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No matter what we do, no matter what we say…

Back during the 2014 election campaign Katie Bradford revealed her frustration with the polls and with voters by stating to cameras that, ?No matter what we do, no matter what we say, the polls still favour National.?

It showed her complete and utter bias for all to see.

This morning on Radio NZ there was another reveal, this time from Guyon Espiner when talking to an academic about housing affordability.

Espiner was astounded that the claims of Nick Smith about housing affordability were actually true and the academic was busily explaining that although what Nick Smith said was true he was still wrong.

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Karl du Fresne on Dirty Politics

No wonder Giovanni Tiso wants Karl du Fresne silenced.

Look at this analysis of dirty politics:

What makes me suspicious is that whoever hacked Slater?s emails subsequently began?drip-feeding them on Twitter in a carefully phased operation obviously calculated to cause maximum political damage. As TV3 political editor Patrick Gower?pointed out, that required a high degree of political and media savvy.

Suspicion has fallen on Kim Dotcom (hardly surprising, given that he boasted at the weekend about hacking the German chancellor?s credit rating), but both Dotcom and Hager strenuously deny his involvement.

Whoever?s responsible, it began to look?less like the work of someone who had spontaneously attacked Slater?s email account out of anger at the ?feral? headline, and more like an example of the political ?black ops? that Hager supposedly despises.

Hager?s role in the affair has largely escaped critical scrutiny. He has been a trenchant critic of clandestine surveillance of private communications in the past ? indeed, wrote a book about it. Yet here he is, using stolen emails to write a book whose publication is timed to derail a party he obviously opposes.

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The misogyny of the left

The left wing likes to accuse the right of misogyny. As they sanctimoniously point their fingers they ignore the latent and often overt misogyny that exists in their own ranks.

Sure they hide behind quotas and other artifices but it is there. One of the worst exponents is Martyn Bradbury. Yesterday he attacked Josie Pagani for no reason other than he doesn’t like where her politics lies…it isn’t far enough left for his liking.

Josie Pagani is no blouse though and she strikes back against his tyranny.

It?s time for the tolerant, open and compassionate left to stand up to vilification and abuse when it is practised by sections of the left.

The left should not be defined by political aggression, intolerance and bullying; it should be defined by decency, inclusion, ideas and respect for people.

Exhibit A: Martyn Bradbury of the Daily Blog denounced ?three broadcasters of the apocalypse?, after the announcement that Guyon Espiner will host Radio New Zealand?s Morning Report.? He called Guyon ?a hard right neo-liberal white rich male acolyte? – and me a ?Fox News democrat?.

I?ve had enough of this. This is abuse substituting for argument. Anyway it is absurd to conflate Guyon Espiner, a journalist respected on all sides, with Paul Henry?s history of raving racism.

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Out of ideas?

Regan at Throng posted this tweet from Duncan Garner.

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Brian Edwards on Shane Jones

My good friend isn’t impressed with Shane Jones…at all.

Shane Jones is one of only two people I have ever hung up on. Trevor Mallard is the other. I don?t take well to being bullied or abused.

I do Mallard an injustice by mentioning him in the same context as Jones. I have considerable respect for Trevor and nothing but contempt for Jones.

If I ever had doubts that such contempt was deserved, they would have vanished over the past couple of weeks in the face of his numerous appearances on television. This is not a man the Labour Party can ever afford to have as its Leader. This is not a man the country can ever afford to have as its Prime Minister. He would almost certainly bring shame to both offices.

Strong stuff. I take it Brian doesn’t like Shane Jones.

When the story of Jones using his ministerial credit card to pay to watch porn in his hotel rooms first came to light, my primary reaction was that it was evidence of extremely poor judgement. The morality of watching porn concerned me less. Tens of thousands of New Zealand men watch pornography on the Internet every day. Porn-watchers form the Internet?s largest audience.? Read more »

Choices, choices

Danyl McLauchlan at DimPost blogs?on the choices that Labour faces, first he dismisses the media fascination with Shane Jones and Guyon Espiner’s strange suggestion that National fears Jones:

Yes. Jones. The guy who never won a seat, who stood down after charging pornographic movies to the taxpayer, introduced laws regulating shower pressure in the middle of the 2008 election campaign when Labour struggled with the ?nanny state? perception, who stood down again when he was investigated for immigration fraud and now only ever speaks out to attack Labour?s largest coalition partner. That?s who National really fears.

He then discusses the real challengers:? Read more »

Not just politicians, churnalists too, Twitter bombs going off everywhere

Today Little Andy apologised for his angry rant, now Duncan Garner is having mad rants on Twitter and all because Regan at Throng has pointed out some alarming but factual statistics…that his and Guyon Espiner’s shows are poos and no one watches them.


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Shark jumping – 3rd Degree style

“The conviction by a jury, twice, of rapist and murderer Teina Pora is the biggest miscarriage of justice ever ever ever, says 3rd Degree and it is just not fair.

We have no new evidence, they say, but Teina is definitely innocent because he says he is.

Yes, we know our jails are full of people who did not commit their crimes, but Teina Pora really means it.

We will continue to lobby to have him freed, while focusing on parts of the evidence and leaving out other bits which, to be honest, don’t suit our narrative. ? Read more »

Tweet of the Day

Guyon Espiner really does nail Tweet of the day.

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