LGBTQ activists, feel free to speak up at any time…

In Germany, Muslim parents have ganged up to protest against their preschool children having a gay teacher. In Auckland, the council has provided a segregated Muslim Women-only swimming programme for 12 years. When you provide discriminatory services to Muslims they will eventually demand more ” culturally appropriate” services. In Germany, they are now demanding homosexual free education. If you allow sexual and religious segregation in a country that supports equal rights how is that any different to allowing discrimination against homosexuals? New Zealand is no better than Germany we are just a few years behind in the process of cultural jihad.

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Read Whaleoil, unless you’re a poof

All the real problems in the world must have been solved, because this is now the latest outrage:

The owners of a new Vietnamese sandwich shop in West Auckland have been roasted by outraged customers who took offence to ‘homophobic’ terms being included on its menu board.

The Bun Mee Kiwi outlet in Henderson only opened last week.

But some customers have been quick to take offence at the message at the top of its menu board – which said people could have their hot, spicy foods and jalapeno…”unless you are a poof”.

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The Australian National Imams Council confirms that the punishment for homsexuality is death

Imam Yusuf Peer. Picture: Chris McCormack

In the last three days Australians have heard two Australian Imams expressing their views on the gay community. Both Imams hold executive positions within the Australian National Imams Council so we can reasonably expect their views to be representative of Islam rather than their personal opinions, as they have been chosen to speak on behalf of the Muslim community in Australia.

A group called Muslims for Progressive Values in Australia are trying to undo the damage the two Imams and their President, Shady Alsuleiman have done, by claiming that the three men’s view is not the official Islamic view. While I appreciate them wanting to make Islam seem like a progressive religion it clearly isn’t. If it was there would be no need to form a group called Muslims for Progressive Values now would there?

There are ‘ progressive’ christian groups who think abortion is okay but that does not mean that they can legitimately claim that what the Pope and two of his bishops say about abortion is not the official Catholic view. Likewise the progressive Muslim group have no authority to claim that the Australian Imams council is not telling the truth. They should be honest and say that they do not believe that as they are ‘progressive ‘ but yes, that mainstream Islam does believe that homosexuals should be killed.

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An Ex-Muslim woman’s thoughts on the Florida massacre

As many of you know I follow a number of ex-Muslim blogs and facebook pages. I prefer to learn about Islam not only from those who have studied Islam or who are Muslims themselves but also from apostates. The blog post below was written by a woman who has spent the last year learning to cope after being cut off by her entire family because she no longer wanted to follow their family religion. It has been an extremely painful journey for her.

Orlando killings- is Islam to blame?

This blog is going to be a bit different to my usual. This one is my thoughts on what happened in Orlando. I wouldn?t usually post anything about things like this, but I am deeply saddened by what has happened and ?I am also angry. I am reading many posts on Twitter, about what provoked this man to do what he did. A lot of people are saying religion can?t be blamed and that Islam isn?t homophobic. I am not saying Islam is 100% to blame, but I don?t understand how anyone can deny it does promote homophobia.

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Face of the day




Read what today’s face of the day, Milo Yiannopoulos,?has to say about the Muslim terrorist massacre in Florida. Gays were targeted for death by the Muslim terrorist and Milo (himself a gay man) has some serious words for us all.

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Perhaps Fossy might loan her his gay ute


A woman has been accused of having a “relentlessly gay” garden…and she doesn’t agree and is going to make it gayer.

Might I suggest she gives Fossy a call, he could drive his ute there.

A bisexual woman whose neighbours have complained about her having a “relentlessly gay” garden has responded by crowd funding to make it ?even gayer?.

Julie Baker, 47, says she received a typed note from an anonymous resident which she believes was posted in response to the rainbow coloured fairy lights she put up in her garden.

The note read: ?Dear Resident of 4900 Kenwood Ave., Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone It Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the Police on You! Your kind need to have respect for GOD.? ? Read more »


Jeremy Wells, the private school princess [UPDATED]

After yesterday’s post I had a number of people contact me about Jeremy Wells and his background, so I have reconsidered my position – since I am allowed to change my mind.

I still think false apologies are meaningless and I stand by that…but with a little bit more information, I am calling him and his enablers out.

You know – it is funny that the latest hero of the left, Jeremy Wells, is a St Kents and Wanganui Collegiate private school princess, but somehow thinks that no one will know about that as he?gets to mock Mike Hosking for being aristocratic. He is simply pandering to his left wing enablers and luvvies in the media.

A pity then, that Wells descended into racism in his bid for cheap and nasty laughs.

Radio Hauraki has been rapped over the knuckles after a Mike Hosking impersonation by DJ Jeremy Wells was labelled racist by some listeners.

The radio station apologised after Wells’ appearance on the?Hauraki Breakfast?show on May 15, presenting a segment called?Like Mike.

Wells, in character as broadcaster Hosking, said he preferred “Maoris to keep to themselves in marae, rural rugby clubs or on-stage cultural performances in Rotorua hotels coinciding with a hangi buffet”.

“Maoris are loose units. They’re often tattooed. The women smoke too much and are free and easy with their affections.

“The world’s media are watching us this week. As right-thinking New Zealanders we should be asking: is this the image we want to convey to the world?”

The act drew hundreds of comments on the station’s Facebook page; many expressed outrage, although others said the item was clearly satire and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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A Gay perspective on Islam


I have given this article the title? ‘A Gay perspective on Islam’, but after re? reading both the blog post quotes and the advertisement I realised that both have failed to link Sharia Law ( Which is Islam ) to the way homosexuals are treated in Palestine, Syria and Iran. It is this liberal failure to gloss over the root cause and to instead pretend it is a terrorist/autocratic thing that deeply concerns me. Why this fear to say what is so obvious? Saudi Arabia is held up as an almost perfect example of Islam and we all know how they treat women and gays.

The rights of LGBT people in Saudi Arabia are unrecognized. Homosexuality is frequently a taboo subject in Saudi Arabian society and is punished with imprisonment, fines, corporal punishment, capital punishment, whipping/flogging, and chemical castrations.


I think people are confused because they see Islam as a religion and separate from politics/government. It is the fact that religion and politics are the exact same thing in Islam that is the problem. The Islamic activists are very honest about this. They say Islam is Sharia and Sharia is Islam. Historically and now there is no shortage of hard evidence that this is the case, so why are the victims so afraid to name their oppressor? I think that the below advertisement is great but it is like the victim of child abuse speaking out against the social worker who placed them with the pedophile rather than speaking out against the pedophile who abused them.

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Face of the Day

Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

I intend to keep trying to take him down through my blogs I will do it with research, facts and the truth not malicious gossip and flawed arguments.

– Chloe King

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It takes more than a visionary with money to make a party


Fascinating parallels to our own Internet Party in the UK with Nigel Farage’s Ukip suffering Nazi and homophobic problems

[Ukip] party’s leader Nigel Farage was challenged over another candidate’s suggestion for gay men to be shot to force other homosexuals to ‘decide’ to be straight.

John Sullivan wrote on Facebook in February: ‘I rather wonder if we shot one ‘poofter’ (GBLT whatevers [sic]), whether the next 99 would decide on balance, that they weren’t after-all? We might then conclude that it’s not a matter of genetics, but rather more a matter of education.’

Mr Farage said he had never heard of Mr Sullivan and said he would face a ‘disciplinary charge’.

If Kim Dotcom thinks it is easy to run a political party, I have a word of caution for him: ?wait until you start announcing your candidates. ?The media will crawl through their small intestines to discover who they are and what they are all about. ? Pro Tip: ?get all your candidates to delete and unsubscribe to all their Twitter, Facebook and other social media activities. ?It won’t stop the media, but it will slow them down a little. ? Read more »