Free Speech

Martyn wakes up in the twilight zone

Over on The Daily Blog, poor old Martyn is feeling a little threatened as he sees through the ‘hate speech’ agenda and wonders about the impact on free speech. He is concerned that he has already been categorised as a heteronormative patriarchal cis-male war criminal. Quote.

So the panel advising the PM on censuring [sic] the internet is an industry spokesperson, a corporate media interest, an angry Twitter rage tech person, a lawyer, a state wonk and someone who used to sing Popera?

And this isn’t a joke?

The feral defense of a panel advising the Prime Minister on censorship of the internet is funny & its Twitter abuse ironic but the issue isn’t who is on the panel, the issue is that there are no civil rights & free speech academics or activists on it!

Tribalism aside you can’t seriously think that’s ok???

This is for advice on one of the most important issues of our time, regulation of social media behemoths who have crowded the public town square with every variation of skinhead, white supremacist, anti-vaxx, and Infowar alt-right hate trolls. End quote.

Martyn, don’t forget the holocaust deniers, Islamic extremists, anti-TERFs, SPLC and other assorted left-leaning haters. Quote.

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Who are the real ‘haters’?

Paul Joseph Watson continues his discussion on the reasons for, and ramifications of, his ban from Facebook. Quote.

If Facebook wants to act like a publisher and not a platform, let it be treated as a publisher. This would mean Facebook being legally liable for everything posted on their website.

It’s my right as a website owner to deny anyone else access to post on that website. But that means I am personally responsible for the content on my website. Facebook wants to have its cake and eat it. Facebook wants to deny access while simultaneously eschewing responsibility. Why should we allow that?

Also, isn’t it an extraordinary coincidence that leftists, notorious for their distrust of big corporations centralizing power and behaving with impunity, suddenly became massive fans of big corporations centralizing power and behaving with impunity when those corporations bought up the new public square and started censoring conservatives?

It’s almost like they aren’t actually liberal, have no actual principles, and are just feverish authoritarians who want to harness the power of corporate behemoths to silence their ideological opposition.

Isn’t it fascinating how leftists demand Christians bake the gay wedding cake under threat of financial decimation while reacting to Facebook refusing to provide a service with the tired old cliche, “It’s a private company, it can do what it likes.” […]

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Facebook success in the hate-speech war

Paul Joseph Watson aka Enemy #1

Paul Joseph Watson, he of the map-backed videos, has been banned from Facebook and its sister platform, Instagram. Paul discusses this on the Human Events site: Quote.

Last week I was permanently banned by Facebook for being a “dangerous person”. I found out about it not through Facebook, which failed to even send me a single email, but through media reports.

They’ve put me in the same category as Louis Farrakhan, a man who compared Jews to termites and once described Adolf Hitler as a “very great man”.

To whom am I a danger, precisely? Mark Zuckerberg?

The Instagram (owned by Facebook) ban was even “funnier” given my page consisted mainly of selfies and videos of myself and my girlfriend feeding ducks. Super dangerous.

But as humorous as it is, I take exception to being defamed as a “dangerous person”.

To whom am I a danger, precisely? Mark Zuckerberg? A billionaire who wants to create a cult out of 2.4 billion people? A creepy oligarch who wants to dictate the thoughts that can be expressed by a third of the earth’s entire population? Who’s the bigger danger?

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White supremacists running wild at Auckland U.

KKK members pose on and around the Ferris wheel in Ca?on City, Colorado, 1926.

Shock! Horror! White supremacists are rampant at Auckland University. How do we know? Because the university’s Students’ Association says so. But the fascist Vice Chancellor is denying it, which of course is proof that it’s true. quote.

Auckland University’s Vice Chancellor maintains students’ claims of a growing white supremacist movement are “utter nonsense” – but admits he doesn’t know the extent of any extremism on campus.

A report into bullying, harassment and discrimination, released by the university’s Students’ Association yesterday, has found some students experience systemic and pervasive hate at the university.

RNZ has spoken to students fearful of a white supremacist movement they say has ramped up in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack.
But Vice Chancellor Professor Stuart McCutcheon said he is yet to see any evidence this is true.

The six-page report was compiled by the students’ association after a meeting last week with about 80 university students and staff to discuss their fears of white supremacy as well as other forms of harassment.
The report found threatening behaviour and white supremacy is widespread across the university, including in halls of residence. It recommends the university establish a working group to stop this and affirm it has zero tolerance for all forms of intimidation.

Prof McCutcheon has committed to doing this. But speaking publicly for the first time after weeks of discontent on campus, he said he is still not convinced white supremacy exists at the university.

“Until I see evidence to the contrary, then I have to form a view about whether widespread white supremacy is actually in existence.

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Face of the day

I love this president so much. Where are all the other Western leaders standing up for and protecting freedom of speech like he is?


Auckland Rally against the UN Migration Pact

Dieuwe de Boer

What Facebook, France & Fascism have in common

The initiative announced today stems from a meeting earlier this year between Zuckerberg (left) and Macron (right) | Christophe Petit Tesson/AFP via Getty Images

The desire to censor and to control the message is what Facebook, France and Fascism all have in common. Rather than address the actual problems that come with Muslim immigration, Sharia law and Islamic terrorism, Facebook and France are collaborating in typical Fascist fashion to silence those citizens who dare to express concern or to complain about the many evils of Islam.

Zuckerberg has been cracking down and banning people who post anti-Muslim comments for several years now while doing nothing about anti-Israel/anti-Christian/anti-American Facebook pages.

First, it was Germany’s Angela Merkel collaborating with Facebook. Now Macron too has decided to silence French citizens instead of protecting them from all the issues and problems that they are wanting to talk about and express their legitimate anger, fear and concerns about. quote.

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Blasphemy law through the backdoor

The European Court of Human Rights has essentially upheld Islamic blasphemy laws and have taken away an Austrian woman’s right to freedom of speech. They have criminalised her fact-based suggestion that the Prophet Muhammad was a paedophile because he had a six-year-old wife. The court ruled that they had the right to restrict her free speech because of how many Muslims would react to her words. The court fined her and unbelievably called her statement ?wrong and offensive, even if Muhammad had married a six-year-old and had intercourse with her when she had been nine.?

So what was the backdoor way in which the European court justified imposing an Islamic blasphemy law (the Sharia) on a woman who had thought that she lived in a democratic and free country? quote.

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The free speech showdown at Otago University

University Thought Police

A student at Otago University?has claimed that he was harassed?by Campus Watch. An article in the University magazine Critic described the student as an “Alt-right activist” and stated that the magazine was?“perfectly happy to let them fight it out”

Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle said that he had put up a number of posters that promoted videos made by Lauren Southern. Apparently, students who didn’t like Lauren Southern’s opinions, graffitied tore down or covered up the posters.

Eventually, Malcolm decided to video a fellow student who was busy defacing one of his posters and it turned into an?interview with two people who had both been involved in trying to censor him.

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Faces of the day

“CRAZY ol Val gets down and dirty with poop”
Valerie Morse Auckland Peace Action

Remember Crazy old Val? Here she is protesting outside the Nigel Farage event along with the impressionable and easily led youngsters who apparently make up her Auckland Peace Action activist group.

She yelled at people entering the event that they were “fascists” and got in front of them and took photos of them. I assume that it was an attempt to intimidate them and treat them as if they were doing something criminal and shameful.

Anti-free speech activist Valerie Morse harassed people entering the Nige Farage event and tried to intimidate them by taking their photos as if they were doing something criminal and shameful.

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