hate speech

I hate bigots with different opinions

A bigot is defined as a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices and one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance.

It was interesting to read a headline on a post put up by the Party for Socialism and Liberation – PSL, the people waving the banners above.

“Down with all forms of bigotry”

A wonderful, tolerant aspiration.

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What Facebook, France & Fascism have in common

The initiative announced today stems from a meeting earlier this year between Zuckerberg (left) and Macron (right) | Christophe Petit Tesson/AFP via Getty Images

The desire to censor and to control the message is what Facebook, France and Fascism all have in common. Rather than address the actual problems that come with Muslim immigration, Sharia law and Islamic terrorism, Facebook and France are collaborating in typical Fascist fashion to silence those citizens who dare to express concern or to complain about the many evils of Islam.

Zuckerberg has been cracking down and banning people who post anti-Muslim comments for several years now while doing nothing about anti-Israel/anti-Christian/anti-American Facebook pages.

First, it was Germany’s Angela Merkel collaborating with Facebook. Now Macron too has decided to silence French citizens instead of protecting them from all the issues and problems that they are wanting to talk about and express their legitimate anger, fear and concerns about. quote.

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Germany considers huge fines for hate speech

The German Justice Ministry has introduced a draft law that would impose fines of up to ?50 million ($53.2 million) on social media companies that fail to quickly remove hate speech and other illegal content from their platforms. Justice Minister Heiko Maas presented the proposed law at a press conference on Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, the fines would be imposed whenever Facebook or other web companies do not swiftly remove online threats, hate speech, or slanderous fake news. The ministry is also calling on social media companies to name one person responsible for handling complaints. In cases where companies fail to comply with the regulations, that person could face a fine of up to ?5 million, according to the AP.

This is patently absurd.

Germany has long taken a tough stance on hate speech and defamation, and it has increasingly pressured US tech companies to more aggressively combat such material online. In 2015, Facebook, Google, and Twitter agreed to review and remove reported hate speech in Germany within 24 hours, and Maas has suggested that Facebook should be treated as a media company under German law. Facebook recently introduced its fake news filter in Germany, as well, amid concerns that disinformation campaigns could influence upcoming national elections. Read more »


Top Cop should stick to his knitting

Police commissioner Mike Bush didn?t go so far as actually advocating a law prohibiting ?hate speech?, however that may be defined, but obviously it was on his mind. In fact he?s talked to the Human Rights Commission about it.

I imagine it would have been a meeting of minds. After all, it?s the nature of bureaucracies to want their powers expanded.

Combine this with the pervasive school of thought in modern government which holds that a feckless society needs paternalistic minders to keep it from getting into trouble, and almost any busybody law becomes possible.

If we were to have speech police, could George Orwell?s Thought Police be far behind?

A hate speech law would mark a radical and dangerous extension of existing police powers: from protecting people and property against clearly identifiable threats, such as assault and theft, to making value judgments about whether a citizen has crossed the blurry line between fair comment and something much darker.

Wherever this has been tried elsewhere in the world it has led to less freedom. ? Read more »

If the biggest victims of hate crimes in New Zealand don’t think we need new laws then we don’t

Shalom.Kiwi reports:

The New Zealand Jewish Council has added its voice to those government ministers opposing the idea of new hate crime legislation but support the idea of collecting more information when crimes occur.

Recording hate crimes as such, and identifying the perpetrators as well as the victims, will help identify patterns. The information should be used to protect victims as well as target aggressors.?Stephen Goodman

In countries where information about the motivations of crimes are collected, the Jewish community is targeted in a highly disproportionate number of religiously-motivated attacks. For example, the 2015 FBI statistics show that 52.1% of religiously-motivated attacks were against Jews and 21.9% were against Muslims. In the same year in the UK, there were 924 incidents against Jews and 548 anti-Muslim incidents. Canadian statistics for 2014 also showed more than twice as many attacks against Jews than Muslims ? despite a much larger population of Muslims compared to Jews. ? Read more »

Dompost opposes hate speech legislation

There is nothing more pernicious than hate speech legislation.

In Australia it has been used to try to silence bloggers, radio hosts and media. In Europe, it is used to silence critics of immigration. In almost all cases it is used by Muslims to silence critics of Islam.

It must be opposed being introduced in New Zealand.

The call for hate-crimes legislation is understandable and even laudable. In an age of mounting xenophobia, those who preach hatred of other races or religions no longer seem a minor or fringe element. Some of the worst xenophobes now hold power in countries which used to preach tolerance and diversity.

I am not xenophobic. New Zealand needs immigration and I welcome immigrants. There are?provisos, though, I believe immigrants to NZ should FIFO. They definitely should be compatible with our western liberal ideals…and not some stone age death cult.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush wants to see if there is a case for hate-crimes legislation in New Zealand, and is prompted by a horrible incident in Huntly, fortunately filmed by the Muslim woman who was the primary victim. The sight of a woman threatening and abusing a Muslim woman sitting quietly in her car is shocking and dreadful.

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What happens when you create “Hate Speech” laws inside a country?

First they came for the cartoonists whose style and politics were different than mine…and I said nothing. You know the rest.

Hate speech has become a hot topic and in a pattern that has been repeated over and over again, in Western country after Western country those behind the push to criminalise people’s words are Muslim activists enabled by the media and authoritarian, left-wingers who support State control of everything. It is only to be expected that they would want to control our words as well as our lightbulbs.

Our laws for abuse are already adequate and just need to be enforced. In the recent Huntly incident even though there was no evidence of racial or religious abuse the young extremely drunk woman pleaded guilty to insulting and assaulting another woman and was punished for her crime. That should have been the end of it but because the victim of her abuse was a media savvy PR person it is being used as a lever to try to change our laws.

This is something that we must resist with every bone in our bodies as when laws have been changed to criminalise people’s speech overseas it has had a ” chilling” effect on free speech and has been used to silence and bully people with opinions that others do not agree with. So far the National government are resisting calls to legislate against ” hate speech” but in the past, they have caved when the media and activists have made a big enough noise so as voters we need to send them a strong message to stand firm on this issue.

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National pours cold water over Human Rights Commission and Police Commissioner Mike Bush’s Hate Speech ideas

Police are considering the advantages of introducing a specific hate speech crime to target anecdotal reports of an increase in attacks.

Just days ago a woman was charged with assault after an attack on a Muslim woman in Huntly, near Hamilton, which was filmed and posted on social media.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush raised the idea in a select committee review of NZ Police on Wednesday.

He said communities and the Human Rights Commission had been driving calls for specific hate crime legislation, according to RNZ.

“We have crime categories at the moment that do apply but we’re just working through the pros and cons of whether or not it would be the right thing to do to recommend a specific crime type,” he said.

Police Minister Paula Bennett questioned whether there was an increase in attacks or whether it was the result of wider coverage, something Mr Bush also raised. Read more »

Oh look, Winston is onto the dodgy South Auckland Muslim cleric now

We outed the dodgy Muslim cleric Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib a few months back to a veritable media storm.

We have also been harvesting videos and analysing his preachings of hate towards Jews and Christians alike.

Now Winston Peters is on the ratbag’s trail.

New Zealand First has confirmation that controversial Islamic cleric, Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib, received over $13,000 in fees and expenses from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

“If Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib and his anti-Semitic ramblings reflect high quality migration then what checks are being done to make sure migrants fit in with our values,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Winston Peters.

“Especially with net migration breaking another record just yesterday at 70,400 in the year to November 2016. That?s almost a New Plymouth?s worth of migration in just one year. ? Read more »

If you want to make something more popular apply the “Rubber hammer effect”

Doctor and patient

I am going to call it the?” Rubber hammer effect. “?When Rawshark and his paymaster and all the others involved went ahead with the hack of Whaleoil they expected to silence us and shut us down. As we all now know Whaleoil’s readership skyrocketed after all the free advertising in the MSM for well over a month.Their attack which was designed to squash?us rebounded on them making us even more popular than we were before.The same thing has happened to the leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders. He?was sent to court on a trumped up hate speech charge by his political rivals who wanted to silence him and destroy his party’s chances. His conviction has backfired on his accusers big time.

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