Golriz Ghahraman

Golriz: Turning the corner on domestic violence

Photoshopped image credit: Rick H

Golriz Ghahraman has announced via Twitter that we have just turned a corner on domestic violence.? Quote:

Here is my personal experience, how speaking out, and the work of the indomitable @janlogie means we have have (sic) just turned a corner on domestic violence (thanks @NZStuff for giving me a voice on this today)? End of quote.

I?m so glad because our domestic violence stats are not great in New Zealand.? I?m also keen to check back in a year’s time and compare the statistics because if what she says is true, we should notice a drop in numbers.

I was curious to know why she thought we had suddenly turned a corner right now, given the focus there has been on domestic violence over the last couple of decades at least.

Has Meka Whaitiri finally been sacked as an MP for using violence against a staff member?? Sadly, not so.? She is still being publicly supported by the Maori caucus, while her victim has been silenced.

No, it seems that the corner turning moment was caused by Jan Logie?s Domestic Violence Victims Protection Bill, which was passed months ago.? The law which makes it possible for victims of domestic violence to take ten days annual leave. Read more »

Appealing to their base desires

A newspaper informs us that Clayton Mitchell has announced plans to introduce a Bill to ‘force’ migrants and refugees to “respect New Zealand values”. Quote.

It was a hotly-debated motion this morning at the [NZ First] party’s annual convention in Tauranga, with one delegate saying there should be a citizenship test because “they got to learn how to be disciplined in our country ways”.

“I’m afraid we’re getting some certain types creeping in, of various nationalities, or various ideas, that are not actually kosher with New Zealand’s way of life.” End of quote.

Interesting turn of phrase there, Clayton.? You didn’t actually mean to say “not Halal” by any chance? Quote. Read more »

Shameful protest history of two Green MPs revealed

I was searching for some photos of Golly G to create a fabulous new Meme with the slogan “Won’t defend intelligence service. Will defend war criminals,” when I came across the below image. Intrigued as to why Golriz Ghahraman was linked to Antifa New Zealand (* a spoof Antifa page) I had a look at the website it was originally from and it made VERY, interesting reading.

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If only Bill English would say this now

Yesterday Patrick Gower went full retard over something Bill English said 12 years ago…as if it was bad.

He even rolled in a Green party candidate to was all outraged too.

Former refugee, UN human rights lawyer, and Green Party candidate Golriz Ghahraman has slammed Prime Minister Bill English over his comments on Middle Eastern asylum seekers.

“New Zealand is now seen as a soft touch for other fascists, terrorists, whoever is on the losing side in bad regimes, unwanted at home and unable to get into any other country,” he said in a National Party newsletter on May 9, 2005.

“If you turn up to the border with an apple, you get done. If you turn up with an Iraqi passport and references from Saddam Hussein, you get in,” he wrote. ? Read more »

An Iranian woman on the Greens list

A Green Party candidate is aiming to be the first refugee to become an MP in New Zealand.

Auckland barrister Golriz Ghahraman, originally from Iran, has been confirmed as a candidate for the general election.

She says electing a refugee to Parliament would send a strong message during a global refugee crisis and at a time of rising anti-refugee and immigrant sentiment.

“It would be historic for New Zealand and I think it will mean something at this particular moment in a time when we are seeing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in a lifetime in the Middle East,” Ghahraman said. Read more »