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From one winner to another

As readers will know I won the first Canon Media Awards blogger category in 2014. Giovanni Tiso didn’t and spent some quite considerable time denigrating Canon, and the Awards. In the aftermath of Dirty Politics he even tried, unsuccessfully to have the award removed and force them into distancing themselves from me. He partially succeeded in that I was asked to remove the logo from my website, but in the end I refused. I won that award fair and square and no amount of left-wing activism and denigration could take that away.

So it is with some amusement this morning to find that Giovanni Tiso (he’s an author at?The Pantograph Punch) has once again been beaten in the awards, this time by Russell Brown.

It was the only conceivable outcome, but let me say this: you haven’t lost an award until you have lost an award to Cameron Slater.

? Giovanni Tiso (@gtiso) May 9, 2014

And you really haven’t lost an award until you have also lost an award to Russell Brown AND Cameron Slater. How sad must you be as a blogger to lose to both of us. ? Read more »

Twitter is “the echo chamber for the politically pissed off, and the psychologically needy”


Chris Lynch has written what is perhaps the best analysis of Twitter and its hardcore users.

Does Twitter generate meaningful dialogue on significant national issues or create a nasty echo chamber of hate?

Frustrated citizen commentators are flocking to the public platform, but whether Twitter adds value to national conversation is another story.

Twitter is becoming the comfort food for the socially awkward, the echo chamber for the politically pissed off, and the psychologically needy. The intense human emotion of reassurance has driven serial tweeters to seek familiarity off like-minded souls.

Facebook?s more inclusive. Its platform extends to real life friends and family members, making it a more sincere experience. However, Twitter is a vehicle for the overly-aggrieved and easily offended to share their grievances with other aggrieved. Ongoing research suggests the hard left are psychologically benefiting while politically losing the most.

I enjoy the accusation of being a ?typical talkback host with right-wing views? particularly from those who claim to have never listened to the show. I?m usually accused of being a Labour lover and right winger within the same hour, which means I?m doing my job. The political climate in Christchurch is too highly charged to align one?s self to a party.

National won the Christchurch vote by a landslide, much to the surprise of many on the far left. They were simply too caught up in their own self-importance, indulging in personal achievements of re-tweets generated from their ?critical analysis? which is never accompanied by solutions.

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect

I was introduced today to the Dunning-Kruger Effect by Genevieve. It is a fascinating effect that I have observed throughout my life without being aware that it had a name. It does not describe those who genuinely are skilled and confident and who occasionally show off but those who are in reality average or mediocre yet describe themselves in superlatives.

Giovanni Tiso certainly springs to mind when I think of this effect. The fact that he actually thought that his small niche blog could compete with the largest Mainstream Blog in New Zealand at the Canon Media Awards showed a real puffed up sense of his own importance. It wasn’t that he entered the competition that confirmed that for me, it was his howls of outrage when he lost. He really was outraged that a blog as little read as his could be beaten by one that had broken the biggest local news story of the year. If that is not an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action I don’t know what is.

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Face of the day

Scoop Editor Alistair Thompson

Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson

Today’s face of the day Alastair Thompson waved his magic wand and turned? Blogger? and twitter terrorist Giovanni Tiso into a reporter.

The occasion? MSM coverage of Saint Nicky Hager’s court case.


There has been further discussion between the judge and several media about who may report this hearing. Blogger Giovanni Tiso has been granted permission to report after a request by Scoop editor Alastair Thompson, who said Mr Tiso is reporting with him for Scoop.


I’ve found a new boycot target for Tiso and Wrongly Wrongson: Twitter

Did you know Twitter is a white supremacist organisation? ? Oh, you think I’m “embellishing” again. ?Ok, then.

Jesse Jackson Fumes Over Twitter’s Lack of Black Employees.

…there are 35 black men and 14 black women on the payroll at Twitter, accounting for only 1.7% of total U.S. staff. However, a majority of blacks use Twitter on a daily basis. It is this disparity that infuriates Jackson so much that he is “becoming intolerant.”

Speaking to The Guardian, Jackson said:

I am very disappointed. Black people are greater users of the product and capable of doing the jobs, but there has not been an adequate commitment to hire, train and maintain [black people].

Some people call it “Black Twitter” because we over-index so much, but they still don?t hire more black people. We are becoming intolerant with these numbers, there’s a big gap between their talk and their implementation. Read more »

Will Twitter Terrorist Tiso apologise now?

The first mass action instigated by Twitter Terrorist Giovanni Tiso has resulted in what is likely to have been a massive settlement in favour of John Tamihere.

This of course has emboldened Twitter Terrorist Tiso to go on more wonky jihads against advertisers.

Mediaworks will today apologise unreservedly to former talkback host John Tamihere for the way it handled his departure from RadioLive following a controversial interview during the Roastbusters scandal.

Mr Tamihere sued the media company – which operates TV3 and a string of radio stations – in December 2013 alleging defamation and breach of contract.

He said he had been made a scapegoat following a public backlash to an interview with a female caller who claimed to be friends with one of the young men accused of boasting online about their sexual conquests of underage girls.

The case had appeared destined for a lengthy period of litigation until a surprise settlement was agreed on Friday.? Read more »

Spark and Whaleoil are now seeing each other behind Tiso and Manhire’s backs

by Pete


Nothing useful came from it other than the Twitter terrorist seeing clearly that another corporate will bend to their pressure. ? We still have the phones. ?We still use Spark. ?Spark still deals with us. ?Good heavens, Spark is between a rock and a hard place. ?If they dump us, we will go feral. ?If they dump on the terrorists, they will go feral. ?It’s ridiculous. Read more »

Dirty Politics journo? I think not

Giovanni Tiso is a hateful little troll and a Twitter terrorist.

He is having a bash at Heather du Plessis-Allan

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Face of the day


Giovanni Tiso PHOTO-Twitter

Giovanni Tiso

When ever Cameron is quoted in the Media he is never ever described as a Father or a Dad. When his opinion is quoted it always has ‘Right Wing Blogger’ or ‘Extreme Right wing Blogger’ or ‘Controversial Right wing blogger’ in front of it no matter what the topic being discussed is.

Today’s face of the day however has his opinion quoted on Stuff as if he is just some Joe Average Father when in fact he is a politically active blogger. Once again MSM bias is showing.

Now knowing full well how often Giovanni becomes outraged and offended I have chosen not to use the photo of him and his daughter in this post, despite him allowing her image to be used by Stuff and put onto the internet.

When we used a photo of Martyn Martin Bradbury and his daughter once on the Blog after he had put her image onto the internet in a MSM news article we covered her face but even that was not enough to stop the outrage. We were accused of hurting his daughter even though we had protected her identity and he had not. Therefore I have protected Giovanni’s daughter even though I am sure Giovanni will still be offended and outraged that I dared to point out his ‘special’ treatment by the MSM.

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John Key must really be missing Jason Ede by now

John Key’s “social media advisor” has already lost any credibility for picking an on-line fight with local Twitter terrorist Giovanni Tiso, but it looks like he’s a total n00b as well.

Prime Minister John Key’s social media adviser registered the website – but the group says that does not undermine its claim to independence.
Gwynn Compton has locked down his own social media accounts after a stoush on Twitter between an anonymous user and the adviser resulted in the claims of bullying from the top.

In his spare time Mr Compton is involved with the Change the NZ Flag campaign, which aims to get New Zealanders behind the movement for a new flag.

Change the NZ Flag says it is an independent and non-political organisation, and spokesman Lewis Holden said Mr Compton’s involvement did not jeopardise that.

“This group has been around for about 11 years, it was originally started back in 2004 by [Wellington businessman] Lloyd Morrison…we created a new registered incorporated society, basically for the referendum campaign,” Mr Holden said.

“Gwynn got involved on the social media side, he registered the website for us…and that’s basically been his involvement.

“Obviously, because he works in the PM’s office there is a perception of a conflict of interest, which is something I raised with him initially and he said he had cleared it with his employers. Read more »