Where did the African Sunset go?

Russel Norman appeared on Close Up tonight with Melissa Lee and some guy from Labour.

I thought he won hands down, he was very statesman-like in handling Paul Henry’s persistent questioning of Melissa Lee. I really feel for Melissa though. She has been beaten up by everyone today and all she was trying to do was think up an answer that was more right-wing that David “Blackwater” Shearer. She failed. Of all the candiates no one is more right-wing than David “Blackwater” Shearer.

Now back to Russel with one ‘l’ Norman.

  • What has happening to his hair?
  • Where was the African Sunset?
  • Has it been dyed?
  • Did TVNZ powder it out?
  • Why is Russel hiding the essential Ginga? 

Right now though between Russel with one ‘l’ Norman and Melissa Lee they have sown up the name recognition statistics. David “Blackwater” Shearer is fading like camouflage into the background.

TVNZ wowsers cave to complaints about Henry

The mealy-mouthed limp dicks at the socialist infested TVNZ have caved in to those who complained about Paul Henry’s astute observation that there “was a moustache on a lady”.

Stephanie Mills has a Ho-stacheHenry had been spoken to and told on-air editorial decisions were not his to make and that he must adhere to the executive producer’s decisions.

TVNZ had met with senior Breakfast staff to insist on the need for more care and discretion around editorial decisions about what the programme covered.

It had also held several discussions within the news and current affairs department to clarify its expectations around such matters.

What a bunch of panty-waists. That was the best television seen for quite some time and over 100,000 people have re-watched it on Youtube.


Mallard makes a dick of himself

Self styled protector of women’s reputations and tough guy Trevor Mallard shows just what sort of pussy he really is when confronted as a trespasser on private property. Fabulous live television and hosted on Close Up by the fabulous Paul Henry.

I think we need to “start a group” for Paul Henry to replace Sainsbury permanently. Oh and Paul should have told all the puss-faced Wainuiomata folk to “start a group” too, along with Inuit’s sooking it up over a lolly.



Paul Henry vs. Murray McCully

First it was Houstaches and now it is Murray McCully. Paul Henry is spectacular television, he should have his own show.


Get your Paul Henry "Moustache" T-shirt

Moustache T-ShirtFirst there was the comment, then there was the Facebook group.

Now there is the t-shirt.

Paul Henry for Mt Albert I say.

Imagine the fun for the by-election of Paul Henry stood.

Seriously though TVNZ has done a wonderful PR job on this. Firstly the producer gave him the fax, then he did what he was told, then TVNZ had the video up on Youtube quicker than is usual and then the blogs were notified.

The leftards have reacted exactly as predicted and now you have a viral sensation.



Lefty Puffery makes Mountain out of Moustache

The left wing are at their most shrill when affronted on behalf of someone else. The Herald on Sunday has picked up on their puffery and quoted extensively from lefty lap-blogs about the “Moustache on a Lady

Fortunately the hirsute owner of the ho-stache herself isn’t quite as sensitive as the panty wetters of The Standard.

Stephanie Mills has a Ho-stache“It’s trademark Paul Henry and there are bigger issues in the world to worry about – like people dying of leukaemia from French [nuclear] testing. I think he likes being controversial – that’s a polite way to put it. This is who I am and people make choices about who they are.

“I have a really wonderful family, three gorgeous kids, a loving husband, great friends, really challenging job that I do part-time around all the other things I do in my life, and I love my life.

“I’m secure with myself and I feel sorry that these people are so insecure about either their own appearance or mine. This is not about me, it’s about them.”

Well said and kudos for Mills for taking it on the hair of her chinny, chin, chin. What is hilarious is the mass outrage sparked by Neale Jones/Tane and followed up by 3 commenters at the lap-blog has encouraged only “about half a dozen complaints”.

At least Cactus Kate got quoted.

“Paul Henry should become Head of TVNZ. It was a superb moment in New Zealand television.”


Wet panties over at the Standard

The panty-wetters at the Labour/EPMU lap-blog The Standard want Paul Henry sacked summarily for his “Moustache” comments. It was Tane aka Neale Jones, an employee of the EPMU, a union.

He is calling for the summary dismissal of an employee of a state owned enterprise? I know, bizarre isn’t it?

Other lefty panty-wetters are also calling for his dismissal.

Anyway a “group” has sprung up on Facebook.

Join a Group


Paul Henry is a Legend

Paul Henry this morning was a legend, here he is talking about moustaches and the resulting hate mail about his comments.

Paul Henry needs his own show.



TVNZ are c**ts

Am I the only person wondering why TV One did not apologise for or at least correct their mistakes made in the “breaking news” on John Key’s shares.

I distinctly remember the graphics that had “The Trust x amount of Votes” juxtapositioned beside “John Key x amount of votes”. They went on about John Key buying the votes in his own name. They said that he lost money on this second lot of shares in his own name but had doubled his money on the share sale in the Trusts’ name.

According to Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB yesterday, he had copies of the share certificiates and none of them were in John Key’s name. They were all in the Trust’s name. Also the dates used by TVNZ were also wrong according to the documents.

What I’m banging on about is Fran Mold not doing her homework, (just getting all her stories from Cullen and the lickspittles in the Labour Research Unit in between blogging on the lap-blog) and TV One are not saying one thing about the mistakes in their bulletin.

Then there was Paul Henry who acted like a real pig on the morning programme today, patronisingly telling Key how should be doing it, as if Henry would know how to do it if he were leading the opposition. (He couldn’t even win a seat for National against a half man/half woman). I have nver seen him treat Helen Clark that way.

If I was John Key I’d have a 90 day plan to sell those fuckers down the road to the highest bidder.

Ok rant over. back to slamming pinko’s

Maharey slayed on Close up

I don't usually watch Close Up, but last night Paul Henry replaced the insipid wench who usually fronts the show.

There was an article on Dyslexia followed by and interview with Maharey .

Well Paul Henry just slayed him. There was blood every where and maharey didn't have an answer.

You see the New Zealand Education boffins reckon Dyslexia is actually a learning behaviour issue rather than anything else. Further Maharey actually denied that Dyslexia even exists, he kept referring to it as a learning behaviour issue.

This is of course in direct contradiction with the rest of the world and in particular the UK, Australia and the USA. In typical socialist fashion Maharey says they are all wrong and he and his professional colleagues and edukayshunalist are right.

Minister you are wrong. Dead wrong.?

Paul Henry to his eternal credit didn't let Maharey off the hook and kept at him till the end.?