Grant Hannis

Have the Social Justice Bullies found a new way to get rid of Hosking?

Here at WOBH we refuse to call these clowns Social Justice Warriors. If there was some real fighting to be had they’d be quivering in fear under a feather duvet. Instead we call them Social Justice Bullies…because?that’s exactly what they are.

Currently, the target du jour is Mike Hosking.

One TVNZ employee is banking more than a $1 million a year, but the state broadcaster is refusing to say who it is.

Traditionally, the healthiest pay packet has always gone to the chief executive, but has?polarising Seven Sharp frontman, Mike Hosking, edged out boss Kevin Kenrick as TVNZ’s biggest earner?

A spokeswoman for TVNZ said the broadcaster “didn’t have any plans to identify the remuneration of presenters or other individual employees”.

The question came as the?British government prepared?to force the BBC to reveal the size of pay packets given to 109 of its top broadcast journalists and personalities.

Britain’s?Department of Culture was expected to confirm the change in policy this week, ahead of the?government’s looming renewal of the?broadcaster’s?royal charter.

At present, TVNZ and Radio New Zealand (RNZ)?publish the salary bands of all employees earning more than $100,000 in their respective annual reports. ? Read more »