John Campbell

How Radio NZ gets their “news”

Radio NZ and John Campbell ran a story on Friday about school pools:

An Auckland school says it has to dip into its capital funding to maintain its school pool.

The Ministry of Education said about 60 percent of New Zealand schools had pools.

Ministry associate deputy secretary for early learning and student achievement Pauline Cleaver said those 1300 schools got extra funding as part of their annual property maintenance grant. Schools could use their capital funding to maintain their pools.

Glen Innes School principal Jono Hendricks said the extra money was nowhere near the $8000 to $10,000 annual costs.

His decile one school had not received any pool-specific funding since 2015. It was struggling to keep the facility open. ? Read more »

More on John Campbell’s pimping the poor story

John Campbell is paid a large six figure salary. He has an army of ?researchers, yet he didn’t discover that his poster child for homelessness is a ratbag, a drinker, a dope smoker, has plenty of money for Sky and pay per view fights along with tattoos, is connected with gangs and it turns out now an inveterate?liar.

Ministry of Social Development spokesperson Kay Read said in a statement the family was not eligible for a state home until 2017.

She said it had given Ms Murray significant help since May, much of which she did not need to pay back.

When it came to emergency housing, the cheapest accommodation option was not always best, Ms Read said – due to transport, schooling, medical, housing availability and other factors.

She said Ms Murray had been repeatedly evicted due to her behaviour and, while she had a high-priority rating, there were a limited number of landlords willing to take a chance on her or properties that met her needs.

“We keep on working to find a permanent home for the family, and to ensure they’re getting all the support they require to stabilise their situation, despite these challenges, because her son needs a stable home.”

Ms Murray said she had never been evicted.

She lied.? Read more »

Mediaworks and Campbell Live finally forced to apologise after 5 years

In a damning Broadcasting Standards Authority decision Mediaworks has been forced to apologise for the conduct of Campbell Live in running a biased story.

TV3 has apologised on air for a story on the now-cancelled Campbell Live show, which showed footage of a woman they secretly filmed.

Margaret Harkema, a former director of the Valley Animal Research Centre, which carried out experiments on beagles, featured in five episodes of the TV3 current affairs programme in late 2011.

Five episodes? Sounds like a campaign of vilification.

Before last night’s Story – the current affairs show that replaced Campbell Live – aired, a message was displayed onscreen with a voiceover.

The message said that the Broadcasting Standards Authority found the programmes were inaccurate, unfair, based on “a pre-determined, narrow view of Ms Harkema and her practices”, were wrongfully edited to portray Harkema as dishonest and left out important information that was inconsistent with Campbell Live’s allegations. ? Read more »

I would have eased them out the door with my boot

The precious luvvies who have been given?the?arse-card from Mediaworks are having a sook at the corporate shill site of Duncan Grieve, The Spin Off.

Their parent publication, The NZ Herald gleefully helps put the boot in by quoting bitter old hag Pip Keane right at the start of their article.

The former executive producer on axed TV3 show Campbell Live has revealed the “shitty” parting gift given to host John Campbell on his last day.

According to Pip Keane, all she and Campbell received on their final day at the network was “identical, shitty bunches of flowers”.

That’s not all: in a report on The Spinoff about terrible leaving gifts, Keane says the flowers were bought for a group of five staff who were leaving that day – but only four bunches were ordered.

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Why did Hager only choose TVNZ and RNZ?


Further to my musings on Hager and the media colluding on a hit on National and John Key,?it kind of came to?me that I could explain why TV3 was being cold shouldered by Hager (because John Campbell is now with Radio New Zealand).

I also figured out why Fairfax are outside the tent (because Andrea Vance is now at TVNZ).

But then it struck me. ? What on earth has happened to the NZ Herald?

Matt Nippert and David Fisher were donkey deep running the Dirty Politics campaign along the Labour Party, Rawshark and Hager play book. ?The New Zealand Herald were having pool parties diving through reams of my emails, mocking me and my friends on a daily basis through the paper, online and through social media. ?They also phoned companies and key people with one sided stories, even managing to get some people sacked.
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Notes from an odd world

The luvvies are really going to town on the demise of Mark Weldon.

At the same time they appear to be rewriting history.

Fairfax writes:

Weldon has stepped down following a recent string of high-profile blows, including the loss of popular broadcasters John Campbell and?Hilary Barry.

Popular? ? Read more »

It was all a Whaleoil conspiracy, apparently

Breakout the tinfoil hat folks, apparently our screenshots of abusive comments were comments planted by us, or at least some of them were. According to Marion Ogier the commenters didn’t have ‘normal’ Facebook profiles, whatever normal means. Instead of seeing it as typical unmoderated wild-west Facebook, she thinks it was a dirty tricks set up.

Could she be right? Let’s have a look at the Facebook profiles of the people whom we highlighted with our screenshots.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.28.30 AM

I looked for Tim Wikidclownz first. This is the individual who expressed the anti -semitic view that John Key’s mother should have been murdered in the same way that the Jews were slaughtered by Hitler.

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Shhhh don’t mention Whaleoil, Checkpoint censorship goes full retard


There is moderation and then there is censorship. By my definition moderation removes abuse or threatening comments. Sometimes it removes comments that break the rules of the forum. Censorship, on the other hand, is removing views that you do not want seen no matter how polite, logical, or well argued they may be.

Last night I put a comment on the Checkpoint Facebook page ?that was critical of the lack of moderation. I was not alone in my criticism as others did the same. This morning my comment has been removed and theirs has been allowed to stay.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day, John Campbell, represents an organisation that failed to moderate its public forum. It wasn’t until Whaleoil and Whaleoil readers drew the threats towards John Key to the attention of RNZ / Checkpoint that any action was taken. RNZ / Checkpoint is an organisation that is in receipt of state funds. They have chosen to run an unmoderated forum that allows death threats, anti-semitism and personal abuse towards the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Despite what happened, RNZ /Checkpoint has chosen to make no changes ?to the way they run their public forum.Yesterday they posted this.

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Why are RadioNZ and John Campbell allowing death threats against the Prime Minister?

Radio NZ and John Campbell posted an interview with John Key on their Checkpoint Facebook page.

Now you might say, “Why am I holding John Campbell responsible for the appalling comments that have been posted there?” But you have to really because he has set about crusading about a stupid little pin on the PM’s jacket.

Because of that, his legion of supporters think he is the man…but what the post unleashed is rather unsavoury and shows a nasty feral underbelly of New Zealand, and now also Radio NZ and John Campbell’s supporters.

First some dildo throwing and allusion to Nazis.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.19.42 AM

That’s pretty tame. How about shooting the?PM or running him over?Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.22.03 AM Read more »