Golden rice

Greenpeace told to drop opposition to GE by more than 100 Nobel laureates

This is ironic. The organisation that tells us we should accept climate science, that the science is settled and other such statements, is now being told the same thing about GE crops and foods, by eminent scientists who are also Nobel laureates.

More than 100 Nobel laureates have called on international environmental group Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified crops, saying there is a scientific consensus they are safe and can benefit society.

At a news conference, the scientists cited in particular the value of a genetically modified rice used to prevent some illnesses related to vitamin A deficiency in much of the developing world.

“Golden Rice” produces beta carotene in the grain, which rice does not do in the natural world. ? Read more »

Greenpeace and Russel Norman are a perfect match

Greenpeace are hysterically anti-human. ?With ex Green Taliban leader Russel Norman taking up their cause in New Zealand, I can feel a rich vein of sarcastic exposes rushing towards us as he leads his organisation from media stunt to media stunt.


Greenpeace is an “evil organisation” – Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace


One of the founders of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, has been at war with Greenpeace since he left in 1986.

He now says that Greenpeace has become anti-human and an “evil organisation”.

Greenpeace has been branded an ‘evil organisation’ which has ‘lost concern for humans’ in an astonishing attack by its own co-founder.

Ecologist Dr Patrick Moore, who quit Greenpeace in 1986, has launched a scathing criticism of the activist group, which he insisted?has lost its humanitarian roots. ? Read more »

Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore accuses them of “crimes against humanity”

Patrick Moore is a founder of Greenpeace, and he famously left them and has disagreed with them ever since.

In The Independent the?Canadian ecologist accuses Greenpeace of committing a “crime against humanity”

Greenpeace has blood on its hands and is committing a ?crime against humanity? by actively opposing the introduction of a genetically modified (GM) rice crop that could prevent the deaths of more than two million children a year, according to a founder-member of the world?s largest and most prominent environmental group.

Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist who joined the inner circle of Greenpeace in 1971, a year after the organisation was established, has made an impassioned attack on the environmental group for blocking ?golden rice?, a GM crop fortified with vitamin A genes.

Dr Moore, who is due to protest outside the UK headquarters of Greenpeace in London on Friday, told The Independent that the environmental group has strayed well beyond its original humanitarian remit by opposing golden rice and the health benefits it could bring to some of the poorest children in the world.

?There are 250 million children living in the tropics who are vitamin A deficient and they need this vitamin. Golden rice can deliver it to them because they eat rice every day and because that?s all that they can afford,? Dr Moore said.

?The fact is vitamin A deficiency is the biggest killer of children in the world today. Unicef estimates that a little over eight million children die prematurely each year from all causes such as diseases like malaria, TB and HIV-Aids. But more than 25 per cent of them die from vitamin A deficiency, which is essential for eyesight and the immune system,? he said. ? Read more »

Green ratbags kill people in the third world

The green tailban oppose progress in almost everything, they deny science in all but climate change scenarios. Their attitude is killing people in the third world.

Environmental groups that oppose GM crops being used in Africa and Asia are ‘wicked’ and could potentially condemn millions of children to an early death, Owen Paterson has warned.

The Environment Secretary said organisations fighting against GM technology such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were ?casting a dark shadow over attempts to feed the world?.? Read more »

Greenies are killing children

English: The german Professor Peter Beyer, inv...

The german Professor Peter Beyer, inventer of the golden rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sounds outrageous, and something the left-wing normally accuse conservatives of, but int his case, the green taliban and their anti-everything approach is actually killing children.

Genetically-modified crops will ?improve human health?, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has said, as he warned that people ?thwarting? their production are putting lives at risk.

Mr Paterson said that GM offers ?wonderful opportunities? that could benefit human health and the environment.

He said GM production in the UK would mean less spraying of pesticides and less intensive farming.

Mr Paterson also said that an expansion of GM crops could lead to the creation of more nature reserves because it would allow more intensive farming, therefore freeing up ?space for biodiversity, nature and wilderness?.

Mr Paterson is battling to persuade officials in the European Union to lift current rules which only allow one type of maize to be grown in the UK. ? ? Read more »