Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan should be ashamed: North Korean girl tells world the truth

Gareth Morgan visited North Korea and came back to New Zealand singing its praises.
This young girl who escaped North Korea tearfully tells the world what it is really like to live there.

Gareth should stick to killing cats

Gareth Morgan should stick to killing cats, but somehow I bet he’s never killed a single one and his campaign is just like everything else he does and is just slogans.

He’s decided to wade into the water debate. As usual starts off good then he goes off on a Maori rant.

Around New Zealand today there will be protests about fresh water. And rightly so, our once wonderful rivers and lakes are now degraded, particularly in lowland areas. To add insult to injury, businesses are allowed to take what little pure water is left in our aquifers and export it for profit. The only cost they face is getting the consent.

The man is an idiot. He makes it sound like the only clean water left is being taken offshore. ?? Read more »

A fantastic opportunity for the Opportunities Party on Trademe


Gareth Morgan’s party TOP (The Opportunities Party) missed out on the opportunity to secure all its possible Domain names but luckily someone secured them for them. On the advertisement it says,

Imagine the fun with these domains!” and somehow I don’t think the seller is directing that comment towards Gareth Morgan. Certainly, this trademe ad is a fantastic opportunity for Gareth Morgan to buy all the domains he needs for his new party this election. It is also an opportunity for someone to have a lot of fun. Imagine the opportunity for political mischief.

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Liam Hehir on small party failure

Gareth Morgan

Liam Hehir writes about the fate of third parties and Gareth Morgan’s TOP.

The Opportunities Party (or TOP) hit a milestone last week when it was registered as an official political party with the Electoral Commission.

With more than 2000 members, party founder Gareth Morgan has reason to be pleased. Those membership numbers almost certainly exceed those of a number of parties holding seats in Parliament.

Nevertheless, unless something dramatic happens, there is almost no chance that TOP candidates will become MPs following the general election. Last month’s Mount Albert by-election, which TOP contested, underlines just how difficult it is for new parties to elbow their way to a seat at the table.

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Go and sell that to the oldies and see how you get on, Gareth

I’m fast coming to the conclusion that Gareth Morgan is a dead set eff-wit.

The interesting thing is he seems hell bent on proving it to all?New Zealand.

Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan says he doesn’t support raising the age of superannuation, but he does want means-testing to restrict higher-income earners who don’t need it.

He also told The Nation under his policy everyone would get a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $10,000 a year, paid for by slashing current super entitlements. ? Read more »

If you need one reason not to vote for Gareth Morgan’s party – this is it

Gareth Morgan’s The Opportunities Party would ban subsidies on fossil fuels, increase the price of carbon and overhaul energy efficiency efforts under a climate change policy launched this evening.

The party argues that New Zealand needs a plan to get to zero-carbon economy by the middle of the century, at a time when the country still emits around 7.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person – much higher than the world average of 4.9 tonnes.

“Climate change isn’t going away, and New Zealand needs to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” said the party’s chief of staff, Geoff Simmons.

“Currently we don’t even have a plan.

“TOP’s plan is to have a proper price on carbon, one that reflects the challenge of meeting our 2030 and 2050 targets.”

Man-made climate change is one of the bigger scams foisted upon us by corrupt scientists and willing politicians. ?Nothing that has been predicted has come to pass. ?Nothing!

And on that basis, Gareth wants us all to chase pointless targets at a huge cost to our economy and personal wealth. ? Read more »

Just what we need, another rich political retard trying to buy his way into parliament

Just what we need, another rich political retard trying to buy his way into parliament.

It certainly looks like Gareth Morgan is actually dumb enough to put his popularity to the test.

Gareth Morgan’s new political party has been officially registered by the Electoral Commission.

Morgan launched The Opportunities Party (Top) last year and after signing up more than 2000 financial members applied for registration in January. ? Read more »

No bicameral Parliament for us, says Mr Speaker

Credit: Woolf Photography via

Speaker of the House David Carter is in?Australia on a little fact finding tour to discover why not to have a parliamentary system like they do.

Mr Carter and parliamentary clerk David Wilson are in Canberra this week and on Monday observed a Senate estimates hearing.

During the hearing Senate President Stephen Parry indicated an interest in New Zealand parliamentary reform.

“This could be the road back to them getting a bicameral system – let’s hope this works,” Senator Parry said. Read more »

Does Gareth Morgan really believe in evidence-based policy

Gareth Morgan states that he is unlike other political parties?and that their policies are evidence-based.

Once we have a clear idea of the problem, we can look at opportunities to resolve it. What does the theory suggest? What does the evidence suggest? What have we tried in the past, and how did that work? What have they tried overseas, and how well did that work?

Of course there is evidence and there is evidence. Some evidence is high quality, and priority should always be given to that. Establishment governments here and overseas often don?t want to monitor and evaluate policy because they don?t want to know if it hasn?t worked. Sometimes an idea is new or novel, and hasn?t been tried elsewhere. As a result, sometimes there isn?t much evidence around on a particular topic. However, lack of high quality evidence shouldn?t always be a barrier to action. Overall, we have to make a judgement based on the best available evidence at the time, which is where values come into play.

Establishment parties often twist the question of evidence to their political advantage. Look at the issue of obesity, where the Government has announced a ?22 point plan? to deal with the problem. They say there is no evidence that junk food taxes work, yet there is more evidence for the use of junk food taxes and restrictions on advertising to children than there is for any of the policies in their ?22 point plan?.

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Remarkable that an economist doesn’t believe in measuring progress

Economist Gareth Morgan’s political party has school testing in its sights, pledging to tackle New Zealand’s “obsession with ranking our children” by slashing the use of National Standards and the NCEA system.

Morgan’s The Opportunities Party has also pledged to introduce free, universal full-time early childhood education (ECE) in its newly released education policy.

While New Zealand had performed well in international education surveys, Morgan said the country had started to fall behind in recent years.

Oooooooooooh. Taking on the education unions. ?Good luck with that.

So, “the country had started to fall behind in recent years”. ?How do we know this? ?By measuring progress. ? Read more »