Gordon Copeland

Labour Finance Minister on GST

4 August 2004 from Hansard

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: I am aware of many countries that have appallingly inefficient GST systems where they exempt various articles, where they have differential rates, and where one has to differentiate between food taken away from a place and food consumed within a place. Thank goodness we have not followed those very bad policies. I am certainly aware in New Zealand of GST being levied on top of other taxes. Every time the member fills up his petrol tank he is doing precisely that.

Gordon Copeland: Can he confirm that during the last decade the then Government had an opportunity to revisit the question of GST on rates, but decided to retain the status quo, and can he confirm that the Minister who made that decision was the Rt Hon Winston Peters when he was Treasurer in 1997?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: I will take the member?s word for that and congratulate the right honourable gentleman on his wise decision.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Will the Minister confirm that when I left the office of Treasurer?and a very sad day it was for this country?I instructed Treasury to continue its research on the core element of rates on which one could properly say that it is a tax on a tax, and not all rates in the way that the loose United Party is looking at this issue?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: I thank the member for that advice, but that rather reduces my congratulations to him,?because that would muddy up the GST system very substantially.

Just remind me again because I seem to have forgotten, but weren’t Phil Goff and David Cunliffe part of cabinet under the Helen Clark led government that didn’t contemplate the removal of GST from fresh fruit and vegetable for 9 years because it “would muddy up the GST system very substantially”.

The music industry encourages you to steal

Bruce Simpson blogs at Aardvark about his nightmare mission to obtain legally a licence to have music on his Youtube video.

He gives up in frustration and decides that the Recording industry as a whole deserves all they get in people “stealing” their Intellectual Property. There appears no easy way for anyone to buy a licence to use any music at a reasonalbe rate.

I too have suffered in this way and had videos pulled in the overbearing stormtrooper way that Youtube is implementing the Recording Industries requests for policing.

What is happening now is that Youtube is killing their own market and they don’t even make money, pissing off subscribers y muting videos and the Recording Industry blows off both their feet by recieving no revenue because it is simply impossible for someone to get a licence in a fast cheap and effcient way and no one is listening to their music because their stormtrooper, bully boy tactics ar muting the videos.

It is no bloosy wonder that P2P networks are flourshing after rapacious corporate wankers try to steal more than things are worth over and over again. I’m with Bruce, fuck’em!.

He concludes with a serve at the self-serving pricks who foisted their bollocks of a law on us through What’s Her Face the ex-MP for Auckland Central.

The fact that the recording industry throws so many road-blocks and obstacles in the way of anyone who wants to “do the right thing” and pay them money for the right to use their content shows that they’re still more interested in suing and prosecuting people than they are in availing themselves of new opportunities to create revenues.

Just look at how legal music downloads have exploded — now that they’re available.

Until they actually offered legal downloads, the recording industry was moaning that the Net would be the end of them — and now it’s their salvation. The same goes for people “stealing” their material for use in online videos. If they don’t provide a legal option then people will continue to use the illegal one.

And these are the same people who have convinced government to eliminate the basic tenet of justice (the presumption of innocence) by way of Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment Act which comes into effect here in NZ in a little more than a month’s time.

What the hell is going on here?

Around the Blogs

Bridget Saunders blogs about Cougars and gets heaps of comments that are hilarious.

The self rated best sysop in the world gets all foamy about me and DPF. He really needs to take a chill pill. Despite their defaming me repeatedly in the comments I have been banned from responding because Lynn (that surely is a girls name) thinks I am technically illiterate and because I am a creep. So the rules for them are to throw shit, then ban any response. Good oh! Assholes.

DPF laughs at their desperate smear.

Barnsley Bill has a video link to a Youtube vid of a guy getting dirty with heaps of plump birds.

Where in the World is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemplyed of no fixed abode. Not one single post since November 11 from Frank….ooops…Winston or anyone else. Knock, knock anyone there?

After fighting the election with no new policy and having three websites to prove it you would have thought Labour would have at least kept the 2005 policy up on the web, but no, they now officially have no policy at all, and we are still paying for their website too. You would think with the lack of blogging a_y_b would have had time to update the site since he managed to keep his job, albeit in a different office now that has a view that isn’t quite so appealing.

Youtube to live stream debates

TVNZ and YouTube today announced a history-making initiative which will allow New Zealanders to put questions directly to Prime Minister Helen Clark and Opposition Leader John Key – the ONE News YouTube Election Debate.

TVNZ, New Zealand’s public broadcaster, and YouTube, the leading online video community, will jointly present a live televised election debate between the two party leaders, featuring questions posted as video submissions on YouTube.

The leaders’ responses will be broadcast live on TVNZ’s flagship News channel, TV ONE, on October 14. ONE News’ Mark Sainsbury will moderate the 90 minute ONE News YouTube Election Debate, with three of New Zealand’s leading political journalists asking additional questions.

Starting today, YouTube users in New Zealand, and expats, can submit their questions at www.youtube.co.nz/debate.

The Empire Strikes Barack

This is perhaps the best Youtube video I have seen, my thanks to Scrubone for posting it.

Facebook songs

YouTube – Facebook Anthem

Oh dear, what's that all over your face

YouTube – Girl Vomiting In Airplane

Youtube set to offer live channels

YouTube to challenge TV with live channels – 03 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: Technology News, views and comment from New Zealand and the World

I said to anyone who would listen a couple of years ago that Youtube will change the face of election campaigning. Today we hear that Youtube is going to allow live channels. This will give bloggers the ability to blog live to camera.

The move will further blur the distinction between traditional TV broadcasters and online delivery systems. In its first seven weeks the BBC’s iPlayer was used to stream or download 17 million TV programmes on to computers, while ITV, Channel 4 and Sky also have growing web services.

Sites such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes sell thousands of films and TV programmes for download and new companies such as Joost offer “TV on the internet”.

A number of video streaming websites already exist but they are regarded by sceptics as largely a platform for garrulous teenagers and mindless minutiae.

One of those sites is blogtv.com. Unfortunately they are right in that it is largely populated by teens being asked to strip by viewers….Youtube will blitz any other live-cast providers.

I can certainly see a live-cast of the election here to see if bloggers can do better than the MSM in election night progress. Potential sponsors should contact me directly.

Who is running the show?

YouTube – Don’t Vote Labour – Health

Gun Control Question for GOP candidates

This question is one for the candidates in the The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate

My answer would be "Gun Control is hitting what you aim at"?