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Tell the Prime Minister what you think

I was at Scoop and noticed one of their banner ads was from the CTU imploring me to tell the Prime Minister what I think about his recent law changes.

What a brilliant idea. I suggest you go to Scoop and click through on the ad because it will cost the CTU money and help out the impoverished lads at Scoop. (If the ad isn’t there hit refresh until it shows)

Once you get through to the CTU site simply replace their diatribe with this thoughtful message and send it on to John.

Dear Prime Minister

I am thrilled you and your new Government have given Parliament a boot up the arse and started delivering. In 19 days, you put through a tax package that will put $47 a week extra in the pocket of the average worker – a much needed boost when times are tough. And we didn’t have to wait for nine years and bad polls for you to deliver these.

Instead of forcing small and medium businesses to shut down as union representatives wank on at select committee hearings, you took decisive action that will mean better job opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged in our society.

Not only have you delivered on your promises, not only have you put forward policies that will build a brighter, more prosperous future for New Zealand, you did it without wasting time and money on a process that was a foregone conclusion.

Strong, honest and decisive Government is what I’ve wanted for Christmas for the last nine years. You’ve delivered it. Congratulations Prime Minister, and long may your bold leadership continue.

Yours sincerely,

I wonder how long the CTU campaign will last now? Especially if every right thinking blog copies this post.

Change gives low-income workers KiwiSaver boost

Change gives low-income workers KiwiSaver boostThe Government is planning to change its KiwiSaver policy to increase the top-ups for workers on modest incomes – costing an additional $700 million over five years and soaking up all the savings it expected for its tax cuts package. National… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh dear, it looks like the National eats babies meme is going to have to be torn up.

National has announced that they will look at suggestions to redress the issues that have been raissed over their Kiwisaver plan. Once again John Key has shown the leftist twats that he is following his own playbook and not the one they wrote.

They will also have to rip up the “inept politician” meme too because John Key just won’t play their game, he is making the plays his way in all manner of things.

El Jefe and KFC

We don’t hear much of El Jefe nowadays. The lone MP, shunned from his own party after facing a series of corruption charges, has watched the Winston Peters saga unfold with interest. No doubt part of him is outraged that Winston Peters has been given so much leeway from the Labour Party, and given the benefit of the doubt until the rule of law has carried its verdict, whereas Field was jettisoned before charges were laid. So much for due process.

Field was one of those old-style unionists that Chris Trotter is so nostalgic about. Field’s many years running the Service and Food Worker’s Union in Auckland taught him how to get things done working-class style. Not for them the niceties of debate. If a union member is wavering over whether to vote for you, then that person gets a visit from the local union thug until they are convinced of the more sound argument.

Field is credited by many in the Labour Party with bringing out the vote in South Auckland in 2005. The Service Worker’s Union and the EPMU rounded up union members and their families, picked them up in buses, fed them, and instructed them on how to vote on polling day. Often the instructions given to them were in Samoan. The instructions were to the effect: “If you don’t vote Labour, then National will win. If National wins, National will take away your working for families, cut your minimum wage, take away your job, when you have lost your job they will take away your benefit and throw you out of your state house, and then send you back to Samoa.”

It was vicious, dirty campaigning at the last minute, and preyed on the fears and insecurities of vulnerable South Auckland voters. It also worked. In droves, the Labour Party through its EPMU and SFWU proxies, shipped people in to vote.

Remember Len Richards? Yes, he’s the one who bashed a protester outside the Labour Party conference this year, because protesters wouldn’t listen to his wife, Labour Party activist Jill Ovens. Richards is also involved with the Mangere Labour Party, in no small way. He has taken over as the SFWU campaign coordinator. Before Field was ejected from the Labour Party, Richards was Field’s protege. Every standover tactic that Field used in his time at the SFWU has been passed on to Richards. Richards is also yet to be prosecuted for his assault despite it being captured on televiion and being in front of several cops.

El Jefe isn’t done yet, however. Last Wednesday evening Owen Glenn made the sensational claim that Williams called him on election day in 2005, while eating KFC with a hundred or so people he was feeding, while accompanying them to the polling booth to vote. That claim is only sensational to those who aren’t aware of the strategies Labour uses, along with the SFWU and the EPMU, in South Auckland.

On Thursday last week in Parliament, Field made an interesting contribution during Question Time:

Taito Phillip Field: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Given that we are so focused on being accurate and truthful in everything that we say, I tell members that I distinctly recall, from listening to the news last night, that the KFC story referred to Manurewa, not M?ngere.

Mangere is Field’s own patch. Mangere, Manurewa, and Manukau East are the major voting block of Pacific Island, unionised voters. They are the heart of the membership of the SFWU and the EPMU in Auckland. Field was drawing attention away from the activities in Mangere, to redirect the focus on Manurewa.

No person in and around Parliament knows more the campaigning tactics of the EPMU, the SFWU, and the Labour Party in South Auckland in 2005, because he ran those tactics. Field knows where the bodies are buried. He could easily confirm Glenn’s story, as well as many others involving Mike Williams’ campaigning activities in South Auckland in 2005. Some enterprising journalist should go and ask him.

Is the Electoral Commission Corrupt?

Keeping Stock draws attention to two rulings from the Electoral Commission, both of them for similar offences under our current electoral law. Bizarrely there are two entirely different decisions.

Decision #1 – the Democrats for Social Credit filed its 2007 return 19 days late, without excuse, and the matter has been referred to the Police for investigation.

Decision #2 – New Zealand First is given a “last chance” to file its 2005, 2006 and 2007 returns, which it has already filed, while not disclosing ANY donations. The party is already under investigation by the Police and the Serious Fraud Office over its funding, and its leader is before the Privileges Committee over another funding issue.

it appears that there are at least two standards at the Electoral Commission, one for tiny parties outside of parliament that no-one has heard of and that involved police investigations and one for political parties that are members of the government protected by being close to Helen Clark.

How many chances does NZ First get? No other party gets so many chances. Is there any point to the elections when it appears the Electoral Commission is hopelessly compromised.

Is this Helen Clark’s deep, dark, secret way of having her bloodless coup d’etat?

SFO to put up

Peters tells SFO to put up or shut upAs pressure mounts on New Zealand First leader Winston Peters he has lashed out at the Serious Fraud Office, telling it to put up or shut up. [3 News Politics]

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode is a term we will hear lots about. The Serious Fraud Office has taken up WRP, 63, MOPONFA’s challenge and decided to put up.

They have announced that they will investigate the complex and serious fraud surrounding the Vela donation and others with respect to WRP, 63, MOPONFA and Winston First.


Jaysuuuuus, Farrar got the feckin' credit

FeckFeck. feck, feck……Farrar got mentioned.

[quote]Blogger and Electoral Finance Act opponent David Farrer yesterday listed websites including Young Labour, Rainbow Labour and MP and candidate websites he said had been shut down on the orders of Labour’s head office.[/quote]

Oh I wonder where he got the information from huh!!!!! Newsflash to NZPA and DomPost see the little line at the bottom of his post it says hat tip Whaleoil. Grrrrrrrr. That means he got th story from MEEEEE!


Why is that Michael?

Cullen is the weakest linkKey’s promise to ‘out tax’ Labour reckless – CullenNational leader John Key was being reckless because he did not know whether his promise of tax cuts “north of $50” were affordable, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.
Mr Key has told The Dominion Post that National intended…
[NZ Politics]

Michael Cullen reckons that National’s tax plans are reckless. Why is that?

The only reason you could say that they were reckless is if you knew that the books were cooked and that you cooked them. Not only that you know already how badly you have tanked the economy and the real price you have paid for a broken down trainset.

Michael Cullen you are the weakest link, Goodbye!

Silly answer continues to bite silly minister

Judith Collins ripped apart budding soloist Ruth Dyson today in parliament. Remember Dyson said ?Ah, well I, I don?t think that this is bad news at all actually.? about the recent fall of 29,000 in employment. That silly statement along with her appalling quartet’s singing and Helen Clark’s “Diddums” are going to haut Labour till election day.

Anyway, Dyson copped a flogging that only Panty Slut-boy would enjoy. Here are the questions….

JUDITH COLLINS (National-Clevedon) to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does she stand by her statement in relation to the largest quarterly decline in employment in 19 years “Ah, well I, I don’t think that this is bad news at all actually.”; if so, why?

Judith Collins: -well, Mr Cullen might not find it very interesting-the 466 workers at PPCS Ltd who have lost their jobs today that she does not think that that is bad news, at all, that “things go up and down”, and that she does not “expect people to overreact”; is she going to go and tell them not to overreact?

Judith Collins: Can the Minister explain why the experts think a fall of 29,000 in the number of employed people is an absolute shocker and very grim, but she does not think that it is “bad news at all”, and thinks that people are overreacting, or has she been too busy lately singing silly little songs to venture out into the real world?

Judith Collins: Can the Minister explain why she is so out of touch that she believes that there “haven’t been significant job losses to date in the construction industry”, when Westpac has reported that there has been a loss of 11,000 jobs in the construction industry in the past year; and has she told those builders who have lost their jobs that that is not significant?

Judith Collins: Why does the Minister not spend less time being slippery with the figures and more time thinking about how to help the people affected by the 11,000 job losses in the construction industry, the 6,000 job losses in the manufacturing industry, and the meatworkers who have lost their jobs today; does she agree that ordinary Kiwis expect her to spend a bit more time being focused on the future prospects of the people affected by these job losses, and a little less time indulging in singing silly songs; and is it not time that she stopped trying to cover up for the bad news, as well?

Dyson answered all of those questions as badly as she sings. She had no answer. This minister doesn’t care, is out of touch and in desperate need of replacement.


This is why Labour are screwed

Tough times ahead for families – 23 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Labour are screwed for this article alone. When middle New Zealand are hurting the Government cops a flogging. The problem Labour have got is that they don’t know where middle New Zealand is anymore. They probably think that middle New Zealand are gay, teachers or unionists. Even the “rich pricks” are suffering.

Locksmith Kelvin Green earns $60,000 a year to support his wife Lucia Mahugo and baby Karen.

The couple are expecting their second child so Kelvin is cranking up the overtime to bring more money in.

“Everything’s going up. Petrol goes up, deliveries go up, so food increases, but wages don’t,” he said.

Richer pricks are also suffering;

$80,000 income

Lorraine Williams and her husband Joel, who both work, are bracing themselves for a mortgage hike in June.

The couple already pay $1128 a fortnight for their home in Auckland’s New Lynn.

Lorraine, a 36-year-old apprentice co-ordinator, said the increase on their current rate of 7.69 per cent would cost another $200 a week.

“We’re going to have to tighten our belts even more.”

The increase in the cost of staples such as milk and cheese has also
affected the family, because they were part of school lunches and snacks for daughters Isabelle, 5, and Elizabeth, 12.

Lorraine said the few luxuries the family still enjoyed, such as the odd takeaway “will disappear altogether”.

She said movies and the annual family holiday would be cancelled this year to cut costs.

Are we starting to get the picture here, this is why a recession is inevitable. When pain comes, people stop spending, when people stop spending the economy stops growing and recession occurs. Now for the richest pricks.

Sini Yang and husband Waikeen Chan have a combined annual income of $100,000 a year.

But Sini, a self-employed insurance broker, and Waikeen, who works in IT, are planning household cutbacks to meet the expected rise in their mortgage payments.

Sini said they expected to lose another $100 a week when their interest rate was restructured in May.

The couple, who live in Auckland’s Greenlane, have also had to make allowances for their second child, due any day.

“We are having less dinners out and are not going to upgrade the car,” said Sini.

A planned trip to visit family in Malaysia and China has been postponed.

Labour are screwed. When times are tough the wealthy get richer and the poor get the picture.

Cullen is the Mr Bumble of New Zealand politics

Scoop: More gruel please Dr Cullen?

Cullen really hates tax cuts. It goes against the grain. He told a Select Committee as much with a truly terrible comment.

[quote]Finance Minister Michael Cullen has described workers? approach to tax cuts as an Oliver Twist mentality ? they will just come back for more.[/quote]

I heard this comment in the house when Bill English was tearing into Cullen. Bill had some fantastic lines. He has put some of them again into his press release.

[quote]?At least in Oliver Twist the poor house provided the gruel, whereas in Dr Cullen?s world the poor have provided the gruel and he is reluctantly giving it back to them in teaspoonfuls.?

?Evidence of Dr Cullen?s control freakery is laid bare in the papers released after his last Budget, when he warned his colleagues that their record spending spree would keep interest rates higher for longer."

?New Zealanders need only to reflect on his track record with personal tax reductions. He cancelled the so-called chewing gum tax cuts because New Zealanders weren?t grateful enough ? then went on to knowingly bump up interest rates."

?This isn?t Oliver Twist ? it?s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.?[/quote]

King and now Cullen, how many more Government ministers are losing the plot.

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