Why Transgender not gay?

This video gives a very interesting insight into the mind of one transgender student. He used to think that he was gay and he didn’t like being gay because being gay meant that he was bullied and made to feel not normal. In contrast, he now thinks that by being transgender he is now normal and accepted so it is so much better than being gay. Even his mother said that he is not a gay boy who is attracted to boys he is a heterosexual girl who is attracted to boys.

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Photo of the Day

An aerial view of Neuschwanstein Castle, near F?ssen, Bavaria, seen on July 1, 2007. The castle was completed in 1886, and was opened to the public only seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II. Ludwig himself was only able to live in the castle for a total of 172 days. Joerg Koch/AFP/Getty Images

?Mad? King Ludwig II

He was gay, wildly eccentric and built fairytale castles that today rate as Germany’s leading tourist attractions ? but more than a century ago “Mad King” Ludwig II of Bavaria was declared insane, deposed and three days later his corpse was found floating in a lake south of Munich.

Even before he died, the king had already become something of a legend.?“I want?to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others,? Ludwig once told his governess, and it is this mysterious element that still fascinates people today.

People have long believed that Bavarian King Ludwig II, the man responsible for building the famous castle of Neuschwanstein, was mentally ill. Indeed, he was dethroned for that very reason. But a recent study casts doubt on that diagnosis.

?Mad? King Ludwig II of Bavaria is an alluring and enigmatic figure. This crazed king was responsible for building some of the most impressive castles in Europe.

The reason that the ?Fairytale King? is so interesting is as he?s surrounded in real mystery. There are so many unanswered questions about the life of King Ludwig.

  • Was he murdered, or did he commit suicide?
  • Why was he obsessed with Medieval fantasy and fairytales?
  • What was his relationship with Wagner?
  • What inspired his phenomenal array of fairytale castles (including Neuschwanstein)?
  • Finally (and perhaps most importantly!) was ?Mad? King Ludwig actually insane ? or was he merely eccentric, and branded ?mad? by those who wished to bring him down?

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The real cost of powering electric cars. Who is going to pay, the user? If so who will buy them?

The Daily Mail reports on some inconvenient truths for gay electric car owners…it isn’t as green as you think it is.

Britain could need up to 20 more nuclear power stations should the electric car replace the petrol engine.

Research by Transport for London suggests a switch to an all-electric fleet in the city would cause a ‘massive strain’ on the network due to the amount of power needed to recharge vehicles’ batteries.

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Are you Homophobic? Take the test UPDATED



Cam hates the word homophobia because no one is actually scared of a gay person because they are gay. They may not agree with their lifestyle or understand why they are attracted to the same sex but they are certainly not afraid of them which is what a phobia is.

Of course when Cam expresses that opinion people often assume that he is ” homophobic.” The disorder that Cam, myself and both our now adult children suffer from is pedanticism.?We don’t like words that we believe are inaccurate. We do however all share the same sense of humour and Cam always responds to accusations of homophobia with the same statement…

” Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

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Face of the day

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.08.37 pm

German feminists say they prefer migrant “rapists” to “racists”.

Today’s face of the day is a German feminist. I have no words…

UPDATE: Turns out the correct translation is, ” Will trade Racists for Refugees.”

The radical left in Germany has adopted a policy of ?diversity at all costs.?? This has proven hard to justify when you have male refugees running around raping and molesting young women.

One German feminist, however, had no problem with that fact.

A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: ?diversity is more important than your security.?

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Why would you hide your sexuality?

New Zealand has moved a long, long way since the early?eighties when politicians hid their sexuality, and?homosexual acts were illegal.

These days when someone famous comes out the comment is met with a big arm stretching YAWN and ?who cares??with a bit of?mild pity for someone who hid the way?they were born for years.

What is worse is that even in a parliament where the population of gays is far higher than the rest of society certain people cannot bring themselves to be honest about their sexuality.

This is a crying shame and they deserve our sympathy for what must be a difficult decision.? Read more »

Faggot, queer, poof, gay, rainbow

Jess McAllen reports on some bar owners caving in to a bit of pressure.

Faggot, queer, poof: words which evoke emotions, negative memories and often result in personal reactions.

The process of reclaiming words can create power and a way out of the struggle from which they are born, but it is no easy task as Auckland gay bar Poof has found out.

The boutique bar is changing its name to Pop next week following complaints from the public.

Three months ago it opened on Ponsonby Rd to mixed opinion, with d?cor based on pop-comic books of the 1950s and 60s and designed to reflect the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Wayne Clark, the long-time owner of Family bar, created Poof as a cheeky wordplay in regards to the “Batman and Robin theme” of the bar.

“?Poof’ to me is a word that means fun and vibrant and sums up pop art perfectly.”

Exactly. ?Like Blam! and Kapow! ? Why did he cave in to the pressure? ? Read more »


Support for Duck Dynasty star from Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia would be the last person I would have expected to support Phil Robertson, being openly gay and a militant feminist…but she has more integrity than many other and calling the ban for what it is….Stalinist.

The suspension of Phil Robertson from A&E?s Duck Dynasty is outrageous in a nation that values freedom, according to social critic and openly gay, dissident feminist Camille Paglia.

?I speak with authority here, because I was openly gay before the ?Stonewall rebellion,? when it cost you something to be so. And I personally feel as a libertarian that people have the right to free thought and free speech,? Paglia, a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, said on Laura Ingraham?s?radio show?Thursday.

?In a democratic country, people have the right to be homophobic as well as they have the right to support homosexuality ? as I one hundred percent do. If people are basing their views against gays on the Bible, again they have a right of religious freedom there,? she added. ? Read more »

Turns out, we’ve been imagining most of those gay hordes coming to corrupt society

Fascinating to discover that American people have imagined this whole “gay problem” to be much bigger than it really is. ?I ?wonder if this would be reflected in New Zealand as well?

Americans surveyed in 2011 substantially overestimated the proportion of Americans identifying as homosexual. Where most estimates reckon about 3.5% of the population are homosexual, Americans surveyed thought that somewhere between 20-25% of the population are gay or lesbian.

Some candidate hypotheses for the overestimation:

  1. Availability bias where observations of people you know carry less weight than observations from TV shows or movies: if people take pop culture as more representative of average reality than their own personal circumstances, and if homosexual characters are over-represented on TV, then this could do it.
    1. In that case, we would expect overestimation particularly among lower-IQ cohorts.
    2. This alone shouldn’t account for it: how many popular TV series other than Modern Family have at least 20% gay characters?
  2. Availability estimation of proportions where individuals of different characteristics are more or less likely to have friends or acquaintances who are gay. This would predict dispersion of estimates but shouldn’t affect estimates of the population mean?unless?it’s combined with downward bias in the number of people you know. If you’re asked “What proportion of the population is gay or lesbian”, and you think about how many homosexuals you know, and you then underestimate the number of heterosexuals you know, you’d bias upwards your estimate. I still can’t see how that gets you to a 6-times overestimate. ? Read more »

Challenge: see if you can watch this without facepalming