Jail too tough for Ginga Diddums

According to the article, a poor little ginger headed boy is being picked on in jail.

A legal adult scum burglar was bad enough to get a jail sentence (that takes some doing!), and the fact he doesn’t like being there may just be something called consequences.

Jordan Terrance Marsh, 18, has been at Manawatu Prison since early last month after being arrested on five burglary charges.

One of those burglaries was at the Palmerston North house of 71-year-old Margaret Storm.

Ms Storm turned up to the Palmerston North District Court yesterday and was initially reluctant to face Marsh.

But that changed after she heard him read a couple of letters he had written saying how sorry he was and how he sits alone in prison thinking about his family and his victims.

??Just yesterday a Nomad gang member spat in my face because I ate my breakfast and didn?t give it to him,?? Marsh said.

??Prison has been really hard for me being a little red-headed white boy.??

Hand me a tissue already.

Ms Storm then faced Marsh and said she felt better for hearing him speak.

??I hope you make the most of it because you have a long life ahead of you and I?d like to see you succeed,?? Ms Storm told him.

Judge Barbara Morris decided to sentence Marsh to seven months? home detention for that burglary, which happened on October 15, and order him back to court in March to check on his progress.

He will then be sentenced on the other matters.

As Marsh left the dock, he waved to Ms Storm, but she was not looking.

“[A]?little red-headed white boy” better use this chance to sort his shit out. ?If not, the ?judge should stick him back in jail for a very long time.


I wonder if Mr Simpson will be upset at this outrage

Ginga Whinga Stephen Simpson had a moan about Hug a Ginga Day on Friday. Tonight I popped into the supermarket and was accosted by this evil image of a day walker.

I have also noticed that there seems to be a quota on TV for adverts. Nearly every second ad has Gingas…they are being over presented in TV ads and in some TV shows, like Life for instance where nearly every person in the damn show is a Ginga.

Labour has more than their fair share and they seem to congregate around Phil Goff like he is some sort of Ginga magnet. I’m pretty sure that National has rules against being a ginga and a member.

Anyway I hope Mr Simpson will be writing to Continental Soup complaining about the exploitation of day walkers for advertising.

Evil Continental Soup Day Walker

Evil Continental Soup Day Walker


Send them to Palmerston North

Greer McDonald wonders when it is appropriate to tell a partner that you may produce ginger kids and DPF reckons it should be akin to having a communicable disease.

I have a far better idea. We should make people who are Ginger or who potentially carry the gene to live in Palmerston North then we could fence it off and at least make the city useful for something.


#Jetstar FAIL! – Fisking Jetstar

Michael Earley has conveniently supplied me and others with a fisking of Jetstar’s response to their abysmal service thus far. Notye to Jetstar, don’t piss off people who know how to effectively use social media and are friends with nasty bloggers.

Over the past 4 days, Jetstar has had multiple opportunities to come clean in the media.  At every opportunity Jetstar’s Australian PR office has lied to the NZ Media about what happened in the vain hope that the story would not blow over.

This incident could have been fixed had your staff behaved appropriately and within the terms and conditions as outlined on the Jetstar website.  It did not help that your staff attempted to get my property confiscated, prevented me from leaving the building, called the police and security on us, and to top it off – your staff member “Alfred” (he was attempting to hide his name badge from view) even challenged us to go to the media.

So far your PR team have lied at every opportunity – and have been caught out at every opportunity:

Jetstar Comment: “but the airline says they were eight minutes late – arriving 22 minutes before departure time.”

Our Comment: we were at the airport at approximately 3:05pm, and I received a phone call at 3:14pm from a friend in Australia that I had to drop due to your staff refusing to serve us, 18 minutes before you first claim that we were even in the airport. I am happy to provide Vodafone records that will back this up.

Jetstar Comment: “Cann says Jetstar carries out two mandatory PA announcements advising the check in is shutting. “

Our Comment: These announcements were not made until we informed your staff member (Alfred).  He then proceeded to announce that the checkins were closed while we were at his counter.

Jetstar Comment: “She says Jetstar also closes its check-in barriers and moves any passengers in a queue on a closing flight forward.”
Our Comment: No barriers were closed, and the only passenger who was moved was a middle aged man in a blue jacket with full beard, who was directly behind me in the Queue.  He was checked in but we were not, even though we were shouting ‘we are going to Wellington too!’

Jetstar Comment: “Jetstar spokeswoman Simone Pregellio said staff told her that when they closed for check-ins there were no other Wellington-bound passengers visible “in the vicinity”.”

Our Comment: We were at the front of the line, making it very clear that we we were going to Wellington, as were numerous other passengers behind us.

Jetstar Comment: “Ms Pregellio said staff had been verbally abused and felt threatened enough to call airport security.”

Our Comment: No passengers threatened Jetstar staff, but Jetstar staff did behave inappropriately.  A Blonde staff member in black jacked tryed to force me to give up my cell phone, and an island woman in an orange jacket attempted to physically block me from exiting the building untill I informed her if she touched me I would press charges.

Jetstar Comment: “Jetstar spokeswoman Simone Pregellio acknowledged having issued incorrect information initially about how late the passengers arrived, but insisted they were all too late.

Although she told the Herald on Sunday they arrived 22 minutes late, and eight minutes before departure time, she said yesterday she had incorrectly transposed the figures.

That meant the passengers arrived eight minutes late, and 22 minutes before departure.”

Our Comment: I was already on the phone to the media, earlier than Simone Claims we were even in the building.  She is clearly lying.

Jetstar Comment: “Jetstar corporate communications manager Simone Pregellio said the first contact anyone had with the stranded passengers was eight minutes before the plane was to take off.”

Our Comment: We were in the airport at 3:05pm.  I have phone logs at 3:14pm which is 26 minutes prior to the plane taking off.  Simone is lying.

Jetstar Comment: “She said a service announcement was made saying the flight was due to close and no passengers made themselves known.”

Our Comment: No Service Announcement was made, and we were at the front of the queue making it VERY clear where we are going. Simone is lying.

Jetstar Comment: “The manager did a “queue comb”, asking if anyone in line was waiting for the Wellington flight.”

Our Comment: This is actually correct, the Manager did go through the queue and chose to check in the Middle aged male behind us.  He later denied it.

Jetstar Comment: “”They did not identify anyone else. When they determined there was no one else they closed the flight,” she said.”

Our Comment: Again false, as per earlier comments, security camera footage will confirm this. 

Jetstar Comment: “But Pregellio was adamant staff made “every effort when the flight was closing to see if anyone else was there.We’re in the business of carrying people and we want people to make every one of our flights.””

Our Comment: Jetstar made no effort whatsoever to do so, we were clearly telling staff we were on the flight and they deliberately ignored us.

Jetstar Comment: “The airline says it is standard practice and staff tried to find anyone still queuing at check-in.”

Our Comment: as per our comments above, Jetstar made no such effort

Jetstar Comment: “A Jetstar spokesperson says the group arrived much too late to board the flight.”

Our Comment: as per comments above, incorrect, refer to security footage and timing of media phone calls.

Jetstar Comment: “Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway said that during boarding of Saturday’s 3.40pm Auckland-Wellington flight “a number of people arrived 22 minutes after the scheduled close-out of the flight”.”

Our Comment: Again this has proved to be false, Jetstar have revised their timing but it is still incorrect.

Jetstar Comment: “As long as passengers were in the check-in queue 30 minutes prior to the flight departure time, they would be processed and allowed to board, he told Radio New Zealand.”

Our Comment: We were in the queue 35 minutes prior to departure time. We were not processed or allowed to board

Jetstar Comment: “Mr Westaway said Jetstar made public calls warning a flight was about to close and undertook “queue combing” looking for any remaining passengers still in the queue.”

Our Comment: No such call was made untill after we made it to check in and Alfred told us the desk was closed. He then made the call after we mentioned no announcemnet was made. Again Jetstar lying.

Our expectations – none of these are unfair or unrealistic:

  • Jetstar release the security camera footage to the media
  • Jetstar admit that their staff did not follow proceedure
  • Jetstar PR admit that they have lied about the incident to the media on multiple occasions
  • Jetstar offer all affected passengers full refunds
  • Jetstar offer compensation to all those for actual costs incurred (i.e. additional flights rebooked, accomdation required, loss of income etc)
  • Jetstar staff apologise for lying to the media
  • Jetstar staff apologise for refusing to serve paying customers
  • Jetstar staff apologise for acting in appropriately towards customers (i.e. trying to get phone confiscated, refusing to let members of public leave buidling etc).

That is a fairly comprehesive destruction of the pathetic PR job Jetstar has done. my advice to them would be to STFU and start hiring people who are effective with Social Media, blogging and Twitter to start mitigating your PR disaster.

Mike Williams is the Chamberlain of Labour

Labour’s rogue President Mike Williams has had his Neville Chamberlain moment. He tripped off to Australia and brought back his piece of paper only problem for him is that his piece of paper with “John Key’s” signature was worth about as much as Neville Chamberlain’s piece of paper with Hitler’s signature on it.

Mike Chamberlain Williams


Nothing but two bit Pirates

Ok I am now over the b.s. we are seeing about the pirates in the Southern Ocean. Two men – Australian Benjamin Potts and Briton Giles Lane – have been held on the Japanese whaling ship the Yushin Maru No2 since yesterday after they tried to illegally board the ship. The crew of the ship Steve Irwin have also tried to damage propellors in a bid to stop the ships.

Maritime piracy , according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
(UNCLOS) of 1982, consists of any criminal acts of violence, detention, or depredation committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or aircraft that is directed on the high seas against another ship, aircraft, or against persons or property on board a ship or aircraft. Piracy can also be committed against a ship, aircraft, persons, or property in a place outside the jurisdiction of any state.

According to the Law of the Sea the crew of the Steve Irwin have actually met every facet of the law regarding piracy. Naturally the Japanese have detained these terrorists until the acts of piracy stop.

Now I'm not for whaling, I can't really see the need, but that is from the perspective of an enlightened European, but hey I guess you could say whales are the cattle of the sea as well so one day I might like to try out a bit of whale as I'll eat almost everything. Animals after all were put on earth to provide for humans.

Nevertheless the actions of the protestors pirates clearly are dangerous and acts of piracy. If the Japanese decide to ram and sink one of the ships dogging it we can't really blame them.

The Greens stance is also perplexing, they want us to send frigates, frigates that they wanted sold or never bought in the first place, to go down there and support the protestors pirates.

Ironic really, since the other day Russel Norman was uttering phrases like "get over it" in response to the outrage over the Electoral Finance Bill. The people protesting the EFA are not putting anyone at risk of harm, aren't committing acts of piracy and yet are supposed to "get over it". I suggest Russel takes his own advice and advises the protestors pirates to "get over it". Whaling after all is legal.

He can't have it both ways. Either he supports protest action against unreasonable and unjust laws or he doesn't. But of course I'm not expecting anything from these spectacular hypocrites. They helped pass one of those unreasonable and unjust laws themselves.