They thought that they could trust NZ

Zholia Alemi

It is gratifying to see that there is at least one newspaper still doing real investigative journalism, not simply repeating what CNN or the WashPo says.

The Guardian reports that the News and Star has uncovered a 22-year long deception. Quote.

The records of up to 3,000 doctors are being reviewed after it emerged that a woman worked as a NHS consultant psychiatrist for 22 years with fake qualifications before she was convicted of trying to defraud a patient.

Zholia Alemi, 56, was jailed for five years last month for faking an 87-year-old patient?s will as part of an attempt to inherit her ?1.3m estate after they met at a dementia clinic in Workington, Cumbria in 2016.

Following the trial, an investigation by the Cumbrian newspaper News and Star revealed Alemi had been working in the UK for more than two decades with forged qualifications from the University of Auckland.
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Photo of the Day

True Story Of 9/11 Imposter: Tania Head ? World Trade Center’s Fake 9/11 Survivor. ?

Untrue Story Of A Sept 11 Survivor

Incredible stories of heroism, heartache, survival and triumph have been shared by survivors, family members and service personnel who were personally affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, but one woman’s story had everyone fooled.

Tania Head surfaced two years after the 9/11 terror attacks with an astonishing tale of survival and loss and had one of the most tragic and inspiring stories to come out of the Sept. 11 attacks. She was in the south tower, on the same floor that the second plane hit. She saw horrific carnage and was handed a wedding ring by a dying man who requested that she give it to his wife. Then she was led to safety by Welles Crowther, the famous “man in the red bandanna,” who lost his own life rescuing others. And finally, she woke up in a hospital burn unit six days later, only to find out that her husband had been killed in the north tower.

Her disturbing account inspired everyone who heard it. Head worked tirelessly to give a voice to 9/11 survivors, and she won the admiration of everyone she met. She cultivated friendships with fellow survivors and ultimately rose to become president of the influential World Trade Center Survivors? Network.

Tania Head?s astonishing account of her experience on September 11, 2001, was a tale of loss and recovery, of courage and sorrow, of horror and inspiration. It transformed her into one of the great victims and heroes of that tragic day. But there was something very wrong with Tania?s story?a terrible secret that would break the hearts and challenge the faith of all those she claimed to champion.

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Photo of the Day

Julia Holmes wearing a fake wig and her partner Tom Ruttle.

Julia Holmes Scammer…

She looked harmless enough but glamorous granny Julia Holmes was a thief, a fraudster and a jailbird, a con artist, a bigamist, a fantasist, a sweet talking criminal who left a trail of destruction wherever she laid her shonky head.

Julia Holmes, adopted a number of aliases in the course of her life, died alongside Limerick bee-keeper Thomas Ruttle at his family home at Boolaglass outside Askeaton on May 18, 2015.

Their badly decomposed bodies were found by burglars who had broken into the house which they believed was abandoned. Although she used more than 20 or more aliases to cover her tracks, she was on the verge of being found out at the time of their deaths. The couple had not been seen for weeks, and their bodies were discovered by suspected burglars

For over 40 years, Julia Holmes was one of the most accomplished con-artists on both sides of the Atlantic. In Texas, she sold over $500,000 of non-existent land in Ireland and hobnobbed with Vice President Dan Quayle. Deported to Ireland, she set herself up as a ?sports guru? and psychologist and tried to befriend members of both the Irish and English national rugby teams. The woman had gall.

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Photo of the Day

Perhaps most notorious was his stint aboard a Canadian naval vessel during the Korean War. He couldn’t resist posing for a photo after he was eventually unmasked.AP Photo

“The Great Imposter”

In the ultimate example of ?fake it till you make it,? Ferdinand Demara boarded the HMCS?Cayuga, a Canadian Navy destroyer during the Korean War, impersonating a doctor, which was fine until the ship started taking on more serious casualties and Demara was left as the ship?s only ?surgeon?.

Ferdinand Demara, or “the Great Imposter” as he came to be known, has a very impressive resume ? the only thing it lacks is his real name. Under a series of stolen identities Demara worked as a civil engineer, a zoology graduate, a doctor of applied psychology, a monk on two separate occasions (Trappist and Benedictine), an assistant warden at a Texas prison, philosophy dean at a Pennsylvania college, a hospital orderly, a lawyer and a teacher ? among other professions. In 1957, he was described as an “audacious, unschooled, but amazingly intelligent pretender who always wanted to be a Somebody, and succeeded in being a whole raft of Somebody Elses.”

Perhaps his most impressive impersonation came during the Korean War while impersonating a doctor on a Royal Canadian Navy Destroyer. When several Korean combat casualties were brought on board, the responsibility of saving their lives fell to Demara, the ship’s sole “surgeon.” Demara, who allegedly possessed a photographic memory and unusually high IQ, ducked into his quarters with a medical textbook and emerged to save the lives of every single man, including one who required major chest surgery. News of his heroics eventually unmasked him, and the resulting media attention ultimately prevented him from continuing his fraudulent lifestyle. Impersonation is considerably more difficult when the entire country knows your face.

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Science is settled? But what if no one can replicate the experiments?

We are told by politicians that the science is settled with regard to climate change. We are also told by scientists that to criticise them is to provide a chilling effect on science. Some of those scientists even trot off to court to try to silence critics.

However, it appears the science is far from settled…especially when no one can replicate experiments or the claims made in these so-called peer-reviewed papers they submit to journals like Nature.

Science is facing a “reproducibility crisis” where more than two-thirds of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, research suggests.

This is frustrating clinicians and drug developers who want solid foundations of pre-clinical research to build upon.

From his lab at the University of Virginia’s Centre for Open Science, immunologist Dr Tim Errington runs The Reproducibility Project, which attempted to repeat the findings reported in five landmark cancer studies.

“The idea here is to take a bunch of experiments and to try and do the exact same thing to see if we can get the same results.”

You could be forgiven for thinking that should be easy. Experiments are supposed to be replicable.

The authors should have done it themselves before publication, and all you have to do is read the methods section in the paper and follow the instructions.

Sadly nothing, it seems, could be further from the truth. ?

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Rodney Hide on Climate Change

Rodney calls time on the busted flush that is the climate change?industry:

The glaciers are retreating.?The glaciers are retreating.?Humans are cooking the planet!

Hang on, the glaciers are advancing.?They?re advancing.?Humans are cooking the planet!

That?s the conclusion of NIWA and Victoria University scientists in a paper published in Nature Communications this month.?I am summarising their findings.

Here’s the background: at least 58 New Zealand glaciers advanced for the 25 years between 1983 and 2008, with Fox and Franz Josef?glaciers advancing almost continuously during the period.

That advance is neither here nor there in the debate about whether burning fossil fuels is dangerously cooking the planet. ? Read more »

Beggars can’t be choosers, but they can be fraudsters

I bet this ratbag isn’t the only fraud supposedly begging on the streets.

A Hastings beggar was convicted of fraud yesterday after he claimed to be homeless when he was not.

Police confirmed Frank Lovich’s case was heard in the Hastings District Court yesterday. ? Read more »


Get used to wearing orange, fatty

Get used to wearing orange, fatty

Bye, bye Fatty, been a pleasure knowing you, not.

Kim Dotcom can be extradited. Next stop Leavenworth, stainless steel jewellery and an orange boiler suit.

Kim Dotcom and his three co-accused are eligible for extradition to the US, the High Court has ruled in a decision just released.

The US Government has been seeking to extradite Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato to face trial on 13 counts, including allegations of conspiracy to commit racketeering; copyright infringement; money laundering and wire fraud since 2012.

In the High Court finding released today, Justice Murray Gilbert upheld a decision by the District Court that there were grounds for the quartet to be extradited, ? Read more »


Massive climate fraud exposed

I have long held that the ‘science’ isn’t settled and there is, in fact, a large ongoing fraud against all of us with regard to climate change.

Now one of the biggest?frauds has been exposed by a whistle-blower.

The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world?s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America?s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015. ? Read more »

Gifting Circles are actually shaped like a triangle

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck…then it is probably a duck.

Or in this case a pyramid scheme.

The Commerce Commission has received seven complaints about gifting circles in New Zealand, but has not investigated any such groups here, it says.

Gifting ‘circles’ involve women paying thousands of dollars to join a group for friendship and spiritual guidance, and are told their money will grow as the circle does.

Christchurch journalist Anke Richter began looking into the groups after she was invited to join one. ? Read more »