Jackie Blue

Tweet of the year


The tweet over the break deserves a higher status than any of the others not only because of its content but because of who originally tweeted it (Dr Jackie Blue, the?Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner) and who retweeted it (The Human Rights Commission).

Dr Blue is committed to progressing human rights and issues of equity, particularly those that affect equal employment opportunities.[…]

Dr Blue also?has a strong commitment to advancing the participation of women in society and is the Commission’s lead on stopping violence against women.

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One thing Key won?t compromise on: National remains a meritocracy

Jackie Blue was a useless National MP, prone to tears and wetter than the ocean.?Her latest daft idea is to demand a quota of 50% women for John Key’s next cabinet.

Prime Minister John Key has dismissed a call to make his next cabinet at least half women, saying he’d be “stupid” to commit to a quota.

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue has called on Mr Key to follow in the steps of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who last year appointed a half-female cabinet.

But asked whether he would promise to make his next cabinet 50 per cent women, Mr Key rejected the idea, saying he wanted ministers to be appointed on merit. ? Read more »


The Honey Plot – Victim seeks clarification from Court of Appeal

Martin Honey

In the world of real estate Martin Honey?has always been considered safe as houses. Now the walls are closing in on the high-flying Auckland agent. In the fifth?part of a special Whaleoil investigation, we examine the involvement of a former National party MP:

by Stephen Cook

THE GOVERNMENT agency involved in adjudicating the Martin Honey real estate saga is facing?the sternest examination yet of its handling of the whole affair with the Court of Appeal now being asked to rule on allegations of corruption and grave misconduct.

Leading the fresh offensive is consumer rights advocate Dermot Nottingham who has filed an appeal with the court seeking a ruling on key points relating to the Real Estate Agents Authority finding in favour of the Auckland real estate agent.

The High Court has since overturned those findings, referring the matter back to the Authority for review.

But Nottingham has now upped the ante by this week filing an appeal with the Court of Appeal where he asks for a ruling on whether the Authority is guilty of either corruption, misconduct or incompetency. He wants a ruling on these issues before the matter goes back to the Authority.

He has asked the Court of Appeal to rule on whether the actions of Crown counsel involved with the case amounts to ?dishonest, or such other intolerable, behaviour that should be reported to the appropriate authorities?. Read more »

Honey, I’ve got the Blues


In the world of real estate Martin Honey?has always been considered safe as houses. Now the walls are closing in on the high-flying Auckland agent. In the fourth?part of a special Whaleoil investigation, we examine the involvement of a former National party MP:

by Stephen Cook

FORMER NATIONAL MP Jackie Blue used false and misleading information in an attempt to destroy the reputation of one of the central figures in the Martin Honey real estate saga.

Today Whaleoil can reveal how Blue ? who is now Equal Opportunities Commissioner – conspired with Honey to try and bring down consumer rights advocate Dermot Nottingham, who made his name back in the 1990s exposing car odometer fraud.

In March 2011 Blue wrote to Internal Affairs Minister Nathan Guy demanding an urgent investigation into the suitability of Nottingham as a real estate agent.

With that letter she included a ?dossier? containing a number of serious allegations relating to what she described as Nottingham?s ?extensive criminal record and history of intimidation?.

The dossier was provided to her by Honey.

No effort was made by Blue to verify any of the allegations, all of which were untrue. ?? Read more »

Rodney Hide schools Jackie Blue

Rodney Hide schools Jackie Blue on what a waste of space her job is.

He is of course talking about Blue’s ill-considered opinion over Paul Henry stating a few home truths about Helen Clark and Hillary Clinton.

Henry had said in regard to Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House: “Why, if feminism has come so far, does she feel the need to highlight the fact that she’s a woman?

“Shouldn’t she be selling herself on the fact that she’s the best person, the right person, for the job, no matter what her sex?”

Henry also noted other high-profile females had “fallen into the same trap”, including Helen Clark in her bid to become Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Henry has a good point. The feminist complaint was “jobs for the boys”. The argument was women shouldn’t be excluded because they’re women. But the argument has become that women must be selected because they are women. Clinton and Clark have replaced sexism with reverse sexism. ?? Read more »

Scary National Party poodle?


Brian Rudman must have had some bad seats recently at the theatre, he is certainly Mr Grumpy-pants this morning in the Herald.

Instead of a women’s-only candidate list, what might be of more use to the poor old Labour Party right now is a nice comforting mummy it can hide behind when that scary National Party poodle Cameron Slater yaps.

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Who will run in Mt Roskill in Place of Jackie Blue?

Jackie Blue?s resignation from parliament means that National will need another person to take one for the team in the safe Labour seat of Mt Roskill. Phil Goff holds Roskill with a massive majority of 7,271, so no National candidate has a realistic chance of winning the seat.

National?s stupidity in supporting red seat candidates means it burns through good people who will not want to take a fisting in the ballot box to help out John Key and Steven Joyce and Peter Goodfellow. ?After the election the National Party was either dismissive or indifferent to those MPs likely to come back into the house or those who ran in red seats. ? Read more »

What about Dianne Yates? Labour’s hypocrisy on crony appointments grows

As Labour and Helen Kelly attack over the appointment of Jackie Blue perhaps they need reminding about the?forgotten the frenzied quadruple appointment of Dianne Yates?

The appointment of former Labour list MP Dianne Yates to four boards since she left Parliament in March this year has been described as the price the Government paid to get another Samoan into Parliament.

The remark by a Labour Party insider referred to Ms Yates’ standing down, as part of Labour’s third term rejuvenation drive, after almost 15 years in Parliament.

It allowed South Auckland Samoan community leader Su’a William Sio to replace her in Labour’s caucus.

Since leaving Parliament, Ms Yates has been appointed to the boards of Trust Waikato Community Trust, the Waikato Institute of Technology and Learning Media.

Yesterday she was also appointed by the Government to the high-powered Food Standards Australia New Zealand board.

The Labour Party insider told The Dominion Post: “It’s the price the Government has paid to allow Mr Sio to enter Parliament.

Her last appointment to the?FSANZ Board?was astonishing in its brazenness:

“Dianne is ideally suited to this role on all levels. She’s from the Waikato, arguably the food bowl of New Zealand, and has close links to the primary sector.

If Labour want to chuck rocks about cronies I am going to start chucking them back, one a day, for about a year.

National’s Potential List MPs

Jackie Blue?s departure potentially brings Paul Quinn back into parliament. Paul was given the bums rush by the party hierarchy in 2011, and got given a list position that meant he didn?t make it back.

This was unfortunate as Paul is one of the few National MPs who has ever loved a brawl for the sake of a brawl. He lacked a little bit of discipline, but you could always rely on him stepping up rather than running away. As things get messier in parliament and the media knuckleheads really start smashing up the PM a good brawler like Paul would be handy.

Paul is on the record as saying he can’t be arsed going back to parliament, but it is his choice not National?s. National have been particularly half-witted in their dealings with Paul, so he hasn?t been given any interesting work to make sure he stays away.? Read more »

Helen Kelly training for a seat in the Nasty Party

Helen Kelly has come out with a mean spirited and nasty press release about Jackie Blue?s appointment as Equal Opportunities Commissioner.

The appointment by Judith Collins of a current National MP as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner is a direct political appointment and as such it risks undermining the integrity of this crucial national human rights role, says CTU President Helen Kelly.

It looks like she is also planning to uphold the Hipkins Standard. No former politicians or people associated with Labour will be appointed to any government body.

Helen Kelly says “Human Rights Commissioner roles are positions that need to be independent from direct government policy and influence. Jackie Blue is well respected on her advocacy on some women’s issues and we recognise and respect that but she has been a voting member of a Government that has set women’s issues back years with changes to pay equity initiatives, attacks on solo mothers, cuts to ECE services and other changes. ?Her direct appointment from the Parliament and lack of experience and knowledge on human rights are serious issues.”? Read more »