Do it Twitter, I Double Dare you

Twitter has said that it will remove Trump from the social platform if he becomes too ” unruly. ” Their stance is not unsurprising given their ongoing campaign of censorship of conservative voices which has created an exodus to Gab. Trump’s campaign team have credited their social media campaign with helping them win the election so it is not surprising that the left-leaning business would now look for any possible excuse to take away Trump’s communication with his massive following.


Trump?s Twitter account now has 16.2 million followers, and his Facebook account has 15.6 million likes. His Instagram account has 4.2 million followers. Between the three, that?s 36 million people his personal social media accounts reach.

?The success to our social media platforms comes directly from then-candidate, and now President-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump,? Scavino told?Breitbart News. ?It is all Mr. Trump and his messaging. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram platforms, Mr. Trump is directly involved with our social media messaging. He loves communicating with the American people, and he loves seeing what is going out.?

Scavino informed?Breitbart News that there was not some boardroom of political consultants pre-testing talking points for tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts before they went out. It was him, Trump and his iPhone, that led the way in making this happen.

?Our social media platforms?and the way they were operated?is without question, historic,? Scavino said. ?It has never been seen before, and it will never be seen again. We didn?t have a massive team?just a few of us working on all of his social platforms. We did not have videographers, producers, or social media managers responsible for handling each platform.

…That occasionally led to some criticism of some of the posts, but Trump?s victory on November 8 speaks for itself.

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Twitter is looking down the wrong end of the telescope

Confused, looking into the wrong end of a telescope. This is a genuine 19th-century naval leather-and-brass instrument. Camera: Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.

Confused, looking into the wrong end of a telescope.

Do you know how to catch an elephant? You need a telescope, a matchbox and a pair of tweezers. As soon as you see the elephant pick up the telescope and look at the elephant through the wrong end. Then using the tweezers carefully pick up the elephant and put it inside the matchbox.

Twitter thinks it can tackle a large problem by changing how it views it but the more Twitter censors its users and clamps down on so-called hate speech the more ineffective and one-sided they become. Almost anything can be flagged as offensive or disrespectful as anybody can choose to be offended by anything. Likewise, the ?recent changes that allow users to report anyone who directs hate against a race, religion, gender or orientation ?can easily be used to shut down fact-based criticism by labeling it hate. The more rules they add the bigger the problem becomes ?and the harder it becomes to police it. The problem is already insurmountable as they simply do not have enough staff to handle the volume of complaints.

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Roundup of Gabs about president-elect Donald Trump

If you are not already on Gab sign up now. Twitter is on the way out and Gab is growing rapidly. Unlike other social media Gab puts the power into your hands. You the user decide what you want to read and what you want to write. The power to censor is in your hands. It is one of the few places on the internet where you can experience almost unlimited free speech. The rules you have to follow are very simple.

No illegal pornography, a zero tolerance policy for promoting terrorism or violence, and users are not allowed to post other?s confidential information without their consent.

-Andrew Torba Gab CEO

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Disgusting Journalist deliberately puts Pamela Geller’s life in danger

This is the face of journalist Cathy Young who put Pamela Gellers life in danger

This is the face of journalist Cathy Young who put Pamela Geller’s life in danger

Pamela Geller has an ISIS fatwa on her head and was also included on an SPLF?hit list . Journalist Cathy Young chose to publish Pamela Geller’s?location despite being well aware of the many death threats against her. Luckily for Pamela, she got her location wrong ?but she had no good reason to publish her address in the first place. The question has to be asked. Does she want ISIS to kill Pamela Geller?

Pamela Geller is furious and I don’t blame her one little bit.

Here?s the good news: neither you nor I were born Cathy Young.

Here?s the good news: neither you nor I have to wake up every day as Cathy Young.

Here?s the good news: neither you nor I have to lead Cathy Young?s miserable, pathetic life.

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Gabs of the week






Some wickedly funny, Hillary themed Gabs

If you don’t get that joke then you obviously haven’t heard about this guy.


If you don’t get this joke then you obviously haven’t watched this movie.

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Desperate Twitter tries to imitate Gab

As most of you already know I am on Gab now as @spanishbride and I only visit twitter to encourage others to jump ship as I have. Gab seems to have timed its entrance into the world of social media brilliantly.Twitter is failing and no one wants to buy it while Gab is growing rapidly. Twitter in a last ditch attempt to save its failing brand is attempting to copy the success of Gab by?investigating the feature that sets Gab apart from all other social media. The ability to self-censor.

Dallas, Texas Today at Gab AI Inc, a people first pro-free speech social network, we were particularly amused to discover that our competitor at Twitter is tinkering around with the concept of user-controlled self-censorship???a tool that has been the staple of our platform, since its inception from the beginning of August.

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Gab of the day


Face of the day


Gab is a new social media site that has the potential to be game changer because of its commitment to freedom of speech.

Anyone who is searching for a space to communicate freely online is welcome on Gab.

We aren?t out to build an echo-chamber, but would rather welcome and embrace open, honest, and authentic discourse on the Internet.

So how is Gab different from X, Y, and Z social networks?

?The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.????Tommy Smothers

Gab will empower users to self-censor and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they don?t want to see in their feeds. Self-censorship is the only true form of individual liberty and free speech online in an era of corporate-sponsored, politically manipulated, and ever-changing algorithms that are driving our social feeds.
…Gab will use artificial intelligence to help surface breaking news and trending gabs, offer on-demand information resources to users through Gab chatbots, and flag NSFW content for review.
Gab will offer users the ability to reward content creators. In other words: we want to help you monetize the content you work hard to create.

…People who use Gab will have the tools they need to customize their feed experience, monetize their content, and speak freely without fear of being suspended for some arbitrary unknown reason.

New Free Speech Platform to replace Twitter