatories in just over a week.

Started by lawyer?Dan Wayman?the petition asks that Mike Hosking “be removed from public broadcasting at TVNZ“.

Wayman, who describes himself as a New Zealand-enrolled barrister-solicitor who divides his time between New Zealand and Shanghai, where he works at the British Consulate, says he started the petition because he “just felt something needed to be done really”.

“[Hosking’s]?socially irresponsible comments are damaging to the New Zealand public, and especially as the face of the national broadcaster in the 7pm?timeslot, being a family show, I think it’s harmful for the next generation to receive those types of sentiments from Mr Hosking.”

Wayman?said?comments made by Hosking over the crowdfunding purchase of the?Awaroa beach?and over the New Zealand flag debate as examples of why the?broadcaster?should?be removed from TVNZ.

More recently Hosking was in the news when a formal complaint was laid against him over?comments he made onSeven Sharp about New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd’s proposal of a Maori ward for local government councils.

“I’d never personally attack him obviously, but he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand,” said Hosking at the time.

Wayman said:?”It’s the constant lack of empathy and dismissive comments of New Zealanders struggling, even following stories on?Seven Sharp – he?just does not get it, and I think it’s harmful.”

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Fascist Facebook [FIXED]

WARNING video contains offensive language.


In this video Facebook is called fascist. ?A simple definition of ?fascism is:

A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.


Facebook is not a government but they are now working with governments in Europe. Their job is to silence anyone who disagrees with mass immigration.They?launched a $1.9 million campaign called the Initiative for Civil Courage ?which is a?task force to work alongside governments in Europe to silence anyone speaking out about refugees on Facebook.

They state that their aim is to remove hate speech from the site by finding and then removing comments that promote xenophobia. The reality is very different as hate speech against Jews and Israelis is tolerated while the exact same speech about Muslims or Islam is not. Make no mistake; this is about controlling the flow of information about what is really happening in Europe. It is not about xenophobia at all. Merkel is trying vainly to keep a lid on the powder keg that she has created. This is about censorship of information. Merkel has the MSM under control but she is trying to control social media as well.

Thankfully, social media is more powerful than any government. Every time one Facebook page is closed down another 10 will spring up.

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg?announced the new initiative and said, ?The best cure for bad ideas are good ideas…The best remedy for hate is tolerance. Counter speech is incredibly strong ? and it takes time, energy and courage.?

Counter speech is the new buzz word and the definition that springs to mind is propaganda. Also, last time I checked, the opposite of hate was love, not tolerance. Perhaps even Facebook can not bring themselves to love the people who are being criticised on Facebook. The best they can manage is tolerance. We tolerate bad things; no one tolerates good things. Sandberg’s own words reveal the reality of the situation. Bad things are happening inside Europe.

Internet party, Guernica and social retardation

Matthew Beveridge writes about Kim Dotcom, the Internet party and wonders if they are ignorant or stupid.

Their use of rape jokes, nazi symbolism and stupid social media actions is turning people off. I suspect that nazi enthusiast Kim Dotcom does’t care because he believes that the people are still blinded to his machinations and true intentions.

Does the Internet Party really want to be sending the message to it?s trade union and socialist supporters that it?s party party coming to town is going to do to that town what the Fascists and Nazis did to a town in the Spanish Civil War? Does the Internet Party also want to draw more attention to the issues Kim Dotcom faced around his ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf? See?here,?here,here?and?here.

The actions people, or organisations, take on social media help to build a picture of the attitude and views of that person, or organisation. The actions on social media of those involved in organisations also help contribute to this picture, even more so when the person concerned is the ?Party Visionary? and bank roller of said organisation. This is not the first time that Kim Dotcom has made jokes?about questionable things, or?rape. These tweets are simply adding to the picture of an organisation with questionable judgement and a lack of historical knowledge.

However, it is unlikely that many of those who vote, or will consider voting for, the Internet Party, or its Internet Mana Party union, will have any understanding of the offensive nature of these Tweets. However this does not mean that they should go uncritiqued.

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Daniel Hannan on the socialist roots of fascism

Many people, mainly from the left wing conveniently ignore the socialist roots of fascism. they wrongly describe fascists as “far right”, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Then again when have the left wing ever bothered with such trivialities as the truth:

‘I am a Socialist,’ Hitler told Otto Strasser in 1930, ‘and a very different kind of Socialist from your rich friend, Count Reventlow’.

No one at the time would have regarded it as a controversial statement. The Nazis could hardly have been more open in their socialism, describing themselves with the same terminology as our own SWP: National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Almost everyone in those days accepted that fascism had emerged from the revolutionary Left. Its militants marched on May Day under red flags. Its leaders stood for collectivism, state control of industry, high tariffs, workers’ councils. Around Europe, fascists were convinced that, as Hitler told an enthusiastic Mussolini in 1934, ‘capitalism has run its course’.

One of the most stunning achievements of the modern Left is to have created a cultural climate where simply to recite these facts is jarring. History is reinterpreted, and it is taken as axiomatic that fascism must have been Right-wing, the logic seemingly being that Left-wing means compassionate and Right-wing means nasty and fascists were nasty. You expect this level of analysis from Twitter mobs; you shouldn’t expect it from mainstream commentators.? Read more »