Green Taliban

Haters and wreckers: you’ll know them by their Mana T-shirts and Green Party badges

New Zealand Holds General Election

Mana Movement leader

One woman and a dildo, and a few people and a glitter “bomb” is all it takes to sabotage public appearances.

Prime Minister John Key says the group of people who booed him off stage at Auckland’s Big Gay Out yesterday ‘hijacked’ the event for their own purposes.

Mr Key was booed and glitter-bombed by anti-TPP protesters at the event, forcing him off the stage in a minute into his speech. Read more »

Green Taliban: RMA reforms will “lock people out”

Yes. ?That’s the whole bloody point. ?To allow people to develop their properties without others trying to run the country by committee.

The Green Party has criticised proposed changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA), saying the overhaul would leave many people out of the consultation loop.

The Government has finally secured the numbers to change the legislation after getting the backing of the Maori Party.

The proposed changes are expected to reduce unnecessary red tape and speed up construction, which could help ease Auckland’s desperate housing market.

But Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says the changes will leave too many people without the means to voice their opinion on changes in their neighbourhoods.

“The major part [of the legislation] will be locking people out of consultation and having a say,” Ms Turei told the Paul Henry programme this morning.

She says even under the current laws, only a relatively small number of people are actually involved in the process.

And those make a huge mess. ? Not only that, the costs, the delays and the waste of productivity in general it causes is disproportionate. ?? Read more »

There is Dirty Politics and then there is Despicable Politics

Green Party MP Jan Logie is still pushing for John Key to apologise over accusing Labour and Greens of putting the welfare of criminals ahead of those of everyday New Zealanders by playing the sexual victim card.

A petition carrying 13,000 signatures calling on Prime Minister John Key to apologise for his “you back the rapists” comment has been handed in to Parliament.

Mr Key shouted the words at opposition MPs during a heated about New Zealand criminals being deported from Australia.

It caused uproar, and several women MPs walked out after saying they were victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key said he was responding to opposition claims that the Government wasn’t doing anything to help the deportees, and explained he meant Labour and the Greens cared more about criminals than the people who needed protection from them.

It wasn’t taken that way, and several women MPs walked out after identifying themselves as victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key didn’t apologise and Speaker David Carter subsequently said he couldn’t order an apology because he hadn’t heard the remark at the time.

The people’s power organisation ActionStation organised the petition.

It calls on Mr Key to “stand up and apologise for the offence your comment has caused to survivors of sexual violence throughout New Zealand, and withdraw the statement”.

It was handed to Green Party MP Jan Logie and Labour MP Poto Williams on the steps of Parliament today.

They were among those who walked out in protest when Mr Key made the comment.

The petition also calls on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence agencies to provide core services for victims.

“Today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women – it is the perfect day for us to present this petition,” said ActionStation spokeswoman Marianne Elliott.

Ms Logie said there was an epidemic of violence against women and the silence around it had to be broken.

The whole walkout was a staged political show. ?It was staged using the victims of sexual violence and mocking them by trying to smear the Prime Minister as being non-supportive of sexual violence victims.

There’s just one problem: ?he wasn’t.

And as we’ve seen by the polls that came out since then, New Zealand clearly heard John Key stand up for New Zealanders and question why Labour and the Greens were dying in the ditch for a handful of hardened criminals.

Using violence and sexual violence against women is normally an iron-clad strategy to shut everyone down. ?There simply is no argument to “justify” it in any context.

But Logie and her poisonous friends have totally over-reached here. ? John Key was clearly against the criminals who were at the time thought to be convicted of things like murder, rape and paedophilia while Labour and the Greens were criticising John Key for not doing enough to bring these people “home”.

The fact they found 13,000 people to sign this petition shows they are even willing to trivialise sexual violence if it means getting a hit in on John Key.

To borrow some Internet language: ?EPIC FAIL


– NZN via 3 News

Pointless. Ineffective. Norman. And Greenpeace want more of it

Russel Norman is a complete waste of space, and he is reminiscing about his “Gimme my flag episode”

Departing Green MP Russel Norman says he leaves Parliament with no regrets, but admits he was hugely embarrassed about his famous tussle over a Tibetan flag.

Dr Norman packed away the flag today as he cleared out his Wellington office in preparation of a move to Auckland, where he will take over as executive director of Greenpeace New Zealand.

The former Green co-leader said he grabbed it back off Chinese security guards after it was torn from his hands during a protest for Tibetan rights at Parliament in 2010. He was filmed shouting “give me back my flag” at the Chinese delegation. ? Read more »

The hypocrisy and sanctimony of the James Shaw and the Greens

Yesterday the Green Party and their lap-bloggers made a big deal about Judith Collins being the brand ambassador for Southern Autos and their French cars.

James Shaw said this:

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said while it might be legal, it doesn’t mean it’s “tasteful”.

He said MPs often get behind products, for example he said he supports electric cars, but he would not sign a deal to become a brand ambassador.

“I would describe that as a step too far,” he said. “You shouldn’t be using the weight of your office to formally sell for commercial enterprises. It just seems really out of order.”

Read more »

The Truth behind Gloriavale – a Whaleoil Investigation

Regular readers will know that I’ve been somewhat irritated at the Green Party and the media in general for constantly running hit pieces on Gloriavale as if it is some kind of penal colony from which women, children and?slaves need?to be rescued.

Recent pressure has been directed at Gloriavale’s educational programme, and how this allegedly stops specifically women from advancing their education beyond NCEA Level 1. ?The undercurrent of these media hit pieces is that “something must be done”.

Yet the police have no issues with Gloriavale. ?The local MP is happy with them. ?And even the ERO can’t find anything wrong with Gloriavale’s delivery of education to its children. ?All standards met. ?All boxes ticked. ?These people don’t put a foot wrong.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t see any balancing media coverage. ?Here are the Media Party hand in hand with the Green Party kicking up a storm, while police, educational authorities and local politicians are all saying there’s nothing of concern.

So let’s have a look at what a deliberately dumbed down Gloriavale community looks like, shall we? ?Let’s see how they deliberately don’t allow their people to advance beyond NCEA Level 1. ?Especially the women.

Documents obtained by Whaleoil tell a completely different story. ? Here is some hard data on Gloriavale that you will not see in “reputable” media outlets, because?nobody asked. Read more »


Hundreds of Wellingtonians are expected to turn out today, to protest against the government’s lack of action on climate change.

And the Green Party’s pitching in behind a Wellington campaign to raise awareness about rising sea levels.

Green MP Gareth Hughes says many parts of the capital will be washed out if action isn’t taken now.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of the serious issue of climate change, which scientists, international governments and the UN are urging action for, so we want to raise the profile of a very serious issue.”

Rising sea levels are placing a significant strain on infrastructure around Wellington.

Hundreds of Wellingtonians are expected. ?That means 99.99% don’t give a whatsit.

So what sort of sea level rise is Wellington expecting? ? Luckily, Tonkin & Taylor were paid to write a report for the Wellington City Council, in which they, and I quote, selected “five reasonable scenarios” for sea level rises. ? Read more »

Green Taliban loses Russel Norman to Greenpeace


A newspaper writes

Former Green Party co-leader Russel Norman will resign as an MP and from the Green Party to head Greenpeace New Zealand.

Dr Norman, who stepped down from the co-leader position in May and was replaced by James Shaw, will leave Parliament next month.

In November he will become Greenpeace New Zealand’s executive director, taking over from Bunny McDiarmid, who has been in the role for 10 years.

I have no respect for Russel Norman as a politician. ?He’s an activist and saboteur that has taken protests and economic sabotage to parliament and felt this was a constructive way to build a greener New Zealand. ? His departure is no loss to the Greens. Read more »

It?s official: UK law makes eco-protesters terrorists

About time somebody did some about Green taliban eco-terrorists.

Anti-fracking protesters could be viewed as potential extremists under the government?s new counter-terrorism strategy, police have told teachers.

The bizarre advice was offered during a training session as part of the Prevent strategy, which aims to stop youngsters being brainwashed by Islamic extremists.

The group of 100 teachers were told that people campaigning against fracking in their local area could be regarded as having extreme views.

They were also warned that environmental activists and anti-capitalists could be deemed a threat, with the Green MP Caroline Lucas given as an example.

Dylan Murphy, a history teacher present at the training day, said: ?The thing that set alarm bells ringing in my head was when he started talking about environmental activists. ?I thought, ?Are you equating anti-fracking protests and environmental protesters with neo-Nazis and terrorists??? ?? Read more »

Green Taliban wants personal vote on Easter Trading at same time as reaming Gloriavale for Christian values. Where is the consistency?

The Green Taliban has donned their cloak of hypocrisy and held up their shield of sanctimony in calling on the Speaker to allow a personal vote on Easter trading laws.

Parliament?s Speaker David Carter needs to consider allowing a personal vote on legislation to relax Easter trading laws, the Green Party said today.

“MPs have traditionally exercised personal votes on Easter trading,” said the Green Party?s Workplace Relations & Safety spokesperson, Denise Roche, who will be writing to Mr Carter requesting the personal vote

“Past voting has not been along party lines, with eight current National MPs, including Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse himself, voting against Easter Sunday trading in previous Parliaments.

“Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and seven of his National Party colleagues should not be forced to vote for legislation they do not agree with that will see people forced to work on Easter Sunday.

“Shop staff shouldn?t have to take a personal grievance in order to go to church on Easter Sunday, as suggested by Michael Woodhouse. ? Read more »