Heidi Hunt

Back in my day this little toe-rag would have been caned daily until he cut his hair

Get a haircut, snowflake

What is it with the snowflake generation and their equally pathetic parents these days.

They sign up to go to a school, pay through the nose for their property to attend the school then thumb their nose at the rules.

A mother is battling prestigious?Auckland Grammar School?over the length of her 11-year-old son’s?hair.

Heidi Hunt’s son James has golden blonde hair sweeping his shoulders.

By his mum’s account, he’s a?star student. He excels in maths and?creative writing, is a talented singer, and won the title of New Zealand’s top recreational cricketer with 29.48 MVP?points in early March.

But?he?isn’t allowed to attend Auckland Grammar School – and?all because of the length of his hair, she said.

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