Islamic terror attack

Raid on Entebbe: Part three

The floors of the four Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft were simply awash with vomit, as the roughly 100 Israeli soldiers struggled against the constant noise and shuddering amid the open bellies of these flying beasts.

Operation Thunderbolt was underway.

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Raid on Entebbe: Part two

It was Sunday the 27th of June 1976 when Air France Flight 139 arrived in Athens on a scheduled stopover, before departing again at 12.30pm en route to its eventual final destination of Paris.

During its brief stay at Ellinikon International Airport, it took on board a number of additional passengers, among them two members of the German Left Wing Revolutionare?Zellen (RZ) and two members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-External Operations (PFLP-EO).

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Raid on Entebbe: Part one

The?monocled British statesman stared out of the train?s window at the seemingly endless tracts of African expanse.

It was early 1903 and Joseph Chamberlain was deep in thought.

The one-meter gauge of the railway line he was now travelling upon had been years in the making and had only been accomplished through bitter political struggle at home and blood spilt here in Kenya.

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UN Resolution 2334 made Jerusalem the target of a Palestinian terror attack

The latest terror attack target in Jerusalem was determined by Murray McCully, John Kerry and Barack Obama’s disgusting anti-Israel resolution. The resolution declared?Judaism’s holiest site, The Temple Mount and the Western Wall an exclusively?Muslim Shrine. It ignored history and the fact that the Muslim Mosque is built on top of the ruins of previous Jewish temples. The resolution painted a huge bullseye on Jerusalem and is likely the justification for the latest Palestinian terrorist truck attack.


McCully, Kerry and Obama have blood on their hands. Far from promoting peace and a two-state solution the UN resolution that they drafted has been taken as a declaration of war on The Jewish people in Jerusalem by the emboldened Palestinian?Muslim?terrorists. In their minds, they have the approval of the United Nations for their actions because in their minds Jerusalem is now Palestinian territory.

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Rebel Media’s report on terrorist attack at Ohio State University

It just got personal for one liberal voter

On? I came across the above post. I am sure he is not the only gay man badly shaken now that the Islamic terrorism threat has become so personal. Just as Jews have been targeted just for being Jews, this Islamic terrorist specifically targeted gay men. He could have massacred any Americans but he chose gays as his target. This choice may backfire in ways he and his ISIS masters have not considered.

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