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Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence Bill abuses employers

Domestic abuse charity Shine supports Green MP Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence – Victims? Protection Bill which will allow victims of domestic violence in employment to take paid leave if needed. Ms Logie?s members? bill is set down for its first reading on Wednesday and will likely come up for a vote on 8th of March. A similar law exists in many Australian states and research shows only .02% of employees are using this leave provision. But for that .02%, this leave may make a major difference in helping them to remain employed while going through a crisis.

Shine?s DVFREE workplace programme coordinator Graham Barnes says, “Employment provides critical networks and financial support for many victims of domestic abuse that can be a path to safety. Having this special leave provision enshrined in law will be a minimal cost to employers and potentially have a major impact on those who need it most, allowing them to remain employed – a win-win for the employee in this situation and for their employer.”

Research by Jim Stanford, Ph.D. of Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute (December 2016) shows that the status quo is not ?free?; cost of domestic violence to employers includes lost work time, (even if unpaid) reduced productivity, higher turnover and resulting recruitment and training costs, risks of violence spilling over into the workplace, reputational risks with customers and other employees. Domestic violence appears to cost about one percent of gross domestic product every year.

There is absolutely no way that an employer should be liable because an employee is assaulted at home. ? If this is a good idea, and I’m far from believing it is, then this should be a centrally funded benefit to both the employer and the employee. ?Both are, after all, victims here. ? Read more »

Tania’s Stoop Pooper has returned to Malaysia

Alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

At the time: ?the alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

The Malaysian military official convicted of indecently assaulting a woman in Wellington has left New Zealand after serving his sentence.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail was sentenced to nine months’ home detention in February after pleading guilty to one charge in relation to a sexually motivated attack on Tania Billingsley in her Wellington flat in May 2014. Read more »

As predicted, stories are now surfacing over Serco at Wiri

UNDER-FIRE Serco is facing renewed pressure over its management of the Auckland South Corrections Facility at Wiri just a day after losing its lucrative contract to run Mt Eden Prison.

A major question mark is hanging over the Government?s privatisation prison programme following controversy about prison fight clubs, illegal contraband, unreported beatings and a rising suicide rate.

In July the Government stepped in and took back control of Mt Eden Prison from Serco after a series of wide-ranging allegations, including claims inmates had been physically assaulted and thrown off balconies in a practice known as ?dropping?.

Yesterday the Government finally said enough was enough and cancelled Serco?s Mt Eden contract.

In announcing the decision, departing Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-liga said the decision would have no bearing on Serco?s 25-year contract to run Wiri Prison in South Auckland.

He claimed there were no issues about Serco?s management of the facility and the Government was committed to a private prison service.

Lotu-liga?s claims appear to fly in the face of reports out of Wiri, which suggest the prison is facing many of the similar type of issues that plagued Mt Eden during much of the Serco reign.

One well-placed source claimed yesterday the private prison company was deliberately flouting health and safety regulations at Wiri with one of its trade training programmes ? and in the process putting inmates at risk of harm.

The source claimed Serco had failed to obtain council consent for a paint spray booth but instead of axing the scheme was allowing inmates to spray paint in the open with no ventilation or fume management. ? Read more »

How the hell does someone like that make it into a diplomatic post?

Muhammad Rizalman, 39, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting Tania Billingsley when he appeared in the High Court in Wellington earlier this week.

Charges of burglary and assault with intent to commit sexual violation were withdrawn.

Rizalman disagreed with some aspects of the police summary of what happened at Ms Billingsley’s home in May last year and a hearing took place yesterday to sort those matters out.

Rizalman said he he may have used synthetic cannabis, and was confused and desperate to go toilet when he?defecated on Ms Billingsley’s doorstep.

Professor Graham Mellsop told the Court yesterday Rizalman also scored highly on the “F Scale”, which measured whether a person was faking their symptoms.

He said that was consistent with Rizalman exaggerating his mental health symptoms.

Prof Mellsop said he did not believe Rizalman was in a state of confusion during the incidents on 9 May last year.

He said Mr Rizalman often claimed to not remember things and had been very selective with what he did remember, but he was able to give detailed accounts of what went on with him and the victim, which was incompatible with a genuinely impaired memory.

Professor Mellsop concluded beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Rizalman often does not tell the truth.

No shit. ?Oh, wait… ? Read more »

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail’s actual actions to be revealed in court

The man that was tried and convicted by Jan Logie and Mediaworks plead guilty to a lesser charge on Monday, but the court is still in the dark as to what happened.

What exactly happened during an indecent assault by a former Malaysian diplomatic staffer on a Wellington woman is set to be decided.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 39, this week pleaded guilty in the High Court at Wellington to assaulting Tania Billingsley in the suburb of Brooklyn last year.

His plea on Monday came on the first day of what was scheduled to be a two-week trial.

Today, a judge will hear accounts of the attack from both Rizalman’s lawyers and the Crown to decide what really happened during the attack.

In an earlier, disputed, version of the facts, Crown prosecutor Grant Burston said Rizalman arrived at the Brooklyn flat, took off his pants and underwear before entering through the unlocked front door while Ms Billingsley was in her bedroom watching a movie on her laptop.

He said Rizalman grabbed her as she began to scream when he entered her room.

But Defence counsel Donald Stevens QC disputed the allegation Rizalman grabbed Ms Billingsley by the throat – saying he had only grabbed Rizalman’s shoulders and arms. [ as published, but probably should be “Billingley’s arms” ]

A judge must now decide what exactly happened at a disputed facts hearing.

Here’s something that we have never seen written in public before:

Charges of intent to commit sexual violation and burglary against Rizalman were dropped after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Keep in mind that all the other interested blogs and media were pitching it as a failed rape for months. ?But now the prosecution isn’t able to even back it up for an intent to commit sexual violation to stand up. ?Worse, emotive “grabbing by the throat” is disputed with “grabbed by shoulders/arms”.

This is the very information I’ve been insisting we would need to wait for before making any kind of decision about this case.

I still believe the two knew each other. ?This wasn’t a random attack. ?He may have been at her place many times before. ?He may in fact have had a relationship of sorts?with her before. ?He may in fact have been in the process of playing a silly prank which would have worked out just fine had the relationship been up to it. ?Instead, it caused a spectacular backfire.? Read more »

Time to discover the truth: Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail faces court this week [UPDATED]

I wrote this article early this morning. I’m leaving it intact but have added to the bottom due to the fact the case moved on quickly just a few hours later.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail stands accused of a number of charges related to Tania Billingsley.

The former Malaysian diplomatic staffer accused of sexually assaulting a Wellington woman will go on trial this week.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 39, is due in the High Court at Wellington this morning where he faces charges of burglary and assault with intent to commit sexual violation over an incident in the suburb of Brooklyn last year.

The case caused controversy after it was revealed Rizalman was allowed to return to Malaysia following a blunder by New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The former defence attache has since returned and denies the charges.

Ms Billingsley waived suppression so she could take her case?public. ?And public it went. ?TV3 and the Green Party’s Jan Logie constructed a story suggesting that John Key and Murray McCully were indirectly culpable for the alleged deliberate act where?Rizalman bin Ismail was allowed to return to Malaysia without facing charges.

This situation was reversed as the Malaysian government sent?Rizalman bin Ismail back to New Zealand where he’s been awaiting trial for?about a year now.

The Green Party, TV3 and the womens’ rights groups all piled in and presented a case for the prosecution in public without any balance. ?I took that role, asking some pertinent questions (as yet unanswered), and was naturally vilified for it and smeared as someone who essentially “raped” Ms Billingley a second time. ?Somewhat?extreme, as she was never raped in the first place, but that’s how extreme?the rhetoric went. Read more »

There is Dirty Politics and then there is Despicable Politics

Green Party MP Jan Logie is still pushing for John Key to apologise over accusing Labour and Greens of putting the welfare of criminals ahead of those of everyday New Zealanders by playing the sexual victim card.

A petition carrying 13,000 signatures calling on Prime Minister John Key to apologise for his “you back the rapists” comment has been handed in to Parliament.

Mr Key shouted the words at opposition MPs during a heated about New Zealand criminals being deported from Australia.

It caused uproar, and several women MPs walked out after saying they were victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key said he was responding to opposition claims that the Government wasn’t doing anything to help the deportees, and explained he meant Labour and the Greens cared more about criminals than the people who needed protection from them.

It wasn’t taken that way, and several women MPs walked out after identifying themselves as victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key didn’t apologise and Speaker David Carter subsequently said he couldn’t order an apology because he hadn’t heard the remark at the time.

The people’s power organisation ActionStation organised the petition.

It calls on Mr Key to “stand up and apologise for the offence your comment has caused to survivors of sexual violence throughout New Zealand, and withdraw the statement”.

It was handed to Green Party MP Jan Logie and Labour MP Poto Williams on the steps of Parliament today.

They were among those who walked out in protest when Mr Key made the comment.

The petition also calls on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence agencies to provide core services for victims.

“Today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women – it is the perfect day for us to present this petition,” said ActionStation spokeswoman Marianne Elliott.

Ms Logie said there was an epidemic of violence against women and the silence around it had to be broken.

The whole walkout was a staged political show. ?It was staged using the victims of sexual violence and mocking them by trying to smear the Prime Minister as being non-supportive of sexual violence victims.

There’s just one problem: ?he wasn’t.

And as we’ve seen by the polls that came out since then, New Zealand clearly heard John Key stand up for New Zealanders and question why Labour and the Greens were dying in the ditch for a handful of hardened criminals.

Using violence and sexual violence against women is normally an iron-clad strategy to shut everyone down. ?There simply is no argument to “justify” it in any context.

But Logie and her poisonous friends have totally over-reached here. ? John Key was clearly against the criminals who were at the time thought to be convicted of things like murder, rape and paedophilia while Labour and the Greens were criticising John Key for not doing enough to bring these people “home”.

The fact they found 13,000 people to sign this petition shows they are even willing to trivialise sexual violence if it means getting a hit in on John Key.

To borrow some Internet language: ?EPIC FAIL


– NZN via 3 News

Rapist sent to jail for life, appeal dismissed. Perhaps he needs to ask Jan Logie for a hug, he might not be a monster

Maybe the judge is wrong and this guy isn’t a monster at all.

Jan Logie seems to know who the monsters are or aren’t.

A sadistic sexual predator’s appeal against his indefinite jail term imposed for two decades of terror has been rejected.

Alan Neil Rosewarn, of Taranaki, was last year sentenced to preventive detention for abusing two women and their children.

The indefinite term was imposed in the High Court at New Plymouth and means despite Rosewarn becoming eligible for parole after 10 years, he may never be released.

He admitted charges including rape, sexual violation, kidnapping, threatening to kill and child cruelty.

Rosewarn appealed against the preventive detention on the basis a minimum term would be sufficient punishment.

But in a judgment delivered today, the Court of Appeal disagreed.

Read more »

Jan Logie says rapists are “not always monsters”…ahh…yeah they really are

For some reason Jan Logie actually did stick up for rapists on television yesterday. No, she did…she said that rapists?are “not always monsters”

Where I come from rapists are always monsters.

But now Jan Logie, who is outraged because the Prime Minister has said the Greens and Labour are crim cuddling supporters of rapists, is there on TVNZ sticking up for rapists because they are “not always monsters”.

Wasn’t she banging on about rape culture earlier in the year, promulgating an extra-judicial witch-hunt against a diplomat and trying to smear John Key back then as a rape enabler because he didn’t intervene in that case.

Now she is advocating on behalf of rapists and murderers detained in Australia, and is outraged the Prime Minister isn’t doing enough for them.

It shows just how convoluted their arguments are. They have more positions on this than the kama sutra.

These social justice warriors are only after an embarrassing apology…and they are hounding the PM on sexual assault issues for the third time (Rizalman case, Pony-tail incident, and now this one). I don’t believe in coincidences, there is a definite strategy to try and get the PM embroiled in sex allegations of some sort. ?? Read more »

Judith Collins vs. Jan Logie

Judith Collins and Jan Logie have been duelling on the Fairfax website Stuff.co.nz yesterday.

Jan Logie attacked Judith Collins who smacked her back good and hard.

What a disappointing personal attack Green MP Jan Logie has made on me.

Ms Logie?will have heard me speak of the fact that while I was Minister of Justice, my cousin, Robyn, was murdered by her estranged first husband. I have always been, and remain, committed to doing all I can to protect women and children from the horror of domestic and sexual violence. This was a priority for me as Minister of Justice.

Before undertaking such a vicious and hurtful personal attack, it might have been useful for Jan to get her facts right.?Here are just some examples of what I did to protect women and children during?my time as minister:

* Increased the penalty for breaching a protection order from two years to three years;
* Broadened the definition of domestic violence to include financial and psychological abuse;
* Increased funding to grow and expand the [email protected] programme to support families?at risk of serious harm from domestic abuse to stay safely in their own homes;
* Created a new non-contact order to reduce the risk of unwanted contact between victims and offenders;
* Changed the Evidence Act to make appearing in court less traumatic for victims of sexual violence and child witnesses; and,
* Launched a?new school-based pilot project as part of a focus on preventing sexual violence.? Read more »