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Muslim segregation of public swimming pools is not just happening in NZ


screenshot- Whaleoil



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My polite e-mail to the Cameron pool in Mount Roskill was blocked for Profane content

To my great surprise, my e-mail to the Cameron Pool in Mount Roskill to ask them some questions about their Muslim Women’s swimming lessons was blocked for profane content. I can only assume that Whaleoil is considered a profane word or perhaps that their profanity filter has submitted to Sharia law like their segregated swimming lessons. Have a read of my e-mail and see if you can spot the profanity.

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Islamic Cultural Jihad has defeated our culture of equality in Mount Roskill


In Mount Roskill,?Islamic cultural jihad has been successful. A public swimming pool has been convinced to provide segregated and secure swimming facilities for Muslim women. When you look at this development through politically correct tinted glasses it seems no big deal but when you look into it more closely…

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She challenged their gender segregation and she won

When Pete and I visited New Zealand’s largest mosque we were made very welcome. We enjoyed talking to the Ahmadiyya Muslims there and could see that they were tolerant of other religions and that everyone including Jews were welcome. Like us they were concerned about extremism and their community overseas has suffered attacks from other sects who do not consider them true Muslims.

As a feminist one thing that really stood out to me during our visit was the gender segregation. Separate entrances and separate prayer halls. It was explained to me that they were separate but equal. I was told that the purpose of the segregation was to ensure that people focussed on prayer instead of being distracted by the opposite sex. I could see that they genuinely believed that what they were doing was not discrimination and that there was no intention to treat women as second class citizens.

Of course as a woman who has grown up in New Zealand used to equal rights I saw it very differently. While it is one thing to enforce gender segregation in a religious setting it is quite another thing to try to enforce it in a secular setting or on Non-Muslims. I have written before about Alison Bevege who decided to challenge Hizb ut-Tahrir for forcing women including herself to sit at the back of a secular meeting hall. Her long and difficult battle to stand up for equality and the rule of secular law took two years but she was determined and did not give up.

Alison Bevege was determined that Hizb ut-Tahrir would not get away with discrimination. (Pic: News Corp)

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Let’s defend the rights of ALL women together.

I am sure that Liberals and Conservatives alike will agree with the statement that..

Segregation is an immoral concept designed to force one group of people into a separate, subordinate existence.


Where the two sides seem to diverge is who they want to protect from segregation and whose rights they want to actively fight for. The below article from 2013 makes an excellent argument for why Liberals and Conservatives alike should both be working together to defend the rights of all women.

Gender segregation uk

Gender segregation uk

Left Foot Forward has been at the forefront of the campaign against gender segregation at our Universities and rightly so. Segregation is an immoral concept designed to force one group of people into a separate, subordinate existence.

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Know your place woman

Under the guise of culture or religion and protected by a ‘ Politically correct ” western world, many acts of discrimination are ignored and are left unchallenged. Rights that women have fought for generations to achieve, equal rights are stomped on and the overwhelming response is to do nothing. It is their culture, it is about religious freedom ( to oppress ) we must be tolerant they say.They are? being victimised for being different to us they say.

Well this Australian journalist has decided to take them on and very cleverly she has taken the victim card off them and has applied it to herself.

The MSM love a good victim.

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege. Photo: FIRST ON 7NEWS

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege. Photo: FIRST ON 7NEWS

FIRST ON 7: An Islamist group has been accused of sexual discrimination for making women sit at the back of public meetings.

The radical political party Hizb ut-Tahrir insists it is their choice, but one woman says she was told to move to the back or leave.

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege took her case to the Anti-Discrimination Board on Wednesday afternoon.

“When I walked in I was immediately directed by one of the representatives of the organisers to sit in the back half of the room,” Ms Bevege told 7News.

“I just don’t want to be told to go to the back of the room because I’m a female, who does that?”

Hizb ut-Tahrir promotes a global Islamic caliphate to govern everyone.

The group has been banned in several countries.

At the weekend, 300,000 rallied in Indonesia for their Khalifa Conference.

They also hold regular public events in western Sydney, including the one Alison attended in October last year.

Bilal Merhi leads boys as young as six in extremist chants at Hizb ut-Tahrir youth group.

“The choice was quite clear, you either sit at the back or your only other option is to leave, so I didn’t have any choice in the matter,” Ms Bevege said.

In the last six months, 7News has attended several similar events in western Sydney. Each time, we observed attendees being told “brothers to the front, sisters to the back”.

Now, their right to segregate men and women at public events is before the Anti-Discrimination Board.

This is not a story about religion, it is about discrimination.

Of course, you can do as you please in your home or your church, but if you hold a public meeting, we are all bound by the same, single set of laws.

“It’s a public event, it’s advertised, she turns up, she attends, and if, as she says, she was told to sit separately then that’s what the law says, you can’t do it,” ANU College of Law Professor Simon Rice said.

The group has claims “it was a mere request, however, it was open to her to sit anywhere she wanted.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir leader, Ismael Alwahwah, said Alison should not expect that “her view of what is right and wrong should be enforced on others”.

Ms Bevege is asking for $100,000 compensation to give to charity, and an apology.

“I’ve never seen a public event that tries to separate men and women and then say that it’s not discriminatory,” Professor Simon Rice said.

Hizb ut-Tahrir were a no show on Wednesday.

What stands out for me from this article are the words of Ismael Alwahwah. It is an illustration of the utter brilliance behind the Islamic cultural Jihad that is being waged against us. He is wanting to enforce his ideology on a woman at a public meeting but he turns it totally around and says that it is the woman who is trying to enforce her right to equality on him. This is a very common technique. I have read of a Public UK university where Islamic student leaders are wanting to enforce segregation by separating the female students from the male students and their argument is that those opposing them are denying them their religious freedom. They are trying to impose segregation/apartheid on non-muslim students by taking away their rights to gender equality but they frame themselves as the victims!