Progressive's imploding

The Progressives going down the gurglerThe inconvenient truth of the Progressive Party is that it has essentially ceased to exist.

Whaleoil can reveal that yet another Progressives list member has been spotted as part of the Labour team flown in to assist David “Blackwater” Shearer buy Mt Albert for Phil Goff.

Spotted on 3News coverage last night (at 1:33) was Progressives number 4 list ranker Paula Gillon, emblazoned with a Labour Party rosette. That now makes 4 of the top ten on their list either turncoats, traiters or ring-ins in Mt Albert for Labour.

Now the ring-in story has some appeal given that Labour appears to have very few locals on the ground in Mt Albert and are having to rely on carpet-baggers from the candidate down to letter box stuffers. However it is telling for The Progressives that four of their top ten are essentially working for Labour, not to mention that their leader is actually a Labour spokesperson!

Paula Gillon helping LabourWe have seen John Pagani, former strategist and Anderton staffer and now strategist for David Shearer appear on TVNZ speaking for Labour. Matt Robson has been photographed holding up Labour placards and wear Labour rosettes and now Paula Gillon. We can assume that Josie Pagani has followed her husband out of the progressives and also Justin Robson, Matt Robson’s son at number 10.

For all intents and purposes The Progressives would appear to be a convenient fiction for Jim Anderton to rort the taxpayers of additional funds in order to fund his ego-trip.

I wonder if there is any provision for the Electoral Commission to conduct an audit of the party to see if they actually do have 500 members still?

If anyone else has seen the other members of the Progressives top ten campaigning for Labour then please let me know via the Tipline.

UPDATE: A Caller to the tipline informs me that Paula Gillon was taking great delight in popping the National Party balloons at St Lukes shopping centre on Sunday. The caller also reported that several children were crying as a result.

"Blackwater" Shearer insults all people of faith

I wonder where the MSM is on the issue of David “Blackwater” Shearer insulting all people of faith with his comments in the NZ Herald which ran a hagiography of the parachute pro-meercenary Labour candidate David Shearer.

“I’ve seen organised religion justify horrors and that goes from Buddhist through to Christian to obviously the Muslim and Hindu and everything else.”

And this after he insulted all immigrants with his crime statements. Strangly he hasn’t copped the flogging that sexy Korean born Melissa Lee has. Is this because of the inherent misogyny of the media and the left wing or just plain bias.

I wonder what the media coverage would have been if Melissa Lee had just insulted every person of religion from Christian to Muslims, from Hindu to Buddhist in one short sentence.

Predictably the Kiwi Party is upset and not without cause. It seems that it is ok to be sexists, racist and anti-relligionist but state the obvious about crime with no mention of race and ll of a sudden you get slaughtered with Sarah Palin like proportions by our lefty media.

I wonder what his good friends in Hamas would think of these comments. I wonder what his pals in Fatah who helped him organise Phil Goff’s visit to see the ailing Yasser Arafat think about “Blackwater” Shearer now.

The Grey Man

Tip off WhaleoilThere are a lot of rumours filtering through into the Whaleoil Tipline.

Some of them are obvious hoaxes but others requre verification, so please if you have any information to substantiate those rumours flying around especially about Labour’s parachute candidate, the grey man, David “Blackwater” Shearer then please drop me a line.

Your identity will be protected.


Where did the African Sunset go?

Russel Norman appeared on Close Up tonight with Melissa Lee and some guy from Labour.

I thought he won hands down, he was very statesman-like in handling Paul Henry’s persistent questioning of Melissa Lee. I really feel for Melissa though. She has been beaten up by everyone today and all she was trying to do was think up an answer that was more right-wing that David “Blackwater” Shearer. She failed. Of all the candiates no one is more right-wing than David “Blackwater” Shearer.

Now back to Russel with one ‘l’ Norman.

  • What has happening to his hair?
  • Where was the African Sunset?
  • Has it been dyed?
  • Did TVNZ powder it out?
  • Why is Russel hiding the essential Ginga? 

Right now though between Russel with one ‘l’ Norman and Melissa Lee they have sown up the name recognition statistics. David “Blackwater” Shearer is fading like camouflage into the background.

Bullshit about Waterview – Exposed

Following on from my post about Labour’s Lies about “Cutting a Community in Half”

Liberty Scott has a great post on the various bullshit stroies flowing around about Waterview. Both Left and Right cop a flogging though the left cops more because their lies are more outrageous.

I still fail to see how Labour can justify the spending of more than a billion dollars more on this link. A billion we don’t have, might I add after Cullen blew the lot on a rusty old train set, and lied about the books to hide the red ink at ACC.

The fact that Trevor Mallard has to beat up on a successful Asian Woman also speaks volumes about their parachute candidate, David “Blackwater” Shearer who can’t seem to get any recognition or even fight his own battles. But then that is to be expected from someone who would prefer mercenaries to the fighting in the first place.

Mt Albert Watch – The Air War

Labour starts the Air WarThe Mount Albert by-election is very interesting right now.

Labour have gone dirty early and used their usual suspects like Trevor Mallard. This can mean only one thing, their internal polling shows that Labour is in danger of losing their stronghold. Why no attacks on Russel Norman? Only attacks on Melissa Lee. It is because Labour’s internal polling show that Lee has better name recognition than David “Blackwater” Shearer and is a whisker away from wresting the seat from Labour.

Labour also has very few of their own troops on the ground. This is despite the trucking in of the mercenary armies of the EPMU and SWFU people, resources and vehicles. Last night at the candidates meeting Labour flunkies were seriously out numbered by National and even the Greens had more people in attendence than Labour.

The vaunted electoral machine that Helen Clark was supposed to have is failing to fire. There are bitter divisions in Labour.

So Labour are losing the ground war in a pincer movement by National and The Greens. As a result we see that they have started the guerilla wars, and yesterday with their attacks in Melissa Lee through their proxies in the New Zealand media have started the air war.

As the Americans found out in Vietnam, air power alone cannot win the war. David “Blackwater” Shearer of all the Labour party should know that to win you need troops on the ground. The simple fact is though that Labour which Clark dragged left doesn’t like Phil Goff nor his mercenary loving flunkie parachuted in. It is only their dual general Andrew “Chicken” Little who has ordered in the union mercenaries that is keeping their prescence viable on the ground.

Labour in disarray in Mt Albert

The Labour Party and their parachuted in candidate are fighting for their political life in Mt Albert. David “Blackwater” Shearer is in trouble and Labour’s own polling shows it.

Whaleoil has obtained last weeks polling for Labour by multi-national polling compay UMR, and it isn’t pretty reading for David “Blackwater” Shearer nor for Phil Goff.

Name Recognition
Can you correctly name any candidates standing in this by-election?

Labour  Shearer 87 19.08%
National Lee 202 44.30%
Green Norman 123 26.97%
Act Boscawen 15 3.29%

If a by-election were held tomorrow, for which candidate would you most likely cast your ELECTORATE vote?

Shearer 173 37.94%
Lee 172 37.72%
Norman 76 16.67%
Boscawen 5 1.10%
Other 0 0.00%
Undecided/Won’t Vote 30 6.58%
Total 456 100.00%

Leadership: How do you rate the performance of the major party leaders?

  Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good  
John Key 22  4.82% 55  12.06% 77  16.89% 146  32.02% 156  34.21% 456
Phil Goff 102 22.37% 145 31.80% 139  30.48% 52  11.40% 18  3.95% 456
Total polled: 456          

The Greens will be very pleased with these results Russel Norman has much better name recognition than David “Blackwater” Shearer and he is also polling far higher than the Greens did at the general election.

Phil Goff will be in full panic mode this morning. His own ratings are parlous with just 15.35% of respondents thinking he is doing a Good or Very Good job compared with John Key who is scoring 66.23% in the same category.

David “Blackwater” Shearer will aslo be concerned that despite all the publicity the by-election is garnering his own name recognition is basement bound.

Blackwater Candidate Out of Touch and Insensitive

David “Blackwater” Shearer has been campaigning today in Mt Albert with Manukau East MP Ross Robertson. They had a moumental fail by campaigning outside the local public conveniences like a couple of dirty old men trawling for a blowie.

Worse though is David “Blackwater” Shearer’s comments to the media about crime.

He said the big issues for the electorate were the Waterview Connection motorway, the “super-city”, which people didn’t understand, and the economy. Mr Shearer said he did not believe crime was such a big issue, but people did want “strong, safe communities.”

Mr Shearer’s campaign would be “old fashioned”, with a lot of door knocking, he said.

David "Blackwater" ShearerOk, so Shearer is going to campaign on issues people don’t understand and the ones they do understand like crime he dismisses out of hand. As far as he is concerned his “constituents” are thick and don’t understand issues and he is also going to campaign ont he economy which his party successfully tanked months in advance of the global recession. Good luck with that strategy.

Clearly this is a man who has spent so much time out of New Zealand except to fly in and carpet-bag his way through an election campaign every three years he has lost touch with New Zealand. There may well be no crime in the Green Zone in Baghdad surrounded by Blackwater mercenaries acting as his personal bodyguards but the people of Mt Albert know all too well how out of hand crime has become for them.

“Blackwater” Shearer is so out touch that it is a joke.