Things were going so well, Nek minnit

Oh dear, someone one please put her on a plane to Sydney, pronto:

There’s no place like home – especially when home is hosting an All Blacks’ Rugby World Cup final.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark stepped off a plane just in time to catch the game and flies out again on Tuesday.

Now I’m worried, very worried.


Shhh…don't tell Helen she will get ideas.

HK celeb’s nude pics lead to more arrests (+photos) – 02 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: Technology News, views and comment from New Zealand and the World

With the Electoral Finance Act proving to be an albatross around Labour’s neck, Helen could well take up this idea from China where people have been arrested for posting nude photos of Hong Kong pop stars on the internet. She certainly needs some way of shutting down dissent.

The two were sentenced to five days detention for spreading at least ten photos of singer and actor Edison Chen in bed with female celebrities, a scandal that has touched off a media frenzy in Hong Kong and feverish downloading of the photos.

The two men were arrested in the central province of Hunan after an online post showing the nude photos attracted more than 100,000 hits, Xinhua news agency said.

Eleven others across the country have already been detained for producing or selling the photos or posting them on the internet, Xinhua said.

Some 1,300 private shots of the celebrities were stolen by the staff of a computer repair shop from a faulty laptop believed to belong to Chen, Hong Kong police have said.

I can see it now, bloggers being rounded up for photo-shopping pictures of Dear Leader or worse publishing non-approved photos. The Herald editor would certainly be banged up under that provision.

Where is the consistency from the Greens?

Scoop: NZ Olympic officials must lift muzzle on athletes

Batshit crazy, raving loony Green Keith Locke is upset because athletes travelling to the Olympics have been muzzled.
[quote]”This is an affront to free speech which is guaranteed by New Zealand’s Bill of Rights and Our Olympic officials are not entitled to take that right away.[/quote]

Yes quite. I support you Keith, really I do, but I just have got to ask, why then did you vote for the Electoral Finance Act which the Human Rights Commission called a “dramatic assault on our rights”.
[quote]”This week, after a storm of protest, the British Olympic Committee chopped out a clause in its contract, that athletes ‘are not to comment on politically sensitive issues’.

“Of course, one of the most ‘politically sensitive’ issues in China is the suppression of dissent.

“Our Olympic officials should not be imitating the Chinese regime by muzzling Kiwi athletes who might be disturbed by some of what they see in China.[/quote]

Oh Keith!, I support you, I agree entirely but isn’t just a little bit rich coming from you and your party when you passed a law also suppresses dissent on politically sensitive issues.

You know I kind of pisses me off that Keith Lockes of the world care more about human rights for everyone except Kiwi’s. Is it too much to ask for some consistency from the Greens?

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Uh oh! The academics are revolting

Alexander Gillespie: Stand up even for those you dislike – 13 Feb 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

Professor Alexander Gillespie is from the school of law at the University of Waikato, Margaret Wilson’s old stamping ground and if I remember rightly from my days there a hotbed of rampant, disgusting socialism/feminism.

So why am I mentioning this. Well because Professor Alexander Gillespie has written about the demise of Free Speech in New Zealand. When academics speak we usually listen and Professor Gillespie is worth listening to.
[quote]Welcome to the increasingly intolerant society. A society where free speech, the liberty from which all other freedoms spring, has been under systematic siege on three fronts for the past year.

The first attack on free speech was when Parliament decided to remove the right of the public to satirise, ridicule or denigrate any Parliamentarian while at work in the chamber. Inside Parliament, the members possess absolute freedom of speech, including the ability to defame individuals without fear of retribution. Conversely, the citizens that the parliamentarians represent outside the House have only limited rights of free speech when targeting those on the inside. The ability to make satire of those in power is an essential part of free speech.

The historical precedents in this area to laugh at those holding the absolute power of the state date back thousands of years. Parliamentarians would be wise to remember that when democracy was conceived in ancient Athens, the risk for those who fell ill of the public was not just satires which have lasted thousands of years, but ostracism in their own lifetimes.

The second area where free speech is under attack is with the new Electoral Finance Act.

In an open democracy where we cannot be punished for our views, the identification of those seeking to exercise their free speech is not a prima-facie problem. However, under the new act the differences between classification and their associated limits, in addition to the need for registration, are very slippery slopes. Moreover, the desire to terminate undesirable influences in the political process is omitting the most obvious fact of all. That is, the tonic to undesirable influence in the last election was good investigative journalism, free speech and a free press to pursue it. Thereafter, the New Zealand public delivered the most effective judgment possible.[/quote]

I don’t agree with Professor Gillespie about Gang patches, but neither do I have a solution, in the absence of something sensible to say about that I’ll refrain. The last three paragraphs are telling and Helen Clark and all her apologists would do well to read and digest those paragraphs.
[quote]Freedom of speech encompasses all aspects of our lives. The test of how sincere we are about freedom of speech is in how much we are willing to tolerate those we disagree with.

The regulators in New Zealand disagree with many people. They disagree with those making satire, those seeking undue political influence and those who dress in certain ways. Each group of people is often horrid, somewhat extreme, and difficult to identify with. I do not appreciate poor political satire, extremist groups seeking undue political influence or gang members with long criminal records.

However, no matter how much we disapprove of these individuals, if we value freedom of speech and a tolerant society which respects difference then we must defend them. Restrictions on political satire, the control of difference and the regulation of dissent are not desirable features in a free country.[/quote]
The peasants have revolted and now the intelligentsia are revolting. Not one person who has rabidly supported the Electoral Finance Bill/Act has ever satisfactorily explained their pathological defence of their position. They simply sloganised and demonised and denigrated those fighting for free speech, they continue to do so, dismissing our fight as a sideshow, a ramshackle PR disaster. I wonder how they will denigrate Professor Gillespie, because now he has spoken against the government he will for sure be denigrated and it is likely that the Labour sponsored blog The Standard will be used to denigrate and attack him.

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Government has the "big money" to buy elections

Spinning govt yarn costs $47m – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

Breathtaking political hypocrisy is the only way to describe the limiting of personal freedoms including speech while at the same time more than doubling the amount spent on spin doctors taking the annual amount, just in salaries to over $47 million.

While the ordinary Kiwi has to give their name and address to the government and publish it on everything they say and still not spend more than $120,000 saying what it is they want to say there are no such restrictions on the 448 spin doctors the government has hired.

To put that in perspective, based on the salaries alone there would need to be 391 registered opponents with their imposed limit of $120,000 to even get within a bulls roar of the firepower the government has. Remeber we have only included the salaries, not the millions extra on Television advertising, leaflets, mailouts etc.

It is clear to all who can see that the real “big money” buying elections is the governments. The public by comparison are limited to chump change.

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Ok I'm boycotting JayJay's because they caved

Miss Bitch and Mr Pimp step down – 18 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Note to Jay-jays MD, you are a soft cock caving into anti freedom of expression Family First.

Now I personally wouldn’t buy let alone let my children wear such shirts, I myself would if they weren’t just a little gay. Nonetheless there are parents out there who would buy these shirts for their little darlings and have now been deprived of the pleasure by some meddling busybodies who should have shopped elsewhere.

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Family First

Parents urged to boycott sexy-slogan T-shirts – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

Yet another time where family first campaigns against freedom of expression.

One good thing is that at least they are CONSISTENTLY hypocritical.

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Where we are heading

Not PC

Peter Cresswell blogs on freedom fighter Canadian Ezra Levant.

No he doesn’t wear a bandanna, he doesn’t carry a gun, he isn’t firing weapons, but he is on the front line in war.

I predict this is what we will see in court rooms this year as people fight the EFA.

Go read his site, watch the videos and somehow tell me that this isn’t going to happen here this year, just with a different subject matter. Thank god the Human Rights Commission is on the side of the righteous in New Zealand.

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In the quest to find EB's…

They?re Lucky They?ve Got Money ? KiwiBlogBlog

In their futile quest to find EB’s under every bed associated with National, DPF’s stalker blog gets it so wrong it isn’t funny, in fact they get it so wrong they may well be sued.

They post Stan Blanch’s email to Anne Tolley and the proceed to denigrate him, slander the Insurance industry in general and the FPIAA in particular and bizarrely make a very tenuous connection of Stan Blanch to the Exclusive Brethren.
[quote]stanb2 Says:
January 15, 2008 at 7:15 am

What an absolute lot of nonsense laugh?
The person who wrote ths must have been sniffng glue or somethng
Dont know anyone who is attached with EBC??
Wouldnt even know an Eclusive Brethern person if fell over one!
The FPIA you refer to is a proffessonal assoc that represents 2000
Insurance advisers and financial planners n Nz.
It sets and montors professional standards in the financial industry.
t disciplines people who break the rules or act omproperly.
I was a Director for 3 years, volunteer,unpaid.
Jayman you better be careful you have publshed a lot of nonsense here!
Tim Shadbolt and I go back 27 years.
I was the charman of the ?Give Tim a far Go campaign?
At that time Tim waswbattling for the Waitemata City Council Mayoralty.
We formed a group of about 24 local people, mostly we were all very young. With a low budget, making our own signs,making our own pamphlets, having some rock concets, including entertainers who gave their time for free( Billy T James, Topp Twins)
We campaigned hard and won the Mayorlty including every single seat on Council. Tony Covic the Mayor was gone but he did sue Tim for defamation for $60,000.
Tim lost in the High Court but Tony as I remember was awarded only $1.
I was in my second year as a teacher in those days.
am a cartoonist.
I dd infer that it would be good if the EBC who supposesdly have so much money could donate it to the billboard campaign,anything to get this awful Labour Gvt outof power.
My line that: The EBC is praying very hard for a change of Gvt is joke!
Dont you get it???[/quote]

Stan corrects these fools and still they persist in attacking him. They like the apologists for the EFA think that because someone, anyone has a differing opinion from them that they must be ridiculed and stopped from spending their own money. This is the sad state that New Zealand has come to.

ickystinky in particular thinks that because the Exclusive Brethren don’t vote that they shouldn’t engage in anything other than prayer. How is that for standing up for peoples rights!!!! Because they don’t vote, they should STFU is basically what he is saying. I don’t see him calling for Colin James to cease writing his columns. He has stated numerous times that he hasn’t voted since 1974. Does that make what Colin says any less important or relevant? Not at all.

It is this approach by the apologists that shows how deranged and unhinged the government and their supporters have become with anyone who opposes them. It is time for a change.

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Wikipedia wins landmark case

Wikipedia wins landmark lawsuit – New Zealand’s source for technology news on Stuff.co.nz

Well now this is pleasing, and from a French court no less. Normally the cheese eating surrender monkey’s would have put their hands up long ago.

[quote]A French judge has dismissed a defamation and privacy case against Wikipedia after ruling the free online encyclopedia was not responsible for information introduced onto its website.

The US-based Wikipedia Foundation, which is behind the popular compendium, was sued by three French nationals over a Wikipedia article that said they were gay activists.

Judge Emmanuel Binoche ruled that a 2004 French law limited Wikipedia’s liability and noted that contentious references in the disputed article had in any case been removed.

“Website hosts cannot be liable under civil law because of information stored on them if they do not in fact know of their illicit nature,” Binoche said in his written ruling released at the Paris civil law court earlier this week.

Moreover, website hosts are not legally bound to monitor or investigate the origin of the information they store, he added.

Binoche did not rule on the whether the information contained in the article was defamatory and dismissed the plaintiffs’ claim for damages. [/quote]

Hmmm….this could have implications for the future of the Electoral Finance Bill….If I set up a website and encourage people to advertise for free their political views I could use this case as a precedent to say I am not responsible for the content and because I allow people top post their information for free and anonymously…….now what should I call the site…..

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