Generation Snowflake

Understanding snowflake rage

The rage of the snowflakes has been incredible since Brexit and Trump.

We’ve seen it here too, but what drives these fools?

Brendan O’Neill?explains:

Has there ever been a tantrum as tinny and irritating as the one thrown by the chattering classes in response to Brexit and Donald Trump? It?s the mother of all meltdowns. The huff heard round the world. A hissy fit of historic proportions.

Children who don?t get their way normally foot-stomp and wail ?I hate you? for three or four minutes before collapsing into a knackered heap. The liberal elite has been at it for nine months, ever since Brexit last June pricked the sealed, self-satisfied bubble they live in and reminded them that ? brace yourself ? there are people out there who think differently. ? Read more »

Read Whaleoil, unless you’re a poof

All the real problems in the world must have been solved, because this is now the latest outrage:

The owners of a new Vietnamese sandwich shop in West Auckland have been roasted by outraged customers who took offence to ‘homophobic’ terms being included on its menu board.

The Bun Mee Kiwi outlet in Henderson only opened last week.

But some customers have been quick to take offence at the message at the top of its menu board – which said people could have their hot, spicy foods and jalapeno…”unless you are a poof”.

Or a nancie, jessie, girly man, a baby… ?the language is rich. ? Read more »

Back in my day this little toe-rag would have been caned daily until he cut his hair

Get a haircut, snowflake

What is it with the snowflake generation and their equally pathetic parents these days.

They sign up to go to a school, pay through the nose for their property to attend the school then thumb their nose at the rules.

A mother is battling prestigious?Auckland Grammar School?over the length of her 11-year-old son’s?hair.

Heidi Hunt’s son James has golden blonde hair sweeping his shoulders.

By his mum’s account, he’s a?star student. He excels in maths and?creative writing, is a talented singer, and won the title of New Zealand’s top recreational cricketer with 29.48 MVP?points in early March.

But?he?isn’t allowed to attend Auckland Grammar School – and?all because of the length of his hair, she said.

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Who are the most important people in your family? Hint: Not the kids

I recently asked a married couple who have three kids, none of whom are yet teens: “Who are the most important people in your family?”

Like all good mums and dads of this brave new millennium, they answered, “Our kids!”

“Why?” I then asked. “What is it about your kids that gives them that status?” And like all good mums and dads of this brave new millennium, they couldn’t answer the question other than to fumble with appeals to emotion.

So, I answered the question for them: “There is no reasonable thing that gives your children that status.”

I went on to point out that many if not most of the problems they’re having with their kids – typical stuff, these days – are the result of treating their children as if they, their marriage, and their family exist because of the kids when it is, in fact, the other way around. Their kids exist because of them and their marriage and thrive because they have created a stable family.

Furthermore, without them, their kids wouldn’t eat well, have the nice clothing they wear, live in the nice home in which they live, enjoy the great vacations they enjoy, and so on. Instead of lives that are relatively carefree (despite the drama to the contrary that they occasionally manufacture), their children would be living lives full of worry and want. Read more »

If you see someone wearing a safety pin then give them the Nelson Muntz treatment

You may see people wearing safety pins out and about tomorrow…if you do these cupcakes of Generation Snowflake need the Nelson Muntz treatment.

Americans on social media and elsewhere have responded to?Donald Trump?s election by donning safety pins outside their clothing.

The idea stems from a similar protest following the June U.K. vote to leave the European Union, known as Brexit. In the aftermath, Britons began wearing the safety pins in a show of solidarity with any of their Muslim or immigrant countrymen?who felt powerless or ?unsafe? in the wake of the vote.

Likewise, in the wake of Trump?s elections, many U.S. liberals have adopted the idea for their own to reach out to minorities and women who feel marginalized and indicate that they are ?safe? to talk to.

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Dear Lizzie…


Generation Snowflake: Lizzie Marvelly

A reader writes to Lizzie Marvelly:

Dear Lizzie of the Herald.

Like you, I loved the stories of my childhood.? Your selecting Goosebumps tells us something about you and your article on the USA election, today confirms it.? However, in real life you and I don?t get to make up the ending on our own.? That is what we call a fairy tale.

You should read my favourite story.? It is about Chicken Little and her mates, Ducky Lucky and Henny Penny.? Chicken Little thought the sky was falling and set out running to tell the Lion.? As she ran she gathered up some gullible mates who all ended up in Foxy Loxy?s den never to be heard of again.

Lizzie, the sky is not falling.? Stop hanging out and running with your gullible mates.? You may not survive the fox?s den of socialist elite?s seduction, the arrogance of the academics ? all degrees of scholarship but no degrees of commonsense, the rarefied air of the closeted media who interview each other engrossed with their haughty editorialising in an unrealistic world, the conceited liberals who seek license not accountability, lusting for power and presumptuous supremacy at the expense of the heartlanders, feigning servanthood and love for the little people but requiring them to lick their boots before they walk the red carpet of self aggrandizement and showy, shallow egotism. ?? Read more »

US Professor gives snowflakes their safe space after Clinton’s Shock Loss


Because so many college students now are easily triggered by anything and anyone outside their liberal bubble, the shock of a Donald Trump election victory over Hillary Clinton has caused some distraught students to plead with their professors to cancel exams.

According to Fox News, one sympathetic Yale University economics professor — it’s unclear who — decided to make midterms optional.

Trump is going to have to sort this kind of thinking out if America is going to be great again. ? Read more »

Generation Snowflake are in denial about Trump


There are no safe spaces in the real world and Generation Snowflake has just found out that people can and do vote differently from them.

In a college bar in the centre of town, students from the DC College Democrats gathered en masse to watch the US election results come in over beer and burgers.

With TV screens surrounding the bar’s walls, and the sound on high, it was impossible to escape the electric energy that filled the room. As early electoral counts arrived indicating Clinton victories, the bar roared in celebration. With every state Trump won, the sound of boos was overwhelming. ?? Read more »