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Labour broke their own law again

Once again it has been found that Labour likes to ignore the laws they passed.

They have been found to have breached the Electoral Finance Act again, this time over their CD.

Also, again, they have escaped prosecution, someone clearly hasn’t told the Electoral Commission that the government changed in November.

Greens say Gilchrist visited offices, reported on party activity

#1 HypocriteGreens say Gilchrist visited offices, reported on party activityThe Green Party is furious that police-paid spy Rob Gilchrist infiltrated its offices and was used to report on the party’s activities [TVNZ News Politics]

Oh dear, the Greens are all upset that the paid snitch “infiltrated” their offices and reported on their activities.

Let’s get a few things straight, it isn’t infiltration if you invite someone in to the office for a coffee and a chat and it isn’t snitching to be included on a mail list of activities.

Hell, colour me accused of snitching because I have 15 different “names” on Labour party mailing lists.

Of course while there is always the faux indignation card to play the Greens can continue to be “furious” and “outraged”. Pity they weren’t so outraged when a parliamentary office really was infiltrated and reports of communications were passed onto persons known and unknown.

In fact Green MP’s have gone out of their way to quote “Hollow Men” in numerous press releases. It is a bit rich of them to use information gained by real infiltration and spying for their own political gain yet moan like a whore who didn’t get paid when they are the victim.

Sue Bradford – “This Bill presents an opportunity for the National Party to distance itself from the hard-right policies and the Hollow Men of the Brash years.”

Russel Norman – “According to Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men, leading members of the Business Roundtable were secret donors to the National Party in the last election campaign.

Hager identifies Business Roundtable members Alan Gibbs, David Richwhite, Doug Myers, Peter Shirtcliffe as amongst the secret donors.

National hid the true identity of their funders behind secretive trusts like the Waitemata Trust. National knows who gave them money but the public does not.

It is no surprise that Business Roundtable members are attacking campaign finance reform when it was Business Roundtable members who gave secret donations to National”

Russel Norman – “This is especially important in light of the revelations in Nicky Hager’s book, The Hollow Men, that the National Party Board and leadership were aware of the identity of the key big donors to the party even though they never appear in their Donations’ Return to the Electoral Commission, and the revelations of their close links to the Exclusive Brethren.”

Russel Norman – The Green Party has written to the Police and the Electoral Commission asking them to investigate whether charges should be laid against the National Party regarding their donations’ return for 2005, in light of Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men.

“The book presents considerable evidence that the political and organisational leadership of the National Party were aware of the identity of major party donors yet in their donations return to the Electoral Commission these names were not mentioned,”

As you can see The Greens were quite happy to quote chapter and verse from the Hollow Men. For them to now complain is…well…we all know what that is, but what would you expect from a bunch of un-reconstituted communists, maoists, leninists and warmenisers.

Electoral Commission blasts EFA – again

Electoral Commission blasts EFA – againThe Electoral Commission says it needs constant legal advice to help it interpret obscure sections of the Electoral Finance Act and it might not be able to sort them out before the election. The commission’s latest broadside against… [NZ Herald Politics]

Now there is a surprise. The Electoral Finance Act is the gift that keeps on giving……….to National.

Remember that only a party vote for ACT or National will see a repeal of this draconian and dramatic assault on freedom of speech.

Extra donation in Peters' amended declarations

Extra donation in Peters’ amended declarationsNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters has submitted amended returns to the MPs’ Register of Pecuniary Interests as required by Parliament’s privileges committee – and included another donation from the Spencer Trust. The returns… [NZ Herald Politics]

The corruption of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar continues today as we find out that in his return of pecuniary interests he has “discovered” yet another “donation” from the Spencer Trust. If you believe that Roger McClay as trustee never told Winston of the “donation” then Helen Clark has got a poll she’d like to show you.

Even better though Winston First has now filed their amended returns with the Electoral Commission. This restarts the clock on those and now the Electoral Commission can prosecute their asses. Nice cunning ploy on their behalf.

The latest post on Frank’s…..oops Winston’s bog (the typo is deliberate) is a good laugh as well. Frank…..oh silly me, Winston reckons that he wasn’t jusdged by a jury of his peers at all. In that he is right, Winston is a proven liar and they aren’t, but Frank…damn…Winston goes to say;

At the end of the day, what the committee found was that I didn’t fill in a piece of paper correctly. There was no fraud. I did not personally benefit from doing so. Not one cent.

But its time to move on from that debate.

Riiiight, looks like Helen Clark is writing the lines for Frank…bugger…Winston. How this proven liar can think that when someone pays your bills so you don’t have to dip into your own pocket isn’t a benefit is beyond me, then again he probably has a poll he can show Helen Clark.

The Coup is almost complete

Labour's Police State

Those regular readers of WOBH will have noticed my concern that Helen Clark is conducting a coup d’etat by stealth, a bloodless coup if you will.

We have heard how the armed forces of this nation are nobbled, that the Police are in Helen’s back pocket. the Electoral Commission seems to be nobbled as well. I have been poo-poohed about my suggestions that Clark will have total control shortly.

We have examined her uncontrollable narcissism, now put all that together and be afraid with what you are about to find out.

NotPC and Tumeke have noticed, why hasn’t anyone else.

We now essentially have a Police State with the Police under the direct control and direction of the Prime Minister. So what we have now is all the coercisive elements of the State in the control of one person. The SIS, GCSB, and now the Police.

Meaning the Police are answerable to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister hires and fires those who run the policy, it is a closed relationship that does as my co-blogger points out “invites political manipulation, under-performance and ultimately corruption”.
The exacerbating factor is that we are realigning accountability right when the Police are about to execute and mug the Serious Fraud Office of it’s existence and it’s ‘no-right-to-silence’ powers…

Helen Clark won’t need an election now, all elements are now in place for her to take control by executive order.

Is the Electoral Commission Corrupt?

Keeping Stock draws attention to two rulings from the Electoral Commission, both of them for similar offences under our current electoral law. Bizarrely there are two entirely different decisions.

Decision #1 – the Democrats for Social Credit filed its 2007 return 19 days late, without excuse, and the matter has been referred to the Police for investigation.

Decision #2 – New Zealand First is given a “last chance” to file its 2005, 2006 and 2007 returns, which it has already filed, while not disclosing ANY donations. The party is already under investigation by the Police and the Serious Fraud Office over its funding, and its leader is before the Privileges Committee over another funding issue.

it appears that there are at least two standards at the Electoral Commission, one for tiny parties outside of parliament that no-one has heard of and that involved police investigations and one for political parties that are members of the government protected by being close to Helen Clark.

How many chances does NZ First get? No other party gets so many chances. Is there any point to the elections when it appears the Electoral Commission is hopelessly compromised.

Is this Helen Clark’s deep, dark, secret way of having her bloodless coup d’etat?

More revelations

Big donation came from 8 linked firmsA New Zealand First auditor had concerns in May about whether an elaborately structured donation to the party should be declared. An Electoral Commission email sent to auditor Nick Kosoof indicates the donation was of one large… [NZ Herald Politics]

Another day and yet more revelations arise about the dodgy, almost mafia-like funding arrangements that existed between fishing/horse racing interests and Winston First.

I note that the auditors and trustees are being very forth coming about the transactions. Perhaps the threat of some time in the pokey is motivating them to abandon their cone of silence.

Rodney not waiting for EC

Hide reports NZ First to policeAct leader Rodney Hide has laid a complaint with police over allegations New Zealand First broke the law when it failed to declare donations over $10,000 in 2007. The Electoral Commission was waiting to hear from New Zealand First… [NZ Herald Politics]

Rodney Hide isn’t waiting for the Electoral Commission to struggle its way towards a decision to refer Winston First to the police for breaches of the Electoral Act, he has gone and done it himself as he is entitled to under the law.

Bizarrely, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode is also now referring to himself in the third person displaying openly his classic Narcissistc Personality Disorder. This is the problem we face as kiwi’s, we are being led by two Classic NPD leaders who are vying against each other for control and New Zealand is caught between them. Even his press release is classic NPD.

New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters has described Rodney Hide’s complaint to police today as obsessive, compulsive, grandstanding behaviour.

Mr Peters said the complaint is a waste of time and is merely designed to attract attention.
“It will be obvious to even the meanest of minds that Winston Peters cannot be the subject of the complaint.
“The party intends to clarify some very simple issues giving rise to a misrepresentation in the public arena,” said Mr Peters.

If these matters were so simple for WRP, 63, LMPONFA to calrify it begs the obvious question; Then why hasn’t he?

Commission considers NZ First 'breach' of Electoral Act

Commission considers NZ First ‘breach’ of Electoral ActNew Zealand First could face a police probe into possible breaches of the Electoral Act after allegations today that the Spencer Trust made donations in 2006 and 2007 that were never declared. The news comes after further pressure… [NZ Herald Politics]

Uh Oh! more trouble for Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and his fellow travellers in NZ First. The Electoral Commission is now considering asking the Police to investigate their late and now false donations declarations of 2006 and 2007.

The 2007 donation declaration is open for prosecution because they filed it late and it is still within the 6 months.

If you read the NZ Herald article as well they catch Dail Jones in yet another lie.

He states;

“….but he was not sure about 2007 as current president George Groombridge was responsible for that year”

Uhmmmm….no actually. Dail Jones was the President when he opened his big yap about a mysterious donation at the end of 2007 that was supposedly untraceable despite the immutable laws of accounting that say for every credit there is always a debit.

Caught in yet another lie. These guys lie like flatfish….one of them is going to crack soon, will it be Ron Mark?

Electoral law has 'chilling effect' on public debate

Electoral law has ‘chilling effect’ on public debateThe head of the Electoral Commission has described the new electoral law as having had a “chilling effect” on people’s willingness to speak out over election issues. In an outspoken speech, Dr Helena Catt has outlined the difficulties… [NZ Herald Politics]

Would it be churlish of me to say “I told ya so”?

Of course it would but i did, loudly and with all my ability and still they wouldn’t listen. Now the person responsible for administering the law echoes ominously the words that the human Rights Commission uttered, “chilling effect”, when describing the Electoral Fiannce Act.

Make no mistake. Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First with some help from Peter Dunne colluded to make this dramatic assault on one of our freedoms. They deliberately have tried to silence new Zealanders from speaking against the government. They must all be thrown from office and the law repealed.

Only a party vote for ACT or National can throw this law out.