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Shameful protest history of two Green MPs revealed

I was searching for some photos of Golly G to create a fabulous new Meme with the slogan “Won’t defend intelligence service. Will defend war criminals,” when I came across the below image. Intrigued as to why Golriz Ghahraman was linked to Antifa New Zealand (* a spoof Antifa page) I had a look at the website it was originally from and it made VERY, interesting reading.

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Too toxic for the Greens

It appears that Steffan Browning is too toxic even for the Green party.

Their values page on their?website has as one of the key values for Green members that they “Engage respectfully, without personal attacks.”

Clearly, Steffan Browning doesn’t have the foggiest idea about those values:

Green MP Steffan Browning was ordered by his party to take down an offensive social media post about former prime minister John Key, Newshub is reporting.

Mr Browning put it up on his Facebook page during Mr Key’s valedictory speech in parliament on Thursday evening. ? Read more »

Retard Green MP needs basic Auckland geography lessons

I love Green MPs using social media to make a point.

It’s just a pity they are usually as retarded as Steffan Browning or in this particular case Eugenie Sage.

Land developers and farmers denying they are contributing to the problem doesn’t clean up the Kaipara or protect the snapper fishery. Land development for subdivisions north of Auckland eg near Orewa involves major land reshaping. A few sediment fences would never contain all the runoff given the scale of earthworks.Sediment and nitrogen inflows need to be reduced and the new fund is a start.

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If you vote Labour or Green you are voting for the destruction of the NZDF

Helen Clark famously stated we lived in a benign strategic environment…and then gutted the Air Force while buying expensive and still unused kit for the Army.

National realises that a great deal of kit is well past its use by date, especially aircraft and ships. They have embarked on a renewal programme, but the opposition is against any spending.

What they want will actually render the NZDF ineffectual.

Labour and the Greens are in la-la land if they think they can use $20 billion earmarked for a long-needed Defence Force upgrade as a slush fund for their election policies.

The Defence Force has been on the bones of its backside for long enough, and another round of austerity would see it lose many of its key capabilities. ? Read more »

So, a rich man gave money to Labour and the Greens, yet no one reported it

Earlier today I posted about the media announcing that Stone Shi gave $50,000 to the National party and that Jenny Gibbs has given a hundy to Act.

But, what is curious is the lack of reporting over another large donation, given just a few weeks before Stone Shi’s donation.

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Marama Davidson connects the European student clubs to bigotry, hate, Brexit and Trump


Yesterday we looked at the convoluted assumptions that both the MSM and anti-fascist groups make when they link one thing to another without any evidence. Yesterday it was the Pepe the frog cartoon that Winston Peters signed that the Media immediately linked to racism. They condemned Peters for signing it.

Now we have Green MP Marama Davidson making totally unfounded connections between European student clubs in New Zealand and unrelated issues like Brexit and President Trump. She also appears to not support?freedom of speech unless it is used to promote the culture that she supports. I have attempted to create a diagram to try to explain her convoluted thinking but first, here is the article.

Green MP Marama Davidson says freedom of speech should not be seen as a licence to promote prejudice and hate.

An organisation calling itself the European Students Association was refused permission to run a stall at the Auckland University orientaiton, but has shifted its activities across the road to AUT University.

Ms Davidson says such groups claim free speech in a way that demonstrates how some people’s free speech can be privileged over the rights of others.

It’s part of a trend of racism and bigotry.

“The international environment for it has come about because of things like Brexit, because of things like Trump being elected. I think it has also become more popular for people to be able to stand on their bigoted bigoted racist views,” she says.

Marama Davidson says people should have no hesitation in speaking out against racist groups.

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Little still using smoke signals to speak to Winston, shame he isn’t listening

Andrew Little still hasn’t bothered to spend much time at all with Winston Peters. He needs to if he is to form a government because he can’t form one without Winston Peters.

The problem Andrew Little has is that any government he forms has to be without the Greens, but he can’t form one without at least their support.

Vernon Small is the first commentator to realise this:

An Intelligence and Security Committee seat for Winston Peters and first phone call – and so “first cab off the rank”?status – for the Greens in any post-election deal-making.

“One for you,?one for you and please play nicely,” it seemed Labour leader Andrew Little was saying as he sashayed through his support party two-step.

In fact the olive branch to the Greens had barely any substance at all.

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More bad news… for Labour

Guest post

Last week we showed how National were in trouble [link to] comparing the poll history of the Colmar Brunton poll take in February of an election year.

Conclusion: Colmar Brunton Poll gives National false hope.

Now let?s see what history tells us about the latest Roy Morgan Poll and the Labour Party.
Back in 2008 while Labour was in Government they polled 36.5% in the February Roy Morgan poll, later that year lost the general election with 34% of the vote.

In February 2011, Roy Morgan had them at 35%, but they only received 27.5% of the vote in the general election.

In February 2014, they were at 33% but only received 25% of the vote in the general election.
Every time they have polled higher in February than the general election, with a drop off of up to 8%.

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Greens too socialist says top official as he walks away

We have always known that the Green party are like a watermelon, dark green on the outside but pink in the middle.

Now a senior official has left because the Greens have abandoned their environmental approach in favour of the dark red of socialism.

A former top Green official and leadership contender in 2015 has resigned from the party because he believes it has lost its way and he is now working with National.

Though he has not joined National, Vernon Tava is part of the campaign team for Erica Stamford ? an old friend — who is standing for National in East Coast Bays.

In 2015 he was the only non-MP to stand for the co-leadership; he was the party’s Northern convenor at the time.

Last year he stood for an Auckland Council Community Board under the City Vision banner.

City Vision was essentially a vehicle for Labour and Green local body candidates in Auckland.

But over the weekend he attended National?s? Blue Greens Forum in Auckland. ? Read more »

If you have to explain it James, then you’ve failed already

James Shaw is wanting to tell us all something…that the Greens can be involved in stable government.

The Green Party won’t get always get its own way in Government and that’s okay, co-leader James Shaw has told a packed room of future candidates.

In a major speech to the party’s candidates’ conference, Shaw pointed to a campaign platform based on clean water and families, as well as ramping up the Greens’ ability to be in Government – something it has?never before done. ? Read more »