Gareth Hughes

Explore, suck it out, and sell sell sell


Spending more than $110,000 of taxpayers’ money to try and attract big oil companies that have already turned their back on mining in New Zealand is a “total waste of money”, Green MP Gareth Hughes says.

Figures sent to Hughes by Energy Minister Judith Collins reveal $111,331 was spent by the Government on marketing and promotions for the most recent block offer for oil exploration last year.

Of that figure, $42,000 was spent on overseas travel, $3200 on local travel and the rest on marketing.

Hughes said given only one permit was awarded in Block 2016 to New Zealand company, Todd Energy, it defied belief that so much money would be spent on attracting offshore companies.

Interesting to see the Green party arguing that it is the lack of return on investment that should see us back out. ?That’s as unique as it’s deceitful. ?? Read more »

I have a solution, he can live with Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes is being vocal over the housing arrangements of?Ashley Peacock.

It has cost the public healthcare system about?$750,000 in the past year to manage Ashley Peacock, an autistic man whose isolation?has sparked?human rights concerns.

The Capital &?Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) confirmed the spending before a parliamentary health select committee on Wednesday.

Peacock, who is a compulsory patient under the Mental Health Act, is an intellectually disabled, autistic?and?mentally ill man who has spent the past five years in at a?Porirua facility, spending up to 23 hours a day in his isolation wing.

Agencies, including the?Human Rights Commission, have raised concerns about his treatment, with the United Nations funding its review of the use of seclusion in New Zealand.

CCDHB chief executive Debbie Chin confirmed the board shouldered most of the cost of Peacock’s care, with Tairawhiti DHB contributing?$183,000.

Horrendous costs, but what are the alternatives?

Green MP Gareth Hughes asked clinician Susanna?Every-Palmer about Peacock spending the past five?years in isolation.

“There has been a bit of a narrative about this, and it’s simply not true,” she replied.

“He is not in isolation. He is not in seclusion, and I think we have to be aware of that because a lot of the commentary has focused on that.”

So the media and opposition MPs have over cooked this issue?

Every-Palmer, who is not Peacock’s doctor, but has worked with his family and carers, said he was a “high-risk” patient with?complex needs.

A pathway to?community care?was a “goal” ??but that?transition?would have to factor in his own, and the public’s safety, Every-Palmer said.

The DHB’s written response to the Greens’ select committee questions outlined that its reasons for continuing to hold him as an inpatient under the Mental Health Act was because his psychotic illness was resistant to treatment, and he was assessed as being at a very high risk of harm to others.

But Gareth Hughes is pushing for him to be released.

While the costs are incredible it is obvious that this bloke is a real danger to society.

So, not one to complain without proposing a solution, I have a solution.

He can live with Gareth Hughes…or the judge who releases him.

I think that would be a great law change to make, the person who advocates for his release gets to live with him…same with judges releasing scumbags on bail…bail them to the judges house.

I think we’d find the issues quietly die.


– Fairfax

Greens want to cancel Dirty, DIRTY gas power plant

Time is running out for the Government to decide whether people will get a say on Nova Energy?s proposal to build a large gas-fired power plant in south Waikato with significant impacts on the environment and climate change, the Green Party said today.

“The Government should ?call in? Nova?s application to build a new gas-fired power plant as a matter of national significance so everyone gets to have a say, because it will affect New Zealand?s commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement,” said Green Party energy and resources spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

“New Zealand has committed to reducing our climate pollution under the Paris Climate Agreement, so it would be ridiculous to allow big new sources of climate pollution to be built.

“It would be a massive failure of policy and leadership to allow a new power plant that could emit an estimated 425,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution a year and dismiss its impacts on the climate.

“Almost 3000 people have signed a petition asking Nick Smith to show leadership about this power station.

“The Resource Management Act says that whether a project is relevant to New Zealand?s international obligations to the global environment – like the Paris Climate Agreement – is a factor in deciding if it?s a matter of national significance that can be ?called in?.

This dirty power plant could need another 17,000 trees planted to suck up all the CO2 pollution it could spew out.

17,000 trees. ? To combat the DIRTY power plant. Read more »

Twitter followers does NOT equal votes

Gareth Hughes is celebrating making it to 13,000 followers on Twitter.

Yet another politician who has yet to grasp that your number of Twitter followers does NOT equal the number of votes that you will get.

In fact a check of the records for Gareth Hughes shows that he has got more followers than votes he has ever gained in any election. ? Read more »

Useless Green MP wants Red Peak, still

Gareth Hughes is the one of the biggest wastes of space in the parliament, and he has some serious competition.

But his latest outburst about that stupid Red Peak flag that came a very distant third in the recent referendum is just ridiculous.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes is refusing to fly the Red Peak flag at half mast just yet.

The Red Peak placed third in yesterday’s first referendum preliminary results.

This means it has little chance of going up against the existing national flag in the second voting round in March.

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MP Expenses – A comparison between two MPs and a hippycrite

Gareth Hughes

The Media Party are going for the headlines in who spent the most where…but they are missing the comparisons when it comes to MP expenses.

Sure it makes for great headlines that Tim Groser had his sleeves shortened, or Gerry Brownlee staying in a hotel that cost $2100 a night. Most of those expenses are in the course of trade related visits. They certainly aren’t in the league of Clayton Cosgrove miraculously losing three items of luggage and having to get new suits each time. Whilst he might be the world’s most unluckiest Business Class traveller where they managed to lose priority luggage several times he certainly didn’t need to trough it up and get new suits…luggage turns up eventually.

However if you look at comparisons between similar MPs you get to see where the real troughing is.

Take National’s List and Wellington based MP Chris Bishop. Now I’m no big fan of Chris Bishop, but look at his expenses for the 91 days between 1 July and 30 September 2015.

His out of Wellington accommodation is $889 and his air travel is $4333 and his land travel costs were $2813 for a total of $8,036. This is $88 a day for accomodation and travel.

Sounds large, but let’s look at some other Wellington based MPs. ? Read more »

The hypocrisy and sanctimony of the James Shaw and the Greens

Yesterday the Green Party and their lap-bloggers made a big deal about Judith Collins being the brand ambassador for Southern Autos and their French cars.

James Shaw said this:

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said while it might be legal, it doesn’t mean it’s “tasteful”.

He said MPs often get behind products, for example he said he supports electric cars, but he would not sign a deal to become a brand ambassador.

“I would describe that as a step too far,” he said. “You shouldn’t be using the weight of your office to formally sell for commercial enterprises. It just seems really out of order.”

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Hundreds of Wellingtonians are expected to turn out today, to protest against the government’s lack of action on climate change.

And the Green Party’s pitching in behind a Wellington campaign to raise awareness about rising sea levels.

Green MP Gareth Hughes says many parts of the capital will be washed out if action isn’t taken now.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of the serious issue of climate change, which scientists, international governments and the UN are urging action for, so we want to raise the profile of a very serious issue.”

Rising sea levels are placing a significant strain on infrastructure around Wellington.

Hundreds of Wellingtonians are expected. ?That means 99.99% don’t give a whatsit.

So what sort of sea level rise is Wellington expecting? ? Luckily, Tonkin & Taylor were paid to write a report for the Wellington City Council, in which they, and I quote, selected “five reasonable scenarios” for sea level rises. ? Read more »

Oh look, the Green Taliban are allowing Gareth Hughes back out to play

Shocking stuff. ?3.8% rise in power costs, and the government must step in?

If that?s the threshold, can Aucklanders please have first dibs on someone ?in the government? sorting out the 9.9% rates rises?

Household electricity prices have increased nearly 4 per cent in the past year, Government figures show.

Opposition parties said the rise beyond inflation showed shareholders in the privatised energy companies were cashing in at the expense of bill payers.

According to the Energy in New Zealand 2015 report, residential prices rose significantly more than the 0.1 per cent inflation incurred in the past year.

“The sales-based residential electricity cost for the March year 2015 rose 3.8 per cent in nominal terms on the March year 2014.”

Increased transmission and distribution charges was one of the main reasons for the increase, the report said. ?? Read more »

X-Factor Green Co-Penis marches on

The PM’s hair pulling and Gallipoli really have broadsided the Green Taliban’s plans to get some good news about their party into the media.

Here are some media bites to let you know how their individual races towards achieving co-penis status is going.

Gareth Hughes says the Green Party’s ready for a new generation in to be leaders in parliament.

Mr Hughes doesn’t agree with naysayers who think he’s too young.

“Some people, very few are judging me on my looks and what are being described as boyish good looks.

“But the fact is I’m in my third term of Parliament now, I’ve been an MP for five years – I’ve had significant wins over the course of the time.”

On the defensive. ?Explaining is losing. ?Don’t address your weak points, emphasise your strengths. ? Score: ?1/10. ? Co-penis chance: ?17% Read more »