The arrest of Tommy Robinson: Robert Spencer pulls no punches

Supporters of Tommy Robinson protest his arrest outside Downing Street Featuring: Atmosphere Where: London, England, United Kingdom When: 26 May 2018 Credit: Luke Dray/Cover Images?

Robert Spencer at Frontpage Mag writes:

Quote:Two recent arrests in Britain could serve as its epitaph.

The first, as captured in this video , was that of a middle-aged woman named Amy who was arrested on Wednesday at her home. Amy herself began filming with her phone as police demanded that she let them in. When Amy asked them whether she was going to be arrested and asked them what the charge was, they refused to answer, and simply repeated their demand that she let them in, threatening to break down the door if she didn?t.

Watching the video, one shares Amy?s confusion and fear at being confronted by police at her door at nine o?clock in the morning. Then when she does open the door, she is told she is under arrest. A young male policeman bellows, ?Do not resist us!? He and his female partner roughly handcuff Amy and lead her away.

Last month, Amy confronted London police in Hyde Park ? as you can see in this video — where Muslims were placing down their prayer mats on the walkways and conducting public prayer. She pointed out to them that it was against the law to hold public prayers in parks, but police responded only with obfuscation and indifference.

Amy wasn?t arrested, however, for embarrassing the London police. At least not officially. As you can see from yet another video , she was arrested for ?homophobia,? not ?Islamophobia,? in a highly questionable case. Apparently she said ?Have a gay day? to a gay rights activist who confronted her, and is being charged with assault for pushing him away.

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Why Halal certification is a big deal


I need to add one more item to my list of the covert techniques used by Muslim activists to colonise Western countries by stealth. The saying that springs to mind is death by a thousand cuts. Our democracies will be dismantled not by an honest full frontal military assault but by small changes that seem insignificant at the the time. Halal certification to naive Western eyes appears to be a business that is required to gain lucrative Islamic countries’ business as well as to supply the rising demand for Halal certified products inside Western countries from the growing Muslim population.

In reality, it is all part of a larger plan to Islamise us. What amazes me most about Muslim activists like the Australian Head of Halal certification Mohamed Elmouelhy is his honesty on social media. Like the now imprisoned British activist Anjem Choudary, he does not even bother to hide his desire to turn Australia into an Islamic country. This is a man being paid handsomely to subvert Australia’s democracy from inside the tent.

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Islamophobia is because of misinformation apparently


While I appreciate New Zealander,?Mustenser Qamar’s desire?to spread a peaceful message about Islam because he?practices a peaceful version of it I think that it is a bridge too far to blame misinformation for Islamophobia. Fear of Islam is well justified. I fear Islamic colonisation and the implementation of Sharia?law way more than I fear Islamic terrorism. Terrorism creates fear but Islamification changes a country’s way of life forever. How a relatively low Muslim population changes a Western country for the worse is backed up by examples all over Europe. It is not misinformation. Some Maori and NZ academics still go on about the evils of British colonialism yet no one accuses them of Pomophobia or of being victims of misinformation.

Unfortunately, 5 young women of our community were verbally and physically attacked yesterday in Huntly. The video went viral… This clearly happened because of misunderstandings about #TrueIslam
The perpetrator was also a victim…A victim of misinformation!

Ironically, these young women had just been actively countering the misinformation and misunderstanding about Islam. These women were at the forefront of our initiative to educate the public on #TrueIslam over the weekend and took part in our community’s efforts and arrangements for a Quran Exhibition in New Plymouth on Saturday.
On the way back home after a very successful weekend in which our community was educating people and removing misconceptions through the exhibition, short seminars on ‘Quran and Terrorism’, radio interviews, news coverage, a bookstall, peace message letter box drops and even working on YouTube videos for #MeetAMuslimNZ these girls were attacked due to the exact thing they were out fighting….misinformation!

This just goes to show that Islamophobia is real and is increasing. Our initiatives are more important than ever! People really need to actually #MeetAMuslimNZ and find out what the #TrueIslam of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) is.

Don’t judge us on the ‘so-called Islam’ of the extremists… judge us on the Islam we practice; the Islam of the Quran and the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him).

So take the opportunity to accept the invitation of our community WORLDWIDE! Meet a Muslim! Get in touch with me or anyone in our community anywhere in the world and we can make it happen. We can build friendships and work for a more peaceful, loving, accepting and tolerant world through education.


Share this and feel free to PM me for a meet up wherever in the world you maybe!

-Mustenser Qamar?Facebook

Once were Vikings now are pussies


Vikings are the ancestors of the once proud Swedish people but if the latest propaganda video from the Swedish government is anything to judge the Swedish people by then they have become emasculated subjugated pussies. The first sentence of the commercial sums up the government’s message to the Swedish people perfectly, ” There is no way back.” I am surprised they did not add the words, “you have been assimilated” because essentially that is the message of the video. Don’t resist, don’t try to save your values or culture, the damage has been done and it is too late to save your country from Islamification.


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The UK are going to hell in a handcart

First this


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“I don?t think people have grasped how significant these numbers are”

Some sobering data on terrorism has been released

terrorism expert Steven Emerson’s?nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) found that an average of nearly 30,000 people per year have been killed by terrorists since 2010, when terrorism’s death toll was 3,284. The study identifies?two troubling trends: more attacks are happening, and they are deadlier than ever.

Emerson, the executive director of IPT, said,

?Everyone has known that terrorist attacks have generally been increasing yearly since 9/11. But the magnitude of the increase of the attacks surprised us, especially in the past five years. Even if you look back at the annual reports issued by the most senior analysts in the top five intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies, there is not one report that predicted or forecasted that we would likely see such a massive escalation of attacks.?

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More casualties of Brussels: freedom of association and freedom of speech

Belgian police briefly used water cannon to control several hundred rowdy protesters in central Brussels after they ignored an official call for marches to be postponed following last week’s bombings.Amid fears of further attacks, officials wanted to give police the scope to focus on investigations which have widened to other countries, leading to the arrest of an Algerian in Italy and intelligence cooperation with Germany. Police carried out 13 new raids in Belgium itself.

Hundreds nevertheless gathered at the Bourse to express solidarity with the victims of the suicide bomb attacks at Brussels airport and on a rush-hour metro train. Thirty-one people were killed, including three attackers, and hundreds more injured. Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

Most of the protests were peaceful but white-helmeted riot police used the water cannon against a group of protesters, many of whom local media described as right-wing nationalists, who burst on to the square chanting and carrying banners denouncing Islamic State.

“It is highly inappropriate that protesters have disrupted the peaceful reflection at the Bourse (stock exchange). I strongly condemn these disturbances,” Prime Minister Charles Michel said according to Belga news agency.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said the group were “scoundrels”.

Labeling the people “right wing nationalists” doesn’t actually get around the fact that they were engaged in lawful protests.

And to have your own prime minister condemning people that are protesting against the Islamic problems that underlie the Brussels terrorist attack is as gob smacking as it is deeply offensive.

Europe are seriously munted when they continue to elect leaders that are willing to put the needs of one section of the population ahead of all others.

Nobody ever thought that the Roman Empire could fall, but it did.?? I suspect that the Islamification of Europe will be looked back on in a few hundred years as the fall of Western democracy, and the start of a second “dark ages”.


– Reuters via ODT

Not enough mosques in France – French Muslim leader

He’s concerned France is about 2,200 mosques short of what it needs, and wants the shortfall to be addressed in 2 years.

France?s total of some 2,200 mosques is not enough for the national Muslim community, the head of the French Muslim Council, Dalil Boubakeur, told an annual gathering of Muslim organizations. He insisted that the number should be doubled within two years.

?We have a lot of meeting places and unfinished mosques, and there are a lot of mosques that are not yet built,? he said on Saturday in a speech at the annual meeting of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget.

?We need double [that number] within two years,? he added, according to AFP.

The UOIF president and the organizer of the meeting, Amar Lasfar, agreed that the number of mosques must reflect the number of Muslims in France.

?We have the right to build mosques, and for mayors not to oppose it,? Lasfar stressed.

The official estimate on the number of Muslims living in France varies from four to five million people, but the Muslim leaders insist the real number is closer to seven million. Read more »


Germany’s Angela Merkel not happy about anti-Islam protests


German Chancellor has condemned the anti-Islamic protests, saying its leaders have ?prejudice, coldness and hatred in their hearts? and called on people not to follow them. However, one in eight Germans say they would join such rallies, a poll showed.

Angela Merkel has accused leaders of Pegida anti-Islamic movement, which is gaining popularity in Germany, of hijacking the slogan of 1989 Berlin Wall demonstrations, ?Wir sind das Volk? (?We are the people?) for their xenophobic purposes.

Of all countries in the world, Germany should have a deep understanding of the need for nationalism in the face of a threat by a people they don’t want to live with. ? Except there was a huge difference: ?the Jews didn’t want to kill people and turn Germany into a Jewish-only state. ? Read more »

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West are being labelled “far right” by the media, but essentially it is a move by Europeans to stop what they see as their way of life being under threat.

At least 17,500 people took part in a protest against Islamization in Germany?s eastern city of Dresden, according to police. The Monday rally comes as the latest round of demonstrations organized by the rising far-right PEGIDA movement.

Thousands gathered by Dresden?s iconic opera house, the Semperoper, to demand stricter immigration rules.

PEGIDA?s founder and leader Lutz Bachmann [spoke]?at the event, stating that “Germany is no immigrant?s land” and demanding that those who wish to live in the country do so by adhering to a “culture based on the Christian-Jewish” values and “humanism.”

PEGIDA?s organizers have said that they are standing up against extremism and not against immigrants as such, but the rallies have spread concerns over a rising far-right movement in Germany.

The group?s supporters refer to themselves as ?patriots,? who are worried about the ?watering down?of Germany?s Christian culture and values.

The same has happened with UKIP in Britain. ?They are being called far right racists as well. ?But anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty can see that by the time the invited guests tell the owners of the house how they can live, things have gone too far. Read more »