Oh those Russkis…they kill me

I thought Russkis, like Krauts, had ?a humour bypass in their genes.

Turns out no.

The Russian Government has poked fun at claims it interfered with the US election days after Vladimir Putin said the accusation was a ‘lie’.

This morning, the Russian Foreign Ministry posted an audio recording of an apparent?automated telephone service to aid Russian embassies. Read more »


Independent legal opinion on the Dotcom decision

Author Nicky Hager holding the proof of having created a commercial product from my property.

Rick Shera writes

Apart from the overall decision itself that the appellants are eligible for extradition, a few very interesting things that leapt out:

  • We’re already starting to see the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dixon (Dixon v R [2015] NZSC 147), that digital files are property. With that finding in hand, it now becomes a simple matter to find that “property”, when referred to in any provision of the Crimes Act, refers to digital material. So, in Dotcom, the High Court finds that the there would be a prima facie case under New Zealand law that the appellants have obtained property (the alleged infringing copies of films) by deception under section 240 of the Crimes Act 1961 and therefore that that provides a “pathway” for extradition. One wonders how long it will be before we see a civil action for conversion of digital files.

Digital files being property will be very useful in any future legal encounters where I get to question Mr Hager on the use of stolen property. ? And then making money from it. ? Read more »

D?j? vu: NZ Journalist, criminal hack, wikileaks and Kim Dotcom

Here we go again. Is this the new normal for politics? I guess it is. This time round instead of hacking Whaleoil, Rawshark 2.0 has gone directly after the National Government. No doubt emboldened by the fact that Rawshark has never been brought to justice they have allegedly stolen 2 terabytes of information. The only difference this time round is that the journalist (who once again is linked to Kim Dotcom) is not writing a book with the stolen information but is allegedly running away to Russia to claim asylum while the stolen information apparently is destined for Wikileaks.

Is this a Martyn Bradbury drug induced?fantasy? Is the journalist in question really that afraid or even a journalist? Suzie Dawson? Never heard of her. Our sources say she was a member of Occupy and a prolific tweeter during Dirty Politics. Even Martyn Bradbury calls her a blogger rather than a journalist. At one stage she took up a friendship with fraudster Ben Rachinger who December last year pleaded guilty to obtaining by deception and who is now awaiting sentencing. Ben Rachinger you may remember is the young man who approached Whaleoil offering to help us catch Rawshark after we were hacked.We were so taken in by him that we asked him to assist the New Zealand Police with their enquiries.

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Putin nailed it in his response to Malevolent Obama’s “Kitchen diplomacy”

While Obama is doing all he can to create problems for America and Donald Trump on his way out the Russian bear that he did his best to poke with a stick has calmly put him in his place. Obama blaming Russia for the hacking when he has provided zero evidence of their guilt is very un-presidential behaviour.

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NZ Herald’s owner NZME, have had a server compromised

And the ones to “out them” are Spark. ? No really.


Thanks for playing the Spark Arcade game recently. It?s a promotion we set up with our partner NZME. Unfortunately, we?ve been advised that there has been a security breach on a server used by NZME, hosting the Spark Arcade website.

This means some information about you (your name, email address and mobile number, whether you won a Spark Arcade prize or not, and if you did, what that prize was) was vulnerable to access by a third-party.

A security breach. ?That’s interesting. ? Read more »


Privacy Commisioner looks into Yahoo! Hack, but my hack was no reason for concern

The Privacy Commissioner didn’t give two shits about the hack of my personal data nor of the Media Party pedalling that all over their papers and airwaves.

But they are real concerned about the hack of Yahoo!

Spark says information from?130,000 Xtra email addresses is?”at risk” as a result of a massive hack on Yahoo in 2014 that only came to light last week.

Privacy commissioner John Edwards praised Spark?but questioned Yahoo’s response and?said the?hack showed?the need for a New Zealand law to force companies to own up to data breaches.

Yahoo said?last week that 500 million email?customers had information stolen in the attack which?it believed?had the backing of a foreign government.

The attack?also affected Spark customers?as it outsourced its Xtra email service to Yahoo in 2007.

Spark said about 15 per cent of its 825,000 Xtra email addresses?were at risk.

The information stolen from Yahoo?includes?unencrypted questions and answers to security questions?that could be used to reset account passwords. ? Read more »

Labour Party server hacked, for real this time


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Face of the day


Samantha Hayes has been hacked.??When we were hacked victim blaming was epic on the MSM. It was all our fault for not protecting ourselves well enough and the public had a right to know all our personal and private details. Nicky Hager had the right to put it into a book and make thousands of dollars off the back off criminal activity but when it happens to a MSM?journalist it is a different story.?For her, there will be sympathy and outrage.

Hacking to affect politics again, as predicted by Dotcom and announced by Assange

As I said previously, in hindsight, my hack was just one of the first of what is now becoming a standard way to sabotage political campaigns.

Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing website, counted on by millions to call out the dirty birds who hold far too much power in our country. Assange says that his next leak will be so damaging for Hillary Clinton, that not only should she no longer be eligible to be President, but she should be arrested and indicted.

According to Assange, he has ?enough evidence? for the Department of Justice to indict Hillary Clinton regarding her handling of classified information, which includes directing her staff to remove ?classified? labels from emails as a way to casually send pertinent and delicate information via an unsecured public server.

Assange says that, while he believes that some of the rules regarding classified information are silly, he also knows that Hillary Clinton, as well as President Obama, has pushed to get people who break those rules prosecuted for such crimes.

Whistleblowing and leaks are the soft descriptors for criminal hacking.? Read more »

It appears that hacking as part of elections is here to stay

I would say I am proud to have been the first in New Zealand, but that would ignore the Hollow Men hack, and perhaps others that have been just as effective and less public.

US presidential campaigns and related organisations have been targeted by hackers, the office of the US National Intelligence Director James Clapper says.

“We’re aware that campaigns and related organisations and individuals are targeted by actors with a variety of motivations, from philosophical differences to espionage, and capabilities, from defacements to intrusions,” Mr Clapper’s spokesman Brian Hale said in a statement on Wednesday, deferring to the FBI for details on specific incidents.

Earlier, Mr Clapper said the US intelligence community had “already had some indications” of hacking attempts against presidential campaigns.

“As the campaign intensifies we’ll probably have more” attacks, Mr Clapper said at a morning event at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

The last two US presidential cycles in 2008 and 2012 witnessed a barrage of cyber attacks from a range of adversaries targeting President Barack Obama’s campaign and the campaigns of his Republican foes.

US intelligence officials have said many of the previous assaults were linked to Chinese hackers.

Politically motivated hacking seems to be alive and well in New Zealand.? And judging by the news story, it’s here to stay.? Would it be unfair to say it’s most, if not all, done by or for the left?? Read more »