Compare and Contrast: Dick Hubbard then and now

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Back in 2004, Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard outraged the LGBT community:

The gay community has won a historic victory in achieving legal recognition for same-sex partnerships, but has been stung by a last-minute push against civil unions by Auckland City’s mayor.

The same day that Parliament voted 65-55 to pass the legislation, Mayor Dick Hubbard sparked outrage as details were revealed of a letter he had signed urging MPs to oppose the bill on the basis that the children of gay couples were more likely to be victims of abuse and murder.

Auckland gay community representatives say they feel betrayed after Mr Hubbard campaigned in front of the Gay Auckland Business Association, saying he stood for diversity and tolerance.

While campaigning, he quoted American Professor Richard Florida’s creativity index that gay and immigrant populations boosted a city’s prosperity. ? Read more »

Guest Post – So what is the New Zealand way?

Andrew Little is saying that excluding Muslims is not the New Zealand Way.? That we pride ourselves on our inclusiveness of others.? In one way he is exactly right.? We do try to be inclusive ? that is the New Zealand Way.

We are therefore very protective of what the New Zealand Way means to us.? What are we protecting?? Does that mean that we can pick and choose what bits we do and don?t want?? Or do we take the whole package?

Inclusiveness includes all of us being tolerant caring individuals. We must, and usually do, consider women as equals, we actually don?t care about a person?s religion as long as it isn?t thrust down our throat, we care for those who are old and disabled, and nowadays we actually don?t care if a person is gay, lesbian or whatever ? again if it is not pushed on to us. ? Read more »

The enemy of Islam is Information–QmI

Another perspective of France’s intentions regarding the Burqa and the Burkini

The below article is another perspective of France’s intentions regarding the Burqa and the Burkini. It is not arguing right or wrong but attempts to explain the French perspective. Only you the reader can decide whether the French perspective is moral or not.

This goes back to the philosophical issue of the tolerance of intolerance, or more broadly of whether objective moral truths exist or not. Western democracies, such as France, have self-determined that there are objective moral truths in the universe, of which include concepts of non-intervention (on the person, and when possible); of personal freedom; and of religious freedom.

The problem, however, is that western democratic philosophies don’t have room in them for unlimited freedom or tolerance. Some things may not be tolerated. This is lost on many observers of western democratic philosophy, especially the uninformed who see the Bill of Rights and incorrectly assume that the protections and tolerances they afford are unlimited (which is not the case; there are many exceptions in place, both legally and ethically, concerning the rights laid out in that particular document). As an example relating specifically to religious tolerance, even a “deeply held” religious belief in the spiritual power of snake handling is not protected in the States because of the great risk untrained professionals have, both towards themselves and others, of injury when handling snakes.

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Why hasn’t this been reported in our media?


All around the world Universities are falling victim to Social Justice Warriors and other limp-wristed, panty-waist types seeking safe spaces and shutting down free speech in the very places that free speech should be encouraged.

If it isn’t Black Lives Matter it is various gay groups or Muslim Associations howling down freedom of speech.

Well, it’s happened here and to my knowledge hasn’t yet been reported by the mainstream media despite the awful precedence this sets.

Back in August, there was a debate involving Lindsay Perigo and Susan Devoy at the University of Auckland. The moot was “That this House would ban religious symbols in public.”

Lindsay Perigo was howled down as he gave his speech. Strangely there hasn’t been a murmur or a mutter from Susan Devoy about the issue and likewise nothing in the mainstream media. Why is that?

I’ll let Lindsay Perigo explain:

This is the speech I delivered almost in its entirety in my capacity as special commentator, along with Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, at Monday night’s semi-final in the intra-university Next Generation Debates series at Auckland University. I say “almost in its entirety” because a gaggle of Muslims became very vocal near the end of my speech and demanded, successfully, I be stopped at once for having gone over my allocated time. The point at which I was shut down is noted in the text below.

What a member of Young New Zealand First called “magnificent pandemonium” followed, with epithets flying back and forth, Dame Susan waiving her right of rebuttal and storming off from the table we were both sharing. ?? Read more »

Muslim Jew hatred displayed on the Judo mat


Egypt’s Islam El Shehaby, blue, declines to shake hands with Israel’s Or Sasson, white, after losing during the men’s over 100-kg judo competition CREDIT: AP

A defeated Egyptian athlete refused to shake hands with his Israeli opponent on Friday as Middle East politics spilled onto the judo mat at the Rio Olympics.

El Shehaby snubbed Or Sasson of Israel after being comfortably beaten in the judo bout – and was booed by the Rio crowd.

The athlete, who is an ultraconservative Salafi, had come under pressure from hardline Islamists on social media and from television pundits not to participate in the match.

“You will shame Islam. If you lose, you will shame an entire nation and yourself,” one comment read.

“We don’t want to think what will happen if you lost to an Israeli. Victory will give you nothing. How can you cooperate with a murderous nation?”

The Egyptian did, indeed, lose. With a minute and a half left in the bout, Sasson earned an automatic victory with two throws of El Shehaby.

He then refused the outstretched hand of the Israeli athlete, and walked away shaking his head, leading to boos ringing out around the arena.

The referee called El Shehaby back to the mat and obliged him to bow, as is customary in the Japanese martial art. The Eyyptian gave a quick nod of his head and walked off.

El Shehaby refused to comment, as did Sasson.

…Asked about El Shehaby’s actions, Israeli team press attach? Brurya Bigman said: “This is his problem. It’s not our problem.”


…Ofir Gendelman, Arabic language spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called the incident “shocking”.

In a Twitter post, he said it “goes against the spirit of Rio 2016,” writing in Arabic said that “sports are not the field for politics and extremism.”

An Egyptian television pundit had also urged El Shehaby not to take part in the match beforehand.

“My son watch out, don’t be fooled, or fool yourself thinking you will play with the Israeli athlete to defeat him and make Egypt happy,” said Mataz Matar from the Islamist-leaning network Al-Sharq network.

“Egypt will cry; Egypt will be sad and you will be seen as a traitor and a normalizer in the eyes of your people.”

The International Judo Federation called it a sign a progress that the fight even took place between the two athletes.

“This is already a big improvement that Arabic countries accept to (fight) Israel,” spokesman Nicolas Messner said in an email. The competitors were under no obligation to shake hands, but a bow is mandatory, he added.

It sickens me how the media spin these kinds of incidents. ?Female Muslim athletes handicapped by being forced to wear Hijab are hailed as progress for feminism and male Muslim athletes who are bad losers and disrespectful towards a Jewish athlete are hailed as being an improvement! ?Why is everyone so scared to condemn oppressive and hateful behaviour? ?The amount of hate revealed by the extreme pressure that the Muslim judo athlete was put under ?by both social media ?and the Egyptian media is shocking. ?Despite this undeniable evidence of the hate and intolerance, ?media and leftists will continue to blame Israel for the lack of peace in the Middle East. ?It is very clear where the problem lies.

This was not a one off incident either. Israeli athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games have had to put up with ongoing disrespect.


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Face of the day

Former Labor candidate for Murray, Dr Imran Syed.

Former Labor candidate for Murray, Dr Imran Syed.

Today’s face of the day Dr Imran Syed, has been sacked by Labor in Australia for sharing online material?attacking the West’s intervention in Syria and Iraq and criticising Israel.


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Choosing to leave Islam is no picnic

I prefer to get my facts from the horses mouth so to speak which I why I follow an Ex-Muslim group twitter page and blogs and facebook pages of people who have left Islam.

Below is a snapshot of what it was like for one woman who made the very difficult decision to become an ex-Muslim.

-exmuslimgirl ? ?August 31 2015

So some people will ask, much like my family, how/why I choose to be without them. Truth is, I?didn’t. I wanted them to accept me for who I am ? the exact same person I have always been. I also?sometimes think, why dont I get in touch? Why have I made the decision to stop responding to them? That is why I am writing this. As a reminder of what our relationship turned into, and how it made me feel. The following are things they have said or texted me. I?haven’t?detailed who said what, but it is all from my immediate family.

If you are ever planning on coming out, this is pretty standard stuff a lot of ex-moose do get told unfortunately. Nothing can prepare you for it. I imagine part of it is out of anger, and some of it is to make you feel bad enough to go back.

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Swedish left wing outraged over gay pride parade that wants to march through Muslim areas

This is so totally awesome…really it is.

The cultural left in Sweden is in a state of confusion after a right wing nationalist group organised a gay pride march through a Muslim neighbourhood.

Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief of Samtiden, the newspaper of the right wing Sweden Democrats, is organising Pride J?rva ? which he says will feature men kissing ? to go through the Stockholm districts of Tensta and Husby. According to some estimates, these areas are up to 75 per cent Muslim.

Organisers said there was no dress code, adding: ?You could take the opportunity to tan your belly and legs in the sunny weather.?

However, angry left wing and gay rights activists have taken to Facebook, denouncing the planned pride march as ?right wing?, ?xenophobic? and ?pure racism?.

A counter-demonstration is now planned, with organisers claiming J?rva Pride ?pits two oppressed groups against one another.? ? Read more »


Face of the day

Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell

Todays face of the day Eric Allen Bell is a Liberal, a documentary film writer and director. In 2012, he received significant media coverage for his views on Islam. He has been involved in a dispute over the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.He initially supported the mosque but then became critical of Islam.In the past, he was a contributor to the Daily Kos. After he became a critic of Islam, he was banned from this website.


Muslims are not what is wrong with Islam. This is what has been nearly impossible to communicate to most Liberals today. The problem with Islam is the Prophet Muhammad. According to Islamic scripture, in other words, what mainstream Muslims are taught to believe, the Prophet Muhammad was a slave owner, a rapist, committed mass murder, hated Jews with a passion, wanted homosexuals punished, killed his critics, stripped women of all rights and had sex with a nine year old girl, whom he married when she was six, named Aisha.

If the Prophet Muhammad was a Republican Senator from Kentucky, Liberals would oppose him vehemently. But as I have stated before, within the Liberal mind there seems to be a perceptive disability. When I say ?Islam? they hear ?Muslim?. Such is the nature of the Collectivist mind.

But Muslims are a symptom and not the source of the problem. The problem is the Prophet Muhammad. If he were alive today, Amnesty International would certainly have a problem with his followers obeying his laws, which demand that certain people have their limbs amputated and their nose cut off. The Democrats would have him in their crosshairs as being at the forefront on the ?war against women?. The New York Times would certainly seek to expose him and any whistle blower in his ranks would be celebrated as the next Julian Assange.

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