Greg Sayers

Some interesting titbits from Auckland Council election returns

Hamish Coleman-Ross should stick to sailing

I’ve been going through the Auckland Council election expense and donation returns over the past few days since they were released on the Auckland Council website.

There are some interesting titbits to digest.

Greg Presland, who is now putting his name in the hat for Labour in New Lynn didn’t declare a single donation or contribution but spent over $40,000 getting himself elected.

If he wins the selection that would seem a total waste of resources. Presumably, he is now spending even more of his own money trying to secure Labour’s selection. Life must be good as a small community law office.

Looking through the returns of failed candidate Calum Penrose was really interesting, particularly on his expenses. ? Read more »

The most formidable man in Auckland politics


Auckland Council only had two challengers remove incumbents, Greg Sayers in Rodney and Daniel ‘Vlad’ Newman in Manurewa-Papakura.

Sayers removed the allegedly right-wing Penny Webster, while the most ruthless, committed and dangerous campaigner in Auckland, ‘Vlad’ Newman managed to top the polls at the same time as consigning Calum Penrose to the knackers yard.

The smart money was always on ‘Vlad’ Newman who has sucked the lifeblood out of numerous opponents at the same time as dominating his local board. Unsurprisingly his personal vehicle Manurewa Action Team won every seat on the local board, and his campaign was so formidable Calum Penrose refused to attend meet the candidate events with him. ? Read more »