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My secret interview with a German academic: Part Two

“Konrad” answered my interview questions via an encrypted e-mail service

My latest interview subject is from Northern Saxony and he has an M.A in History with an interest in politics, current affairs and theory. He contacted me via a secret encrypted e-mail service called Tutanota in order to keep our communications private. The fact that he felt the need to protect himself like that says a lot. He said that although the epicentre of the problem I’m tackling in my interview lies in the western metropolis, it’s starting to happen in Northern Saxony as well.

My contact, who I will call Konrad (a German name that means?Brave counsel),?gave me comprehensive replies to my questions so I divided the interview up into two parts. One of the excellent points that he made in this second part of the interview is one that has been totally ignored by mainstream media. Konrad said that helping refugees should be about temporary protection not about permanent settlement. The media always seemed to make it a binary choice that either we help them by taking them into our countries or we do nothing to help them at all. Clearly, there is a third option.

Konrad’s final statement to me was the most hard hitting thing he said and touches on the German psyche.

The problems lie much deeper inside the German people, and without a complete solution to them, something like the current situation is very likely to happen again.”

World War II has damaged the psyche of the German people. I have often speculated that support for Merkel’s open borders comes from a desire to show the world that today’s Germans have nothing in common with the Nazis.

Do you think the average German feels free to openly express disapproval of Angela Merkel?s open border policy or will they be accused of racism or Islamophobia if they express their disapproval publically?

There actually is no thinking about this, because it is clearly evident. There is no such thing as a free public debate about the open border policy, let alone the question of foreigners in total. To be precise: Of course, the topic can and will be discussed in between friends, at bars and the like, but the public political debate is clearly circumscribed and aggressively controlled.

Recent attempts to revise the immigration policy from the so-called conservative parties (CDU/CSU) must be seen in the context of the upcoming federal election in 2017 and can be safely seen as nothing but lip service to prevent the AfD, which is at least moderately against immigration, from gaining, even more, support. Talk is cheap.

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Epic cartoon battles of history: Immigration

Today’s epic battle cartoon battle is about Immigration, both legal and illegal including “boat people.”

Let the battle begin…


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Europe is taking a hard right turn


The flood of approx 1.5 million refugees and immigrants into Europe this year has significantly changed political support for right wing parties. In election after election parties that are anti-immigration and anti-Islam are increasing their voter support base. European citizens want to be protected and it is no surprise that parties prepared to put a stake in the ground and deal with the very real consequences of uncontrolled immigration are surging in popularity. Political correctness and Liberal tolerance lose their appeal rapidly when women are scared to go out in public and ?when working people are kicked out of their homes. Overnight, citizens in towns and villages have become the minority. Beautiful towns and villages have been trashed by people who go to the toilet in the streets and who throw rubbish off the balconies of their new purpose-built apartments.

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Welcome to the new Europe where toilets are optional

In the new Europe many female aid workers are not being treated with respect by the Muslim ‘ refugees ‘ that they are doing their best to help and local women in areas full of ‘refugees ‘ are reportedly scared to go out alone. I have even read of elderly women feeling trapped in their homes scared to leave them once their neighbourhoods have become overrun with violent ‘ refugees ‘ who use their spare time to repeatedly burgle local homes.
From the Vlad Tepes comes this translated report from the front lines of the invasion of Europe. I am using a blog as a source for what is happening on the ground due to the Media blackout. In this report you will note the locals’ frustration as they too are being kept in the dark by both their media and government.

When you dare to take a look at the border town of Nickelsdorf, population 1,600, you will literally be blown away: uncontrolled, illegal migrants wherever you look, and an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions.

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Key folds, ISIS wins, support crumbles

Morning Cam and the team,

Below is a copy of an email I sent to John Key yesterday.
although I read Whaleoil every day I don’t post…… I’m not smart enough haha

By the time people who aren’t keyboard warriors take to sitting down and writing to?John Key to share what they think, the political tectonic plates are starting to shift.

Hi John,

I?m replying to your email re the extra Muslims you are agreeing to bring into New Zealand over the next three years.

John I?m really disappointed in you giving into the leftie twitter and Media campaign.

John I have voted for you since you have lead the National Party because you seemed to understand middle New Zealand. It appears to me that you are losing your touch.

I can?t believe you fell for the proper-gander re the little kid on the beach. Did one of your advisors con you into believing it was less hassle to not correct the story with the truth. Read more »

The Left Wing Media Party’s Game Plan

The Left Wing Media Party here in New Zealand has a very clear game plan regarding how to frame the discussion about migrants and refugees.

( hat tip )

Media Party Game Plan:?

1.The discussion must not be allowed to stray into the cold territory of numbers, or resources. Viewers must not be confronted with the reality that Europe and New Zealand simply does not have the capacity to accommodate the numbers of people who seek sanctuary and residence within their borders.

?2. Viewers must not be allowed to understand the concept of limits. So words like ‘ more ‘ and ‘ increase’ must be used.

They ( Lefties ) cannot deal in numbers. When they tell us that we must fund the Arts, or invest more in education or the health care system or daycare or outreach programs for under-represented minorities, they will not say how much. When they tell us that we must run a deficit to kick-start the economy, they will not say how much or when it will be paid down. When they tell us that we must accept more immigrants or refugees, they won?t tell us how many. They will only say ?more?. And if they do give a figure, it is only provisional, a stepping stone to future solicitations. Their demands are always open-ended. The goal posts are always moving.

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