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Taking the piss

Migrants who want to remain in this country should treat us with respect. What they should not do is take the piss.

A Nepalese mother-of-two is being forced to choose between her two sons after Immigration New Zealand (INZ) granted permanent residency for one but not the other.

Santosh Bikram Singh, now 12, has cerebral palsy and is deemed to “impose undue costs or demands” to the public health system.

Mother Roshna Kandel, 32, has been fighting the agency for more than two years to bring him over to live with her and his brother.

“As a mother, how can I choose one or the other, but I have been put in this impossible situation,” she said.

“I cry so much everyday…now the only time I can be together with my two sons is in my dreams.”

INZ area manager Darren Calder said Kandel was the principal applicant for residence visa lodged in April 2013.

The application included her partner and younger son, Saphal, now 7, but not the elder Santosh.

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Dodgy Labour ratbag and mate of Phil Goff’s at it again [UPDATED]


Former Labour candidate, mate of Phil Goff’s and convicted ratbag Daljit Singh is at it again.

A former Labour Party candidate convicted of electoral fraud for registering ineligible voters is facing action for his part in an immigration job-selling scam.

The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal found Daljit Singh, a senior Sikh leader, was paid offshore to hide the scam.

It noted it had seen “multiple cases” involving suspected job-selling.

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Fatty?s other problem


Kim Dotcom might like to play the bravado card, but he still has another little immigration problem to deal with.

While Kim Dotcom may be vowing to fight his extradition all the way to the Supreme Court, he faces another challenge: potentially losing his residency and being deported.

Immigration New Zealand has confirmed Dotcom’s permanent residency status was still being investigated. ? Read more »

If we can?t keep fraudulent students out, what hope do we have of detecting Jihadis among ?refugees??

Fakers to the left of us, fakers to right…we are stuck in the middle.

Would-be students from India are lying on their immigration applications, misrepresenting their financial situation in order to get student visas.

A high number of fraudulent applications have been received at Immigration New Zealand’s India office from people applying for student visas.

Some people were misrepresenting their financial situation in order to get student visas, the office’s November newsletter about the student market said.

Students have to prove they have enough money while studying in order for their visa to be approved. ?? Read more »

I wonder if the Labour Party helped with a list of ?Indian-sounding names?

This has all the hallmarks of a Labour-inspired scam…people with Indian-sounding surnames are getting called about their visas.

A new scam has seen mostly Indian nationals receiving phone calls telling them there are problems with their visas.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) says it has been told of an increasing number of the calls in which the victims are told there are issues with their visa or arrival card information and demand a sum of money.

The scammers want the money transferred into a Western Union account or they will face serious consequences including deportation.

INZ says the calls have been made using numbers which show up as the Immigration Contact Centre (09 914 4100), but with a slight variation on the digits. ? Read more »

Is Woodhouse going to bring in internal border controls

Michael Woodhouse thinks he has the solution for encouraging migrants to live anywhere except in Auckland.

New immigrants will be given extra incentives to take up jobs in the regions, Prime Minister John Key has announced.

Mr Key says almost half of the 10,000 skilled migrants and their families who get residence each year move to Auckland.

“We want to balance that out a bit, by attracting more people into other parts of the country to help grow local economies,” he told the National Party’s annual conference in Auckland today.

Migrants with offers for jobs in the regions will get extra points that will count towards the 100 they require to apply for residence.

However, they will need to commit to a region for at least 12 months – up from the current requirement of three months. ? Read more »

Is her citizenship being cancelled?

Some people are just scumbags.

They way they treat workers is appalling.

A woman who illegally hired foreign sex workers to work at an Auckland massage parlour has been jailed.

in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday, Naengnoi Sriphet, a joint citizen of Thailand and New Zealand, jailed for 27 months after being found guilty of five offences under the Immigration Act relating to providing false or misleading visa information.

An investigation by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) found Sriphet brought two women from Thailand to work for her in Auckland.

According to their visas, they worked as “massage therapists”.

However the court found she encouraged and facilitated at least one of the women to work as a prostitute. ?? Read more »

Press Editorial on the farce that is Kim Dotcom

Memo to the Herald and TV3 there is a reason your audience alongside your credibility is shrinking…your audience are not as stupid as you think they are.

David “tainted” Fisher’s story proved there was no conspiracy despite him stretching?credibility?to breaking point. It also, if anything, undermines Dotcom’s claims that Key had heard of him prior to the raids, not that anyone really cares when he heard of?him.

As the editorial points out if Key did a deal with Hollywood it would be much easier to extradite him if he hadn’t been granted residency.

Good to see the useless Grant Robertson on the news defying his leaders edict for a positive campaign and calling for John Key to come clean on what he knows. SInce he wants John Key to come clean, how about?his?boss tells us who his secret donors. It looks Labour want to continue to play gotcha politics, and the recent polls show Labour precisely how that is working out.

The Press editorial outlines the farce that is Kim Dotcom.

As if the saga of Kim Dotcom were not already absurd enough, this week it descended into a swirl of conspiracy theories that made it look like downright farce.

The theories are not necessarily compatible with each other or even internally consistent. Their main purpose is likely to turn out to be simply that they keep Dotcom’s name in the public eye.

Following them and attempting to disentangle them certainly adds to the stock of harmless public entertainment.

The theories have been fed by the release of email exchanges from Immigration New Zealand and the Security Intelligence Service about Dotcom’s application for permanent residency in New Zealand.

The application had been sent by INZ to the SIS for routine security and criminal checks. Dotcom was apparently anxious that permanent residency be granted so when he had not heard from INZ his agent had asked about it, prompting INZ to urge the SIS to hurry up with its report.

Many have leapt on an SIS officer’s off-hand suggestion in an email that “political pressure” was behind INZ’s interest in getting the SIS report. ?? Read more »

Fat bastard reduced to begging

The saffa fat bastard facing deportation for being a fat bastard is now on the bludge instead of trimming off a few more kilos.

A South African man facing deportation because he is “too fat” for New Zealand is appealing to the public for financial help.

Albert Buitenhuis and his wife Marthie are waiting for a decision from Associate Minister of Immigration Nikki Kaye over whether they can stay in the country.

The pair moved to New Zealand in 2007 and have worked in a Christchurch restaurant ever since.? Read more »

Helen the Hobbit Hater at it again with the Horrid

Aided and abetted by the Herald on Sunday there is a something nothing article featuring?chief?Hobbit Hater Helen Kelly, moaning yet again about Weta and employment issues.

Foreign workers are being targeted for more than 500 visual-effects jobs for the production of the next mega-movie in?The Hobbit?series.

Wellington-based special-effects giant Weta Digital, co-owned by Sir Peter Jackson, has asked Immigration New Zealand for approval in principle to outsource 526 positions.

Weta says most are just extensions to visas that are about to expire and the company has a great record of hiring Kiwis, but Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly is questioning the company’s commitment to the local industry.

Apart from ads on the company website, she could not find evidence Weta had let Kiwis know opportunities were available, and questioned why another application was being made when Weta asked for 369 temporary work visas last year.

“They’ve done very little to bridge that gap. They don’t want to invest in (our) people.”? Read more »