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We often write on Whaleoil about how freedom of speech is under threat in the UK, with people getting arrested by the police for liking or sharing a post on social media that someone found offensive.

Not so long ago we posted a video of an Englishman in the UK being removed from a sporting event for proudly wearing a jacket with the Union Jack on it. English cup fans have been told that they are not allowed to bring and wave their Union Jack flags at sporting events because England’s head of football policing Mark Roberts warned that the flag could be seen as ?imperialistic? and would upset foreigners.

You might want to believe that what is happening in the UK would never happen here, but you would be wrong. For those of you who want to pretend that everything is fine, now is the time to hide your heads under the blankets, put your fingers in your ears and start humming.

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Stuff readers disagree with Stuff stance

He is not really Hitler of course (we apologise for the left-wing-style label), but you get the joke, don’t you Stuff?

As has been well publicised here, here, herehere, here, here and here the Stuff and Nonsense editorial team led by Patrick Crewdson have decided that they know best, they are right and anybody who does not agree with them is banned from saying so.  (Isn’t freedom of speech a wonderful thing?)

Stuff and Nonsense have bought into the lie that ?the science is settled?, anthropomorphic global warming is a thing, CO2 is evil and the IPCC is the source of all truth.

However, in a surprising opinion piece, Damien Grant ventured to suggest that the Greens may be heading in the wrong direction.  He cleverly got this piece past the Stuff and Nonsense censors by stating. ?It leaves people like me, who believe in anthropomorphic [sic] global warming …?, thus making him an acceptable ?good guy?.

However, Damien went on to lambaste the Greens’ approach and policy. Quote.

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The free speech showdown at Otago University

University Thought Police

A student at Otago University?has claimed that he was harassed?by Campus Watch. An article in the University magazine Critic described the student as an “Alt-right activist” and stated that the magazine was?“perfectly happy to let them fight it out”

Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle said that he had put up a number of posters that promoted videos made by Lauren Southern. Apparently, students who didn’t like Lauren Southern’s opinions, graffitied tore down or covered up the posters.

Eventually, Malcolm decided to video a fellow student who was busy defacing one of his posters and it turned into an?interview with two people who had both been involved in trying to censor him.

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Free speech to be corrected on YouTube

It was way back in 1949 when George Orwell penned Nineteen Eighty-Four?with the Thought Police (Thinkpol) whose role is to discover and punish thoughtcrime, personal and political thoughts unapproved by the Party.

We may be 34 years late but the Thinkpol (a.k.a Google owned YouTube) have rolled out technology via the omnipresent surveillance (telescreens, microphones, informers a.k.a. computers, tablets, smartphone, links, trackers etc) to search for and find, monitor and correct the thinking of all citizens of Oceania who would commit thoughtcrime by challenging the status quo authority of the liberal left.

According to the MailOnline,?YouTube will now place Wikipedia entries about global warming below videos ‘refuting evidence of rising temperatures’.?YouTube will add snippets of ‘factual’ information on selected video clips such as those questioning climate change, thus reducing ‘misinformation’ and conspiracy theories on the site. Quote. Read more »

Bombs & shots fired: An article by Not Jan Thomas

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas Photo credit: Massey university.
Digital image credit: Pixy

My name is Not Jan Thomas?and I have been proven right as this report in a completely non-biased newspaper proves. Quote.

Quote:Protesters made their mark at a free speech debate when former National party leader Don Brash took to the stage to defend the right to freedom of expression.
Almost 600 people packed out a lecture theatre at Auckland University to debate whether the politically correct culture had gone to the point of limiting freedom of speech, with speakers facing plenty of heckling from both sides.End of quote.

Witnesses report shots being fired and bombs going off. Hundreds of students were injured and Brash was riddled with bullets.(Okay, perhaps no gunfire and Don Brash wasn’t actually injured.) but you know, it could have happened and I’m sure there was plenty of spittle. Quote.
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Marama Davidson connects the European student clubs to bigotry, hate, Brexit and Trump


Yesterday we looked at the convoluted assumptions that both the MSM and anti-fascist groups make when they link one thing to another without any evidence. Yesterday it was the Pepe the frog cartoon that Winston Peters signed that the Media immediately linked to racism. They condemned Peters for signing it.

Now we have Green MP Marama Davidson making totally unfounded connections between European student clubs in New Zealand and unrelated issues like Brexit and President Trump. She also appears to not support?freedom of speech unless it is used to promote the culture that she supports. I have attempted to create a diagram to try to explain her convoluted thinking but first, here is the article.

Green MP Marama Davidson says freedom of speech should not be seen as a licence to promote prejudice and hate.

An organisation calling itself the European Students Association was refused permission to run a stall at the Auckland University orientaiton, but has shifted its activities across the road to AUT University.

Ms Davidson says such groups claim free speech in a way that demonstrates how some people’s free speech can be privileged over the rights of others.

It’s part of a trend of racism and bigotry.

“The international environment for it has come about because of things like Brexit, because of things like Trump being elected. I think it has also become more popular for people to be able to stand on their bigoted bigoted racist views,” she says.

Marama Davidson says people should have no hesitation in speaking out against racist groups.

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Canadians from Iran and Pakistan don’t support Canadian Blasphemy law

ISO do not want free speech on New Zealand educational campuses


The recent creation of two European student culture groups has brought all the anti-free speech worms out of the woodwork. The ISO (International Socialism Organisation of?Aotearoa /New Zealand) had this to say about students wanting to celebrate European culture.

Keep the ?European Students Association? off Auckland University?campus!

So Trumpism has hit New Zealand shores. A group calling itself the ?European Students Association? is trying to set itself up at the University of Auckland. The group?s website is covered in all the usual muck of the far right, with slogans echoing SS phrases from Nazi Germany and weasley phrases about ?European culture?.

This is a clear provocation, and it is heartening to see how students have responded. The Auckland University Students Association is speaking out against the group, and students are planning a protest against the presence of these creeps organizing on campus. We salute AUSA?s stand, and urge all students and staff to join the protest. (Facebook page details are here).

At the very best the European Students Association is a piece of post-Trump trolling, stirring the pot of antagonism. At its worst it is a genuine far-right organization attempting to gain a foothold on campus. Either way it needs to be opposed. We say: no space for fascism! Stand up to racism and bigotry!

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UCLA professor says students blocked from taking his class