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Pathetic stunt by Ginga Whinga

Labour cites ACC ministerThe Labour Party has lodged a privileges complaint against the ACC Minister. Senior whip Darren Hughes said Nick Smith misled the House – which is against Parliament’s rules – in Parliament last Thursday. Dr Smith told the House… [NZ Herald Politics]

If this is the best that Darren Hughes can do then he most certainly isn’t even fit to be an MP let alone a List MP and he certainly won’t be any leader of anything except the Ginga Kids Club in Otaki.

Labour are bereft of any ideas, they blithely think they have just lost a little bit of confidence from ‘the people’. They demonstrate oalmost on a daily basis why we slung their sorry asses from power.

What is Winston Praying about?

No Minister: Winston’s Prayers

Fairfacts Media has one of his best posts yet at No Minister.

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Corrections debacle continues

Prison guard: Paremoremo like a ‘holiday camp’ – 01 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

What on earth does the Corrections minister do?, because it sure as hell isn’t running his portfolio.

Every day it seems there is bad news in the Correction portfolio yet O’Connor sits on his hands and does nothing. Today we hear from a Corrections staffer who must surely now be in fear of his job after going to the media. His comments are telling;
[quote]”We’re basically porters in a hotel. They say jump and we jump because management want to keep the peace. The prisoners run the place.

“There are threats every day from Burton. He threatens to burn the building down, or put out a contract [on prison officers]. Most of the guys are scared of what he did and what he is. He’s lost a leg but he’s still quite threatening. Every time we take him somewhere there’s always seven officers [with] him.”[/quote]

Prison is not meant to be a holiday camp, it is meant to be punishment.

If you are in any doubt that the minister has no idea that his portfolio is in disarray there is the case of two staff at Paremoremo prison who have been fired and one has resigned for their role in getting inmates to work on prison employees’ homes.

This comes from an invetigation into corruption that the Minister clearly said wouldn’t show anything. Further the Corrections Department admitted that “it was impossible to ensure that staff were honest.”

Wow! Time for a resturcture methinks starting with a new Minister.

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Clark has just given a stand up saying she has accepted Panty Slut-boy's resignation.

She was scathing about his less than honest approach this week.

He is gone and before lunchtime.

Now his protection is gone will the police now re-investigate the allegations previously laid against him. It surely must be in the public interest now that he has proven to be a liar.

The way the government has handled this fool has been truly terrible. The damage will be long lasting.

At last however a minister gets the chop and some of the poop lands on Clark's lap at the same time.?

Of course the lickspittles won't comment and if they do decide to comment will lay all the blame at the feet of the opposition. Naturally they don't expect "Twitchy" to cop any flak.

At least now Panty can spend a bit more time at the Southern Kinx dungeon having his balls kicked or whatever turns him on.

Another minister misleads parliament

Nat reveals porn teacher continued to work – Stuff.co.nz

Another minister has been caught with his pants around his ankles. This time it is Steve Maharey who has misled parliament.

Maharey told Parliament that the man no longer held a practising certificate and was not employed at any school.

But today National’s Katherine Rich revealed the art teacher ? who posted hard-core pornographic pictures of himself and two women on internet sites seeking sex with girls “the younger the better” ? worked at a secondary school for around 10 days over a three-week period up until last week.

Yep that’s right, Minister Maharey was wrong, and it seems there is nothing the government can do about it either, leading one to speculate as to why we bother having practising certificates if they don’t need them to work in the sector.

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Minister's office involved in conflict of interest case

Minister's office involved in conflict of interest caseThe State Services Commission says Environment Minister David Benson-Pope had no role in the conflict of interest case which resulted in the partner of a National Party press secretary losing her job. However, in a report released… [NZ Politics]

The wihitewash has been released, as predicted Panty Slut-Boy is supposed to have had in role in the case.

But wait, is the State Services Commission expecting me to believe that it was a phone call from a staff member in Mr Benson-Pope's office that alerted the Ministry of the Environment to the relationship between Madeleine Setchell and Kevin Taylor and that Panty Slut-boy had no involvement with that phone call.

Oh puleeease, that is just not believable. It is beyond credibility that a staff member in the Minister's office acted with consultation with the minister. This is simply a case of the minister playing fast and loose and trying to be cute about it at the same time.

This nothing more that petulance and revenge from a minister who generally likes to get a good spanking rather than dish it out.?


Dodgy Dealings Dog Minister

Minister in $50m stoush – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Helen Clark probably spat her Hubbard's cereal right across the table when she opened this mornings Herald on Sunday. After Judith had finished cleaning up the mess she would have been screaming down the phone at Annette King demanding answers for yet another cock-up from one of her ministers and their partner.

This cock-up looks particularly messy, especially after the conflict of interest shenanigans over the awarding of a the Laboratory contract in Auckland. It involves;

  • Annette King's husband who works for the company that won a $50 million contract
  • One of the Directors of that company was appointed in extra-ordinary circumstances to the DHB board by Annette King
  • That company the tendered for a $50 million contract
  • Peter Housmann, who gave the DHB Board an assurance he would not be involved in the contract process,? has subsequently been found to have done exactly that in discovered emails between him and senior health board managers discussing details of the process for the multi-million dollar contract which his company was bidding for.
  • The emails were provided by a whistle-blower.
  • The whistle-blower sought protection under the Protect Disclosures Act which is supposed to protect whistle-blowers.
  • The whistle-blower then subsequently lost her job in a "restructure" after being firstly identified and then threatened by Annette King's husband.
  • Annette King's husband tried to hush it all up, saying to the whistle blower "This is very very serious. Is at ministerial level. We need to de-escalate this."

This is all looking very much like the Auckland fiasco but with much more sinister overtones, especially how the identity of the whistle-blower became known and the subsequents threats to her job.

Labour is very much up to its neck in plenty of murky dealings in the health sector and now some of those dealing are starting to see the light of day.

Once again the Clark ministry seems to be guilty of the exact same practices that they were elected in 1999 saying they would put an end to. Again this looks like a prima-facie case of spitefulness by a minister or relative of a minister after they have been caught well and truly with their pants down. And once again don't expect to see any resignations from this as ministerial responsibility is un-heard of in New Zealand.

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Lie, Damned Lies, Statistics, Labour Spin

So 20Free Subsidised starts today and we get to hear from Maharey the figures he has been so afraid of speaking about in Parliament.

The Education Ministry today released figures showing 62 per cent of centres covering 70 per cent of all enrolled three- and four-year-olds had opted in. Now we know why Maharey has been so reticent.

So what does all that mean….complete and utter failure of a flagship policy is what it really means. You see, 62 percent of 70 percent is 43 percent uptake.

Just 43 per cent. Not even half!! The minister's flagship policy is a complete cock up. He wanked on in Parliament that up to 92,000 children were eleigible and now only 39,560 have taken up the policy.

Of course Labour are claiming a victory. Some victory they had to hide the victory behind statistics with more spin than an Indian Cricket team.

On the back of that cock-up Labour screwed up the legislation for Kiwislaver and now has to correct that cock-up.

Rorting the Housing Corp

National MP Phil Heatley nailed Housing Minister Chris Carter yesterday (appalling image, I know) with some serious questions about Housing NZ practices. Listening live, Chris Carter was seriously caught on the back foot and was back peddling as fast as he could.

[quote]8. PHIL HEATLEY (National?Whangarei) to the Minister of Housing: Does he have confidence in Housing New Zealand Corporation; if so, why?

Hon CHRIS CARTER (Minister of Housing): Yes; but there is always room for improvement.

Phil Heatley: How is it that a person can be allocated a State house in M?ngere, and, at the same time, own a holiday home in Russell?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: I would welcome further information about that case.

Phil Heatley: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I ask you to judge whether that is a fair answer, given that the Minister gave me that information yesterday with a cover letter.

Madam SPEAKER: As the member knows, that is not a point of order.

Phil Heatley: How is it that a person not only can get away with owning a holiday home in Russell while having a State house but also can get away with not living in the State house, instead renting it out for a tidy profit to an unwitting family?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: I am astonished to learn that that member claims he received a letter from me about this subject yesterday. I would like to sit down with him after question time, be shown this letter, and find out a bit more information about this case. It is really astonishing.

Phil Heatley: I seek leave to table the letter

Leave granted.

Phil Heatley: I seek leave to table the Official Information Act request explaining these details.

Leave granted.

Phil Heatley: What action has the Minister taken to investigate Housing New Zealand Corporation over this scam, given that one of the neighbours has formally testified to the corporation that the tenant ?gloated he knew someone in Housing; that is how he got the place.??

Hon CHRIS CARTER: Such alleged behaviour by a tenant would be totally inappropriate. I will be investigating it very carefully after question time.

Phil Heatley: Was the State house tenant ever prosecuted, and was an official investigation ever made into allegations that to pull off this scam the tenant had insider help from a Housing New Zealand Corporation mate?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: All sorts of allegations can be made by all sorts of people. I can assure this House that I will be looking into this case very carefully, very quickly.[/quote]

As you can see Carter knew absolutely nothing about this, so we are now being asked to beilieve his spin that something was being done all along….I think not Minister.

The couple living in the house, who paid the man $210 a week in rent, only found out they were tied up in the rort when they applied for a state house – to be told they were already living in one.

The man, who also owned a holiday home in the Bay of Islands, was paying $133 a week for the state house – and pocketing the $70 difference.

Not only that the documents show that the man tried to sell the house at one stage despite, not even owning it.

This is clearly another case of a Minister not knowing what is going on in his own portfolio.

Government reviewing Telecom's Kiwi Share deal

Government reviewing Telecom's Kiwi Share dealThe Government is reviewing its Kiwi Share agreement with Telecom. The contract was established when the company was privatised in 1990, and requires Telecom to provide phone services to remote areas at the same price as in towns… [NZ Politics]

Can anyone else see a cock-up looming?

Apparently the review is because the Minister "noticed" under-investment in the rural sector. Yeah right.?