The rights of the minority do not outweigh the rights of the majority

“One has to respect the right of the minority to self-determination, but at the same time there cannot and must not be any doubts about the rights of the majority.”


Extreme liberalism, political correctness, Alt-Left (whatever label you want to give it) ?has people believing that the tail can wag the dog because the tail has rights. Many people in New Zealand believe that minority rights are more important than majority rights. They think that it is acceptable to put the religious freedom of one religion (Islam ) above the religious freedom of other beliefs including secularism. This is because of their flawed idea that it is wrong to put the needs of the many above the needs of the few. Extreme liberals defend minority rights over majority rights all the time but they are not consistent or logical.

For example, they love to defend minority groups like the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community but they will equally defend Islamic groups that say that the LGBT community should be killed. They are morally unable to discriminate because they believe discrimination in itself is wrong. ?We have to discriminate in life. ?You cannot support a man who believes you should be killed unless you are suicidal and you cannot support both women’s rights and an ideology that forces girls into child marriage.

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Photo of the Day

trinity-03-secondsThe Trinity Test

?On?July 16, deep in the deserts of New Mexico, Pandora?s Box was opened, and the Atomic Age was born

The United States became the first country to successfully detonate an atomic weapon, signaling the beginning of a new era in warfare and in politics. In the early 1940s, the U.S. government authorized a top-secret program of nuclear testing and development, codenamed ?The Manhattan Project?. Its goal was the development of the world?s first atomic bomb. Much of the research and development for the project occurred at a facility built in Los Alamos, New Mexico. In July 1945, Los Alamos scientists successfully exploded the first atomic bomb at the Trinity test site, located in nearby Alamogordo.

When the atomic bomb was tested, scientists were the first humans to witness the power of a nuclear weapon.?Even 32 kilometers (20 miles) away, observers felt the heat of the explosion on exposed skin. The radiation level in the rising mushroom cloud was so intense that it emitted a blue glow.

The code name ?Trinity? was assigned by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory, inspired by the poetry of John Donne. The test was of an implosion-design plutonium device, informally nicknamed ?The Gadget?, of the same design as the Fat Man bomb later detonated over Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945. The complexity of the design required a major effort from the Los Alamos Laboratory, and concerns about whether it would work led to a decision to conduct the first nuclear test.

No one was completely sure what would happen when Gadget went off. For a while, there was worry that the chain reaction would be unstoppable and react with the entire atmosphere. Before the test, Enrico Fermi took bets from some of the physicists and high ranking military personnel on whether the bomb would destroy the whole state of New Mexico, or the entire planet. The math seemed to show fairly conclusively that the world wouldn?t be destroyed, but a lot of the guards who didn?t know that became anxious.

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How about that global warming thing eh?

Japan is experiencing fallen snow on the ground earlier than ever before.

Tokyo residents have woken up to the first November snowfall in more than 50 years.

The Japan Meteorological Agency also said it was the first time fallen snow on the ground had been observed in November since such records started to be made in 1875.

An unusually cold air mass brought wet snow to Japan?s capital on Thursday. Above-freezing temperatures kept the snow from sticking in most places, though it did accumulate on sidewalks and cars in Tokyo?s far western suburbs.

Meteorologists forecast up to 2cm would fall, and more in the mountains north-west of Tokyo. ? Read more »

Whale bacon sounds delicious


You’ve got to admit it…whale bacon does sound delicious.

“Whale bacon”, it turns out, is a critical component of scientific inquiry into the habits of the peaceful ocean giants. Ditto for whale steak. And edible slabs of raw whale meat (aka sashimi).

Gourmet recipes to prepare and cook whale meat are being promoted on a website owned by the Institute of Cetacean Research, the Japanese organisation supposedly conducting “scientific” research to justify whale hunting in waters near Antarctica.

The latest harvest – which defies a 2014 international court ruling that declared Japan’s whaling illegal – included the slaughter of about 200 pregnant minke whales in waters near Antarctica.

The Institute of Cetacean Research, having sent its whaling fleet into the Southern Ocean over the summer, boasted last month that the high number of pregnant cows meant the whale population was in good health. ?? Read more »

McCully is really really cross with North Korea

Murray McCully is really really cross with North Korea.

New Zealand has joined others in swift condemnation of North Korea’s launch of a long-range ballistic missile.

North Korea’s decision to conduct a launch, and the nuclear test they carried out on January 6, are irresponsible and fly in the face of international opinion, Foreign Minister Murray McCully says.

North Korea said its intention was to put a satellite into orbit, but the US and its allies believe it was a cover for a test of a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead.

Mr McCully said New Zealand would work with other UN Security Council members on an appropriate response to the launch. ? Read more »

Who knew? Japan has a death penalty, And executed it

Japan has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the developed world.

But at the other end, it also apparently doesn’t want to mollycoddle those who are beyond help and no longer deserve to be breathing oxygen. ?Certainly cheaper in the long run.

Japan has executed two prisoners on death row, one of whom was the country’s first inmate to be sentenced to death by jurors.

AFP is reporting that since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took power in 2012, 14 people have now been executed.

In 2009, Japan introduced a jury system in which citizens deliberate with professional judges to boost citizenry input in the judicial process.

One of those prisoners was 63-year-old Sumitoshi Tsuda, who was the first person to be executed through this system. He is one of 26 people who have been sentenced since 2009. ?? Read more »

I challenge Restaurant Brands to do this in Mangere

I bet Restaurant Brands doesn’t have the balls to do this in Mangere.

All-you-can-eat KFC is a finger lickin’ good option – if you can make to Japan.

The chicken chain is opening an all-you-can-eat buffet location in Osaka, Japan, reports?RocketNews.

Customers will pay between $US16 ($NZ24) and $US21 ($NZ30) for 90 minutes of access to a buffet filled with fried chicken as well as about 60 other KFC menu items, including biscuits, coleslaw, rotisserie chicken, and salad. Children’s prices will be even lower, and kids under the age of four will eat for free. ? Read more »


Perhaps John Key should rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan?

Perhaps John Key should rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan?

It seemed to work for the Japanese government who ripped up the plans for an expensive Tokyo?Olympic?stadium.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered plans for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic stadium to be ditched amid public anger over its $US2 billion ($A2.7 billion) price tag.

The decision on Friday means the organisers of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will have to find a new venue for the final.

“I have decided we must go back to the drawing board,” Abe told reporters after meeting top Japanese sports officials. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Toru YAMANAKATORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images.  KBG84, an elderly women troupe of singers and dancers, perform in traditional local costumes at a herb garden on Kohama Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

KBG84, an elderly women troupe of singers and dancers, perform in traditional local costumes at a herb garden on Kohama Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

New Kids On The Block

?Come on and Dance, Kohama Island?

They joke about knocking on heaven’s door, but a Japanese ‘girl band’ with an average age of 84 have struck a blow for grannies everywhere by becoming pop idols.

KBG84, the newest idol group making headlines, is?commonly described as ?Japan?s idol group closest to heaven,? which seems like a cruel way to say they?re all super-old. Though we like to imagine?that it?s?actually a?reference to the fact that they live on an island paradise!

They admit to being slightly bemused by their success after cutting their first disc and performing at a concert in Tokyo last month.

?When I first heard someone call us ?idols? I thought an idol meant someone who had lived a long life and was at the gates of heaven,? said pint-sized diva Tomi Menaka, 92, speaking in a herb garden overlooking Kohama?s turquoise sea.

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Face of the day


Today’s face of the day Sharif Steel, 15, was denied a year-long home stay in Japan because he is Muslim. Japan is one of the very few countries who protect their population from the very real threat of the ideology of Islam so it is hardly surprising that they could not find a host family willing to take a boy who follows this supremacist ideology into their home.

Sharif’s ideology labels the Japanese people Kafirs. Here is what the Qu’ran has to say about Kafirs. Ask yourself, if you are a Kafir ( and you are ) would you want someone who follows this teaching in your home?

Hatred for the sake of Allah and love for the sake of Allah is called Al Walaa wa al Baraa, a fundamental principle of Islamic ethics and Sharia. A Muslim is to hate what Allah hates and love what Allah loves. Allah hates the Kafir, therefore, a Muslim is to act accordingly.

40:35 They [Kafirs] who dispute the signs [Koran verses] of Allah without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers [Muslims]. So Allah seals up every arrogant, disdainful heart.

h8.24 It is not permissible to give zakat [charity] to a Kafir, or to someone whom one is obliged to support such as a wife or family member.

Here are a few of the Koran references: A Kafir can be mocked?

83:34 On that day the faithful will mock the Kafirs, while they sit on bridal couches and watch them. Should not the Kafirs be paid back for what they did?

A Kafir can be beheaded?

47:4 When you encounter the Kafirs on the battle?eld, cut off their heads until you have thoroughly defeated them and then take the prisoners and tie them up firmly.

A Kafir can be plotted against?

86:15 They plot and scheme against you [Mohammed], and I plot and scheme against them. Therefore, deal calmly with the Kafirs and leave them alone for a while.

A Kafir can be terrorized?

8:12 Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, ?I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the Kafirs? hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers!?

A Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir?

3:28 Believers should not take Kafirs as friends in preference to other believers. Those who do this will have none of Allah?s protection and will only have themselves as guards. Allah warns you to fear Him for all will return to Him.

A Kafir is evil?

23:97 And say: Oh my Lord! I seek refuge with You from the suggestions of the evil ones [Kafirs]. And I seek refuge with you, my Lord, from their presence.

A Kafir is disgraced?

37:18 Tell them, ?Yes! And you [Kafirs] will be disgraced.?

A Kafir is cursed?

33:60 They [Kafirs] will be cursed, and wherever they are found, they will be seized and murdered. It was Allah?s same practice with those who came before them, and you will ?nd no change in Allah?s ways.


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