Can you see the parallels with Kim Dotcom, Martyn Bradbury and the Internet Party?

(Wait for it…..)

I'm not sure this is helping

Clare Curran is trying to dig herself out of a hole. I’m not sure it is working.

Clare Curran FAIL

Great Satire on fake Twitter MP accounts

Of all the fake MP Twitter accounts I think that the fake Sue Kedgely has the best piss take.

Sue Kedgely on Twitter


Whaleoil on TV3 talking about Twitter

I was called by TV3 to comment on the Twitter saga engulfing parliament. They didn’t use most of my comments which were about branding and how Labour’s “brand” has just shuffled off to New York. Essentially Labour has been branded for 13 years as Helen Clark and Helen Clark was the Labour Party. Social Media is all about getting your brand recognised and Labour and indeed most MP’s are woeful at this.

It almost serves them right that someone has had a crack at them. Darren Hughes, though and Labour are being overly precious and The Ginga Whinga’s words about wanting takedown for parody, ridicule and denigration is simply pathetic. These are the kind of people who always went running to the kindy teacher when someone called them names. What a diddums.