Global Warming

Global warming causes hurricanes? Yeah, nah.

Orlin Wagner / AP

Remember climate alarmists saying that more hurricanes were proof that man-made global warming was real? James Delingpole at Breitbart sets the record straight. quote.

Quote:Global warming has not caused an increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes, a study published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation has confirmed.

Climate alarmists such Michael Mann, Kerry Emanuel, and Al Gore often claim that hurricanes are among the extreme weather events that have been exacerbated by man?s selfishness, greed, and refusal to amend his carbon-guzzling lifestyle.End of quote.

In other words evil Capitalism and Consumerism. quote.

Quote:But there is ?little evidence? that this is so, according to the study?s author Paul Homewood.

Even the alarmist Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledged in its Fifth Assessment Report in 2013 that there has been little change in long-term hurricane activity:

In summary, [there is] low confidence that any reported long-term (centennial) increases in tropical cyclone activity are robust, after accounting or past changes in observing capabilities. More recent assessments indicate that it is unlikely that annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have increased over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin. Evidence, however, is for a virtually certain increase in the frequency and intensity of the strongest tropical cyclones since the 1970s in that region.

Unfortunately, a particularly severe hurricane season in the North Atlantic in 2017 gave the alarmists just the excuse they needed to cry wolf once more. Backed by footage of the devastation caused by that year?s two major landfalling hurricanes ? Harvey and Irma ? they concocted a plausible theory as to why global warming will increase such extreme weather events: hurricanes feed off warm waters, so the warmer the waters, the more intense the hurricane.End of quote.

Unfortunately for the alarmists, correlation isn?t proof of causation. quote.

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We are being softened up

Science News

I have lost count of the number of times I have read articles from the department of “Settled Science” that had words to the effect that “current climate models do not include the effects of (insert newly discovered process here)”

It baffles me how it is possible to come up with new terrestrial processes or cycles or phenomena which have hitherto been excluded from the climate models when we have been told with utter certainly and utmost sincerity exactly what the models predict will happen if we dare tip over some magical increment in temperature above some mythical perfect period in the past.

But there is another paper coming that does just that.? Eureaka alert has the story:

As the Antarctic ice sheet melts, warming of the atmosphere will be delayed by about a decade but sea level rise will accelerate, according to new research scheduled for advance online publication in the journal Nature. end quote.

They are craftily already building the narrative to explain why, when CO2 keeps increasing, the temperature has not followed the soaring trajectory predicted by the models. quote.

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Frozen turtles killed by global warming

So, it is not the plastic bags, or the plastic straws (turtle snorkels) killing the turtles, it is simply weather delivering a sudden cold snap that is catching them out and basically freezing the poor critters.? This from ABC. Quote.

In just one morning, dozens of “frozen solid” sea turtles were discovered washed up on beaches in the north of the United States, with wildlife volunteers saying most were beyond saving.

More than 80 turtles were found on the shores of multiple beaches in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts on Thursday.

Most of the turtles were dead, Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary communications coordinator Jenette Kerr told the Cape Cod Times.

We are at well over 400 cold-stunned turtles [this year] ? 82 today, the vast majority of them frozen solid,” Ms Kerr said on Thursday.
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Is change in the wind?

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (left) and Foreign MInister Ernesto Ara?jo.

The Guardian? headlines:?Brazil’s new foreign minister believes climate change is a Marxist plot. Quote.

Brazil?s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has chosen a new foreign minister who believes climate change is part of a plot by ?cultural Marxists? to stifle western economies and promote the growth of China.

Ernesto Ara?jo ? until recently a mid-ranking official who blogs about the ?criminalisation? of red meat, oil and heterosexual sex ? will become the top diplomat of South America?s biggest nation, representing 200 million people and the greatest and most biodiverse forest on Earth, the Amazon.

His appointment, confirmed by Bolsonaro on Wednesday, is likely to send a chill through the global climate movement. End quote.

A chill is just what is needed to stop that rampant global warming! Quote. Read more »

Waiting for the Fake News retraction

Peter Bowes

A week or so back, the headlines around the world were all about how it was worse than we thought.

Even here in New Zealand, A Newspaper got on board with the doom and gloom. Quote.

The world’s oceans have been soaking up far more excess heat in recent decades than scientists realised, suggesting that Earth could be set to warm even faster than predicted in the years ahead, according to new research published yesterday. End quote.

Strangely, the media have been very silent about the fact that the “peer reviewed” paper got the maths wrong.? Even when it was pointed out that the data contained in the original paper does not support the conclusions of that scare story, the media remain silent. Read more »

Can we please have a deadline on deadlines?

Oh dear!

Another IPCC talkfest has just released another IPCC report and the media have jumped on board, yet again, parroting the doomsday deadline headlines.

Have these people no shame whatsoever? (Don’t answer that!)

Let’s have a quick review of the deadlines to date.? And remember: No one has quantified when ‘pre-industrial’ was or what the temperature was back then so the 1.5C/2C/3C above pre-industrial ‘tipping point’ is a complete nonsense. Please ensure that your children and grandchildren are well aware of this deadline as they will see it come and go, like all the previous deadlines. Quote. Read more »


Global tipping point just 55C away

Obligatory photo of back-lit harmless water vapour that must accompany every article on Global Warming.

An official press release tells us that the boffins at MIT have discovered something very interesting about the warming planet. Quote.

Just as an oven gives off more heat to the surrounding kitchen as its internal temperature rises, the Earth sheds more heat into space as its surface warms up. Since the 1950s, scientists have observed a surprisingly straightforward, linear relationship between the Earth?s surface temperature and its outgoing heat.

But the Earth is an incredibly messy system, with many complicated, interacting parts that can affect this process. Scientists have thus found it difficult to explain why this relationship between surface temperature and outgoing heat is so simple and linear. Finding an explanation could help climate scientists model the effects of climate change. End of quote.

What do they possibly mean? Everybody knows that there is only one thing that affects the earth’s heat – CO2!? Quote. Read more »

$US 963,723 per day for an answer to a non-problem

The?Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2, or ICESat-2, is NASA’s most technologically advanced ice-monitoring spacecraft to date.? It was launched on the weekend on the last of the Delta II rockets.? It is scheduled to operate for three years and cost?$US 1.056 billion, or $963k/day. reports on this pretty impressive piece of kit (as you would expect for that moolah) Quote.

Capable of measuring changes in ice thickness, forest growth and cloud height down to 0.02 inches (0.4 millimeters) every year ? the thickness of a No. 2 pencil, according to NASA ? ICESat-2 offers scientists an unprecedented view of Earth’s changing systems, especially at its poles. End of quote.

0.4 mm resolution?? Really?? Seemingly not. The official NASA specifications say 0.4cm/year on an ice sheet or?0.25 m/year for an outlet glacier,?surface elevation change rates for dynamic ice features to an accuracy of better than or equal to 0.4 m/year along 1-km track segments or?ice-sheet elevation change to 10 cm. Quote.

“Watching and understanding how it [ice] is changing helps us understand why it?s changing,” said Waleed Abdalati, a geographer at the University of Colorado in Boulder and a concept designer of ICESat-2. In turn, the information will sharpen environmental-prediction models and help scientists better forecast rising sea levels and climate shifts because of melting ice. End of quote.

An interesting unspoken assumption by this concept designer is that there will be melting ice and sea level rise.? Surely they have not spent a billion bucks with a predetermined outcome in mind? Quote. Read more »

The 2 degree limit

How many times have you heard about the two degree limit?? The Paris Accord was all about the two degree limit.

When researching another post I wondered what temperature was represented by this two degree limit and was surprised to find that the answer is not easily obtained.

The two-degree limit is “above pre-industrial” because back then before the evil capitalists started making things much cheaper to buy for the masses and making transportation much more affordable and generally improving the lives of everybody, the climate was perfect. Absolutely peachy, something nobody in their right mind would ever want to adjust by letting loose the evil demon of climate change.

But the climate change genie, a.k.a. global warming is out of the bottle and cannot be lured back in unless considerable sums of money are paid to the climate gods and considerable hardship is visited upon the developed nations of the world.

Only then can we have the nirvana of a pre-industrial world and its attendant perfect climate.

Back to the question, then. What is this perfect pre-industrial temperature? Read more »

It appears someone has lost the script


A joint project between University of Alabama, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA, uses data gathered by advanced microwave sounding?units on NOAA and NASA satellites to get accurate temperature readings for almost all?regions of the Earth, including remote desert, ocean and rain forest areas where
reliable climate data are not otherwise available.?The satellite-based instruments measure the temperature of the atmosphere from the?surface up to an altitude of about eight kilometres above sea level.

The data is publicly available for download and calculating trends etc.? WUWT have recently published the August 2018 figures which show that the global composite temperature anomaly is +0.19 degrees Celsius? above seasonal average and the global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.13 degrees Celsius?per decade.? ?? Read more »