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Is Judith off to the UN?

The Whaleoil tipline is running hot from informed folk in Wellington telling me that Judith Tizard will shortly announce that she too is off to a cushy job at the UN?

Unwanted in New Zealand and Auckland Central it looks like she may have scored the ultimate in unaccountable jobs.

If anyone can enlighten me further I would appreciate it.


Matt McCarten : Goff falls in challenge to show courage under bloggers' fire

Phil Twyford - HarpoonedMatt McCarten : Goff falls in challenge to show courage under bloggers’ fireIt’s ironic that in the same week we commemorate the courage of young men who died in battle, our new Labour Party leaders hoisted up the white flag in Helen Clark’s vacant seat. It’s been an open secret for some time that Phil… [NZ Herald Politics]

Without mentioning us, Matt McCarten has acknowledged that DPF and I have harpooned Phil Twyford and may yet harpoon Mt Albert as well for Labour.

Independent verification of a slaying is always most satisfying, more so than claiming the kill yourself.

McCarten accuses Phil Goff of extreme cowardice under fire, fire that was delivered via the blogs. On reflection it is hard to argue with McCarten’s analysis.

But in a stunning display of political cowardice, the Labour Party national hierarchy this week knee-capped Twyford. The political assassination of one of their best and brightest is one of the most disloyal and treacherous political acts I’ve seen.

What is disheartening is that Labour’s action wasn’t from a place of principled strategy but the result of hysteria generated by their political opponents.

I salute the right-wing bloggers, who mischievously instigated a destabilising campaign against Labour by writing that National could win Mt Albert if Twyford was the Labour Party nominee. Twyford is a current list MP. Their genius was in pointing out that if Twyford won – as was widely assumed – then Judith Tizard, as the next-highest place list candidate, would be entitled to return to Parliament to replace Twyford’s vacant list spot.

The bloggers claimed that Twyford’s campaign would be overshadowed by the furore of the supposedly unpopular Tizard slipping back into Parliament.

Privately, none of the bloggers believed that their strategy would amount to much, but were incredulous when certain media players started taking it seriously.

What gobsmacked the bloggers particularly – and fatally for Twyford – was that the Labour Party panicked. There were even some attempts to force Tizard to step down off the list, which of course she wouldn’t.

Heh…..Are we now running Labour’s strategy?

Perhaps the best line of all in the whole article is the last;

Richard Prebble once said to me that no politician can make it without courage. In this respect, Goff – in his first test as leader – has failed. If I was a Labour MP I wouldn’t volunteer to share a foxhole with Goff when the shooting starts.

Hard hats anyone?


Labour happy to have Tizard back, Goff says

Labour happy to have Tizard back, Goff saysLabour has no problem with former MP Judith Tizard coming back to Parliament on its party list, leader Phil Goff says. He was reacting to speculation that the party would select a non-list MP to stand in the Mt Albert by-election… [NZ Herald Politics]

Asked how he felt about the potential return of Ms Tizard, who lost Auckland Central to National’s Nicky Kaye, Mr Goff said: “I am very happy to see any former Labour colleague back in parliament.”

Err, really? How about your old mate Roger Douglas?

Or for that matter:
Richard Prebble
John Tamihere
David Benson-Pope
Taito Philip Field

Should Labour’s candidate squeak in and Judith Tizard returns off the list then TIFKAG has a problem with his front bench. He would surely have to have Judith Tizard there as Labour’s third most experienced ex-minister.

If I was a voter in Mt Albert I would seriously be considering whether or not I wanted an MP destined to sit on the opposition benches for 12 years or someone who could contribute in government.

Labour polling heavily in Mt Albert

Labour Party multi-national pollsters UMR have been heavily polling in Mount Albert.

Last week, they ran a simple poll. National voters were amused that when they said that they had voted for the National candidate at the the last election – the call was teminated. I guess they aren’t expecting to pick up any votes off National.

This weekend’s poll had more issues questions. They questioned the voters on their throughts about the return of Judith Tizard. They also asked about the SH20 extention – the famous motorway for which Helen Clark famously said it would go through her electorate “over her dead body”.

The really interesting thing is not the questions – it is why they are so extensively polling in the first place? This is one of Labour’s safest seats. There are no candidates and there is no election date set.

The only conclusion is that last week’s numbers were so troubling that they needed to find out where the problem was and what issues they could run on to turn it around.

Tizard time-bomb ticking under Mt Albert

Tizard time-bomb ticking under Mt AlbertLabour’s “Tizard dilemma” is not going to resolve itself, with Judith Tizard hanging on to the ticket that will get her back to Parliament. The cause of the problem is the Mt Albert byelection: if list MP Phil Twyford wins the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Patrick Gower exposes the upgrading of the Tizard Dilemma to a Time Bomb.

Unfortunately for Labour Tizard hasn’t really helped the situation with her comments to Patrick.Ms Tizard said Labour would be silly to buy into the “Tizard dilemma” and try and keep her out.

“If there is not a place for a 53-year-old woman who has been in elected positions for 26 of her 31 years, I guess I would want to know what the problem was.”

Ms Tizard said she had not yet been approached to stand aside, nor had she gone to the party to ask if there was a problem.

She said she was enjoying life outside Parliament and was astonished at the “craziness” of speculation about her possible return.

“I am gardening, I am spending time with my friends and family. I am reading, I am writing. I have just gone and bought a lampshade. I have a life.”

Riiiiight, So The Tiz thinks that the demographic for Barren Old Biddies with no work experience is under represented. She just can’t stop telling lies though, as if she has any friends, no one believes that, even The Standard is openly mocking her.

The Tizard Dilemma

The leftards at the Lap-blog The Standard actually do seem to have a sense of humour. They have posted this outstanding burn of Judith Tizard. Now if the lap-bloggers are shunning you with mirth then I think it is fair to say that you have had your chance and it will be a cold day in hell before they will give you another one.

Judith Tizard and The Labour Party are no longer friends


DimPost breaks news on Tizard

The Dimpost has broken the news that Judith Tizard will be going to New York with Helen Clark.

Speculation on the future career of Labour politician Judith Tizard ended today with an announcement from Helen Clark that she would be taking the ousted Auckland Central MP to the United States with her this August, when she travels to New York to take up her new job as head of the United Nations Development Program.

It had been rumoured that Tizard would stand as a Labour Party candidate in Clark’s Mt Albert electorate, return to Parliament as a list MP or even run for mayor of Auckland’s supercity. Those rumours were quashed today with the news of her departure for New York. Clark advised that she has not yet informed Tizard about her upcoming move, as the prospect of such a long journey would only frighten and confuse her. Tizard will be leaving a month before Clark, as US Department of Agriculture regulations state that Tizard – who was Minister of Auckland, as well as Associate Minister for Arts and Transport – must spend at least a month in quarantine before she can enter the US.

Read the rest….this is why I read DiM’s blog….he actually gets it.

#s92a Victory

National has announced that s92a, Judith Tizard’s ill conceived sop to big business, is as dead as Tizards political career.

Prime Minister John Key has announced that the government will throw out the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies) Act and start again.

Commerce and justice minister Simon Power will now meet with officials and rewrite the Section 92A (S92) of the Act from the ground up.

“Section 92a is not going to come into force as originally written. We have now asked the minister of commerce to start work on a replacement section,” the prime minister said.

No timeframe has been set for amending S92.

Well done, listening to your citizens rather than ramming through ideologically inspired stupid laws.


Silliness on the hustings

Silliness on the hustingsIt seems the battleground electorate of Auckland Central has the most oddly named candidates in the country. The ACT candidate is Mr Scott Uren. I can only conclude that it must be his party’s tough law and order stance that has… [NZ Herald Politics]

Judith Tizard gets a slap from the HoS about her mad rantings and unintentional abuse of the Green candidate. Clearly “the Tiz” is getting rattled by the enthusiastic and popular National candidate Nikki Kaye.

Fancy having to have your own Mum and Dad ringing people on the beg for support, not to mention roping in every other forlorn losing candidate in Auckland to help save your useless butt. Rather than campaigning in Hunua, Jordan Carter is constantly spotting helping out in Auckland Central in an attempt to shore up the failing support for Tizard and Labour.

Tizard goes Global for all the wrong reasons

Judith Tizard has hit worldwide headlines for all the wrong reasons. Once again though, it is her incredibly bad temper that has landed her in hot water.

Now this isn’t just bad it is disastrous. Her attack on reasonable business leaders over egregious lawmaking was completely unwarranted. The same thing happened to the Canadian Copyright minister who rammed through exactly the same thing. She lost her seat in their recent elections.

She is now featuring on BoingBoing, the number one blog in the world with millions of pageviews daily.

Stupid numpty bitch. A reader also sent this photo of the mad cow at the end of her own wreck of a career looking at the equivalent of political junkyard.

Political Junkyard