Anwar Sahib: Just the tip of the Islamist iceberg in New Zealand?

Mainstream NZ media picked up on the story of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib after WhaleOil made public a collection of quotes from his sermons that demonised Jews and subjugated women. Dame Susan Devoy came out quickly to condemn the speech but was equally cautious to tell us ?these are the views of a single person and are not held by every single Muslim New Zealander?. Just how many of the 50,000 Muslim New Zealanders don?t hold anti-Semitic or misogynistic views, though, and how many are even more radical?

With an election year next year, immigration may well be a hot-button topic, especially if there?s an ?incident? – not just a close call. National, Act and NZ First were quick to condemn Sahib. The Greens have also made a reasonable comment. Even they can see the link between hate preaching and murderous rampages. It?s only Labour that can?t bring themselves to think of Islam having a bad side – or maybe they also think Jews are the enemy and women shouldn?t leave the home without permission.

There is a small Muslim sect which seems to be truly against the violent, political Islam that we see most vividly in France, where Islamic extremists have driven over people at celebrations, slaughtered Jews, and murdered cartoonists. Judging by the statement from the Islamic Women?s Council, many of the women disagree that they need permission before leaving the house and were outraged by the anti-Semitic statements.

However, FIANZ (and New Zealand feminists) weren?t as strongly opposed to Sahib. FIANZ did eventually stand down the hate preacher from his?official position but their radio interview and initial press release leave open many questions about the sincerity of representatives of New Zealand?s largest Muslim population.

A jihadi expert, Aaron Zelin, has reported on some of those New Zealanders who have wanted to fight for Islamic State. One of those, Imran Patel, was recently jailed for over 3 years for having and distributing Islamic State material. Another Islamic State supporter, Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga was named as one of the most influential Muslims in the world. He has recently commented on the 1 News Facebook page about Sahib, that he is ?100% behind our shaykh [Sahib] we say what he says and we stand for everything he stands for amen amen?

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The shocking truth about FIANZ revealed


Most people believe FIANZ represents all New Zealand Muslims. They are a powerful New Zealand group that receives all the Halal certification money in New Zealand.

Recently I e-mailed some questions to the?ex -National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at NZ about FIANZ and his answers will shock you.


Question: Is it true that FIANZ do not represent your community and that they do not recognise you as Muslims?

Answer:?FIANZ does not represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at in any shape or form.

Question:The Imam we have exposed does not recognise your community and they have even put in writing that you are all apostates. Is FIANZ the same?

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This was not the first complaint to FIANZ about Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.


FIANZ did not say or do anything until Whaleoil shone sunlight on the anti-Semitic and misogynistic words of Auckland-based, Saudi-trained, Muslim religious leader Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib, Imam of the At-Taqwa Mosque. This was not the first time that Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib has been brought to FIANZ’s attention.

In 2001, the Centre for Islamic Pluralism published an article that described Sheik Dr Anwar Sahib as a high-ranking Islamic cleric trained in and funded by Saudi Arabia. A Fiji Indian, he spent 15 years being trained as a cleric by the Saudis and was described as an ultra-conservative fundamentalist. The Wahhabi sect to which Sheik Dr Anwar Sahib belongs is described as adhering to the most extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism. The author of Intellectuals and Assassins, Stephen Schwartz, said of Wahhabism that ?it is violent, it is intolerant and it is fanatical beyond belief.?

Sheik Dr Anwar Sahib came to New Zealand on a Saudi-funded scholarship and was exposed as having ties to Osama bin Ladin. The then president of FIANZ, Dr Anwar Ghani, dismissed the concerns, saying he knew of no terrorist fundraising or terrorism-linked activity among local Muslims.

In 2011, FIANZ president, Anwar Ghani, once again dismissed concerns when he met with officials of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS). The SIS was concerned about reports that at-Taqwa mosque youth were talking about preparing for jihad in New Zealand. Sheikh Dr Sahib continued during this time to be a senior member of FIANZ.

In 2013, there was a report that Sheikh Dr Sahib had been involved in an Islamic conference where other invited speakers also gave antisemitic, misogynistic, and homophobic sermons. And, more recently, in January 2016, the WhaleOil blog revealed that one of the congregants of At-Taqwa mosque, where Sheikh Dr Sahib preaches, has potentially been radicalised and is a known Islamic State supporter. One is left wondering whether radicalisation of Muslim youth is happening in New Zealand mosques.


When finally forced to react to our video and posts FIANZ’s first reaction was a Press release more notable for what it did not say.

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The refreshing honesty of British media – Our dodgy Muslim cleric story goes global

New Zealand media covered the actions of dodgy, misogynist and antisemitic Muslim cleric Shaykh Dr Mohammed Anwar Sahib, but no one delivers a media kicking like the Daily Mail.

A Muslim cleric has been stood down for his anti-semaitic speeches as another cleric refuses to speak to a reporter because she’s a woman.

Auckland sheikh, Mohammad Anwar Sahib, is currently under investigation by the Human Rights Commission for sermons during which he claims ‘Jews are enemies and want to rule the world’.

Sahib also made claims that women are under their husbands’ rule and should not leave their homes without their permission, reported?TVNZ.

Reporter, Yvonne Tahana, attempted to enter the mosque in?Manukau in?south Auckland to request an interview, but she was turned away due to her gender by a cleric who told her it was ‘because it’s Islamic law’.

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FIANZ a simple question deserves a simple answer

Whaleoil reader SeanusAurelius made a great comment the other day when he wrote..

…I thought this interview with the head of FIANZ was much more telling than the original statement (as its the head of FIANZ)
Q: “Are women chattels who can’t go outside without their husbands’ permission?”

A: “…There’s no simple yes or no answer.”

Live interviews like this are very good at revealing things that can easily be scripted out of a formal press release with the guidance of a professional spin doctor. As many of you may not yet have listened to the Radio Live interview I have taken the time to make a partial transcript of what was said.

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So who in New Zealand stood up to condemn intolerance and hate?


Credit where credit is due. We do have in New Zealand groups willing to stand up and be counted and they deserve recognition. Below are the political parties and groups who responded to our article and video of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

The Human Rights Commission says an Auckland man?s speeches condemning Jewish people are appalling and have no place in New Zealand…

?This kind of intolerance is not welcome here in any form: Prejudice against Jewish people has no place in New Zealand.?

…We have asked for an urgent response from FIANZ.?

The Human Rights Commission

The Administration Council of the Islamic Women?s Council would like to respond to the video containing clips of speeches posted online by Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

Firstly, regarding the comments directed towards Jewish people, these are totally inappropriate and we unequivocally condemn any divisive comments of a similar nature.

… We regularly extend our hand in friendship to the Jewish community in New Zealand, and will continue to do so.

IWCNZ is particularly sensitive to the views represented by the comments towards women. The approach shown is a religious misinterpretation, in our opinion, and we are disappointed that certain religious leaders may encourage this damaging rhetoric.

-Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand

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ACT and NZ First condemn Islamic hate-preacher

ACT and NZ First have joined the chorus of people condemning the Islamic hate-speech preacher busted by this blog on Saturday.

The story has gone to every media outlet now, save one….the NZ Herald.

The politicians are lining up, now just Peter Dunne, the Greens and Labour remain on the fence.

ACT and NZ First have joined the government in condemning anti-Semitic speeches and online posts by an Auckland Muslim cleric.

Ethnic Communities Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga said on Monday he was disgusted by the views of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

“There’s no place in New Zealand for such intolerance, and hate speech is prohibited under the Human Rights Act,” he said.

ACT leader David Seymour says New Zealand was built on a foundation of tolerance and respect. ? Read more »

When will Shaykh Mohammad Anwar Sahib resign as secretary of FIANZ?

Will FIANZ show that they reject the hate preaching of Shaykh Mohammad Anwar Sahib by removing him as secretary of the organisation? Will?Shaykh Mohammad Anwar Sahib resign now that his hate preaching has brought the Muslim community that he represents into disrepute?

While I am very happy that we have got this story into the public view I am concerned that FIANZ will murmur sweet useless nothings to Susan Devoy and will take no action. They will reject Shaykh Mohammad Anwar Sahib’s words and claim that they do not represent their Muslim ?community but will keep him in his positions of influence regardless. Will they encourage the?Masjid at-Taqwa?Mosque to take down his videos on their Youtube channel for example? What real action are they prepared to take to show their rejection of his hateful preaching?

Here is the timeline so far although by the time this post goes live there may be other new media and MSM outlets covering it.

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NZ supremacism selectively ignored

Guest Post
Last month Dame Susan Devoy, our Human Rights Commissioner, wrote an article about the neo-Nazi group who wanted to join the march against child abuse. She was strongly against the participation of the National Socialist wannabes because, ?People wearing Nazi uniforms murdered 1.5 million children. They did it on purpose and they would have kept murdering children if they had not been stopped.?

Dame Susan was clear about her intentions saying, ?I?ve written this article to help ensure that those children aren?t forgotten and to make it clear that neo-Nazi fascism and racism does not belong in Aotearoa New Zealand. This is not how we roll. This is not part of Kiwi culture and it does not belong in our future.? She was explicit that, ?Some members of this organisation argue that they aren?t neo-Nazis but just white pride activists: I don?t really care what they call themselves ? sometimes we need to stand up publicly and say that their philosophy is Not OK.?

SB showed how the philosophy of making one group more important than others is a socialist approach and introduced us to the world?s most well-known socialist who enacted the philosophy of supremacism. The Nazis thought the Aryan race was superior and such a philosophy is certainly not OK. Dame Susan is quite right to stand strongly against fascism and racism in New Zealand, especially as other leaders were silent.

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What are Islamic leaders doing to address radical Islamism in NZ?

In November last year there was some media coverage of the airsoft-loving Islamist in Auckland, Mr Wiremu Curtis-Howard. Despite us?warning everyone about?him and his friends more than a year ago, the NZ Herald reporter seemed shocked that he would post support for Islamic State on Facebook or show off his weapons.

The report failed to investigate anything further than the shock value of his pictures. While our look into his background?is not much deeper an investigation, it does raise some more fundamental questions about the role that the Muslim community leadership has in addressing the problem of Islamism in New Zealand.

The Aucklander ?Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah? is also known as Wiremu Curtis and we?warned people about him more than a ?year earlier. He was wearing an ISIS hoody on the Sunday programme of 13 July 2014;

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