Halal certification

A small gesture that is powerful and good but also harmful and dangerous

The small Ahmadiyya sect of Islam is known for condemning Islamic extremism and for doing charitable good works. Their community’s slogan is “Love for all, hatred for none” and unlike mainstream Islam sects Sunni and Shia they are tolerant of other religions. Their values are still not the same as Western values as women and men are segregated inside their mosques and their women still wear hijab. Pete and I visited Auckland’s Ahmadiyya mosque last year and found them as concerned about ” radical Islam” as we were.

The problem I have with the peaceful and tolerant Ahmadiyya is that they are used as poster girls for mainstream Islam by both?the media and politicians. They also promote their faith as being representative of Islam which gives the world a false impression of what Islam really is.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque has also been acting as the center for the ?Loyalty, Freedom and Peace Campaign? in order for the west to recognize Islam as a peaceful religion and to improve the Integration of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


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The shocking truth about FIANZ revealed


Most people believe FIANZ represents all New Zealand Muslims. They are a powerful New Zealand group that receives all the Halal certification money in New Zealand.

Recently I e-mailed some questions to the?ex -National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at NZ about FIANZ and his answers will shock you.


Question: Is it true that FIANZ do not represent your community and that they do not recognise you as Muslims?

Answer:?FIANZ does not represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at in any shape or form.

Question:The Imam we have exposed does not recognise your community and they have even put in writing that you are all apostates. Is FIANZ the same?

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Why is this NZ chocolate company hiding their Halal certification from NZ consumers?

Companies in New Zealand are forced to tell consumers exactly what is in their products. I can pick up a product and at a glance see how much sugar or salt it has and whether or not it may contain traces of nuts. Most chocolate companies are now Halal certified apart from Lindt but not all of them are up-front about it. I want to be able to choose to not give them my money and as a consumer, I believe that I have the right to know if a company submits to Halal certification.

It appears that local chocolate maker Whittaker’s is failing to put the Halal symbol on their chocolate when it is sold in New Zealand. I do not think that this is acceptable. What do you think?

In the facebook, exchange below they appear to avoid addressing the issue.

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Back in 2014 Cadbury made its Halal bed. Now it must lie in it.



I no longer buy Cadbury products because of their Halal certification which I believe is a financial rort. I used to enjoy their chocolate before they went Halal. Recently I found out that back in 2014 not only were they Halal but they actually changed a recipe in order to gain Halal certification. As a result they were boycotted by furious customers who said that they had ruined?the taste of a popular brand. They also complained that Cadbury had removed certification symbols from product packaging to hide the Halal symbol from their customers.

After all that fuss and bother you would think that Cadbury back in 2014 would have had an appreciative and loyal Muslim customer base both overseas and at home, but you would be wrong. Cadbury paid lots of the money to become Halal certified and for ongoing certification; there is no doubt about that. The certifiers made lots of money from it but there was one little problem with the chocolate… Read more »

Halal boycott working in Australia

I have posted before about Halal certification and how it is a money making scam that benefits Islam. Imagine being able to profit from simply giving authorisation for a Halal symbol to be put on thousands of products ranging from food to toilet paper, from cat food to shampoo and all at little or no cost to yourself. The Halal symbol serves no purpose except to let the consumer know that the product contains no pork and is permissible to eat or drink if you are a Muslim. Shockingly Halal symbols can be found on thousands of items that are not food or drink and that therefore do not need a warning symbol.

To put it into perspective imagine that there was a Peanut Free symbol that started off only being put on drinkable or edible products.imagesNow imagine that the Ideology of Peanut Free people lobbied to be able to form organisations to certify products as peanut free with their own special symbol despite the fact that the list of ingredients on the products already provide that information. Now imagine that they then extend this symbol to be included on products like toilet paper, shampoo and cat food, products that have never ever had anything to do with peanuts and make millions of dollars by doing so.

In Australia a boycott of Halal labelled products by consumers has motivated some companies to shun Halal certification. Some are even promoting their products as? ?non-halal certified.?In response some Certification organisations have started naming and shaming the companies who choose to not be Halal certified as well as threatening trade bans.

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I bet you didn’t know these facts about the Lindt cafe



1) The Lindt cafe in Australia where people were held hostage by an Islamic terrorist has Jewish owners.

2) Lindt chocolate has been very public about its refusal to accept Halal certification.



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They are winning the battle but not the war


I went into battle today with my six foot five son at my side. As I limped down the battle field ( I had my varicose veins lazered recently ) I followed my usual routine. I scanned the supermarket shelves and made my choice based on the cost per 100 grams. Sometimes I asked my son to read the labels as I didn’t have my reading glasses with me. We happily discussed sodium and fat content while making a decision on which peanut butter brand to buy and slowly but surely our shopping basket began to fill up.

On my list were two products that my daughter had requested. Corn thins and Rice cakes. I had put both into my basket when my son scanned the ingredients and told me that the rice cakes had the Halal symbol on them. Did this mean that the rice cakes had been slaughtered according to Islamic doctrine? Were the rice cakes facing Mecca when they died? Are rice cakes mentioned in the Koran? Are Muslims forbidden from eating rice cakes unless a special tax is paid to one of their organisations so that they can have this special symbol on the packaging?

What ever the answer is I no longer wanted the rice cakes. I replaced them with another packet of the corn thins. I resent being turned into a Dhimmi in my own democratic non Islamic country. I resent paying a tax for something that is basically an extortion racket. Without firing a shot Islam has turned every one of us Infidel, Kafirs into Dhimmis. They are making money off us with the Halal certification racket. We are not talking about meat slaughtered to Islamic specifications here, we are talking about toothpaste, cat food, rice cakes as well as non food items such as personal care products, cosmetics and even medicine.

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