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European Court of Human Rights rules against school pool segregation of Muslims

In Auckland at the Mount Roskill public Cameron pool a segregated, religious swimming programme is funded by the ratepayers. The rationale behind offering it to Muslim women is that it will help them to integrate into our culture and society according to the New Zealand Herald article on the subject. The European Court of Human rights does not share this belief, in fact, they have outlawed segregation of Muslim students at school as they see it as preventing integration.

Our own New Zealand Human Rights Commission has been silent on the subject and the Auckland Council has denied that the ratepayer-funded religious segregation even exists.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day, Alison Bevege, has my admiration. She is an Australian journalist who has stood up for Australian women’s rights against a global Islamic political party and won. Some may not think what she has achieved is a big deal but she has had a legal line drawn between freedom of religion in private versus freedom of the individual in public. Islam can continue to discriminate against women in Australia inside their mosques but this court case has made it clear that they cannot treat women that way inside public venues.

Controversial Islamic group?Hizb ut-Tahrir has been ordered to stop forcibly?segregating men and women at its public events after a?NSW tribunal found the practice constituted sexual discrimination.

Former NT News journalist Alison Bevege sued the organisation and five?of its members?for sexual discrimination?after she was forced to sit in a?designated women’s and children’s section at a public lecture hosted by the group on?October 10, 2014.

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Should democracy have restrictions?


It is a very interesting debate. My Dad always said that Democracy planted the seeds of its own demise because it allows freedom of religion and freedom of speech. By allowing all views we allow views that are anti-democracy and therefore leave our democracy vulnerable to destruction.

On Kiwi Blog there has been a great debate about immediately restricting Muslim immigration in order to try to keep the population that follows Islam under 2%. Islam is a complete political system dressed up in religious clothing that unlike other religions poses a serious threat to our political system once the numbers are high enough to cause change. Ironically Muslims in Western countries are very good at using the freedom they find there to agitiate for Sharia law and an Islamic State.

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Muslim woman didn’t experience radical Islam until she moved to Sweden

Mona Walter har s?kt jobb i Fr?lunda och Backa f?r att f? lite h?gre l?n. "Ju l?ngre bort fr?n stadsk?rnan du kommer, desto mer f?r du", s?ger hon. Bild: Per Wahlberg - See more at:

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Mona Walter is on a mission. Her mission is for more Muslims to know what is in the Koran. She says if more Muslims knew what was in the Koran, more would leave Islam.

When we in the West hear about someone who has moved to the West from a non western nation who says they grew up Muslim, we assume that means that they were brought up Muslim. For some Muslims considering themselves Muslim is about a culture they grew up in not an actual religion in the way we understand it. When I say I grew up Catholic that means I was brought up Catholic. My Mum took me to church. I read the bible. I went to a Catholic school. I was taught about the religion.

Mona Walter’s story is very interesting because she grew up Muslim but actually knew nothing about what was in the Qu’ran. She didn’t even know who Muhammad was. She had grown up in a Muslim ‘culture’ but was ignorant of what the religion/ideology actually was all about. She is not alone in this and it is a mistake to assume that all people who call themselves Muslim are actually knowledgeable about their religion.

Ironically it was not until Mona arrived in Sweden that she felt the full restrictive effects of Islam and learned what being Muslim is really all about.

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Christian & Muslim Refuse to do Their Jobs, Only One is Behind Bars


Christian, Kim Davis on the left. Muslim, Charee Stanley on the right.

?I don?t think that I should have to choose between practicing my religion properly or earning a living. I shouldn?t have to choose between one or the other because they?re both important.?

-Charee Stanley

As I read both these news stories in my facebook feed I thought that I should do a post comparing them. Seconds after the thought raced through my head another article popped up on my facebook feed where someone else had already beaten me to it!

Whether or not you think that people should have freedom of religion in their jobs one thing is abundantly clear. If Muslims are allowed to refuse to do things that are part of their jobs without being put in jail or fired then the same should apply to Christians or any other religion. Alternatively if there is no place for religious beliefs on the job then that must apply accross the board to every religion consistently not just to Christians.

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