Jennifer Garner

Another liberal who sees the light and may yet become a conservative

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The liberal elite luvvies of America have been almost unified in the mass outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But one celebrity is bucking the trend.

Jennifer Garner has not given up on Donald Trump?s Washington.

The 44-year-old actress spent the weekend lobbying the town?s pillars of power to support early education for poor rural children. She spent Friday on Capitol Hill meeting dozens of top staff members. On Saturday, she delivered the keynote address before the annual National Governors Association winter meeting here. A potential sit-down with Ivanka Trump, who is advocating for more funding for child care, fell apart because of scheduling conflicts, but Garner remained optimistic about a face-to-face discussion soon.

Other Hollywood liberals have shunned the new commander in chief ? notably during Sunday?s Academy Awards ceremony, when many jokes were told at President Trump?s expense. But Garner, a true-blue Democrat who campaigned for Hillary Clinton last year and held a fundraiser for Barack Obama in 2008, is taking a unique approach: pushing a cause that would benefit the new administration?s political base. ? Read more »